Modern bedding: trends and ideas 2021

Competently decorated floors and walls carefully selected furniture, decor, carpet, and curtains – the bedroom’s interior is made up of many elements. At the same time, designers advise not to disregard such an aspect as bedding.

Today, blankets and bedding have become an attribute of bedroom design in general. An entire industry has been created for its development, setting the demand for certain shades and textures for the coming season. Those who dream of a stylish, tastefully decorated room should pay attention when selecting bedding – for the most pleasant dreams.

This time, bedding trends for 2021 were determined at the international exhibition of home and contract textiles Heimtextil. It was here that the key concept in bedding design for the next season was derived, which sounds like Where I Belong, which implies a sense of security and absolute harmony with the surrounding space.

Within the framework of this concept, the following trends for bedding are presented:

  • The expressiveness of color solutions. At the Heimtextil exhibition, designers suggested using unusual palettes and gradients and extravagant prints for bed linen, which can turn a sleeping place into an art object.
  • Back to the roots. Today, designers continue to experience the most sincere love for natural fabrics. Linen and cotton delight not only with their fantastic practicality but also with the preservation of natural textures.
  • Maximum geometry. The trend has become a kind of curtsey towards connoisseurs of the dynamism of a big city. Checks, stripes, diamonds, and circles – any such decision promises to be a win-win.
  • Unobtrusive luxury. Today, unconditional minimalism quite peacefully coexists with elegant eclecticism. Those who still prefer sophisticated classical motifs will also find the most harmonious solutions among spectacular baroque ornaments and pleasant velvety textures.
  • A little bit of ethno. Designers still gravitate towards the boho style – and if you agree with them, then fabrics in natural tones with characteristic prints will become a real must-have for your bedroom.

If you choose your bed linen to match your bedroom interior, we hasten to congratulate you: you have excellent taste! Today, bedding combination with the room’s general palette and textures allows you to create an atmosphere of peace and perfection. And yet this does not mean that it is imperative to select fabric exactly in color – from time to time, you can afford a little contrasts.

Returning to the topic of trends, it’s worth mentioning the most win-win bedding ideas for 2021. Pay attention to three key points.

Natural fabrics and materials with exquisite texture

Today, ranforce and mercerized cotton, stripe satin, and mako satin have been added to the well-known cotton, linen, satin, silk, and jacquard – fabrics made of natural fibers with high strength and pleasant both tactile and visual.

Deep juicy or light neutral tones

If you prefer blue, dark green, and terracotta, then your choice is laconic monochrome. Pale pink, brown, gray, watercolor-turquoise are excellently combined with each other and serve as a background for stylish prints. As for connoisseurs of luxury, they should make a choice in favor of burgundy, wine, copper, golden, plum, and bronze shades.

Elegant decor

The Italian company Pratesi, which produces luxury sets of the most exclusive design, remains the legislator in bedding décor. In the latest collections of the brand, you can see exquisitely cut ruffles on pillowcases, curly stitching on the edges, embroidery, and even lace. Linen, with this finish, will allow you to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of luxury.

Bedspreads for the bedroom in the coming year promise to maintain an exquisite balance between seasoned style and genuine comfort. Designers advise choosing based on the following criteria:

  • dense two and three-layer bedspreads – with linear, wavy or diamond-shaped stitch;
  • materials with linen or satin texture;
  • calm palette with a predominance of beige, peach, blue, and coffee;
  • small discreet prints or stylish monochrome.

Throw pillows are another important element in the design of the bed and the bedroom in general. They not only set a truly cozy and friendly mood but also turn into an organic or contrasting accent. As for the number of pillows for the bedroom in 2021, the designers are unanimous: stop at the number that suits you. However, with regards to their appearance, clear trends have already been formed, which should be taken into account:

  • Boho prints. Choose pillows with thick, small patterns in light colors – this will create an essential rhythmic accent.
  • Fur cushion. Fluffy accessories look incredibly cozy and glamorous in their way. An important detail: avoid bright and saturated colors – long pile is organic only in neutral and natural shades.
  • Bright monochrome. If you still lack colors, you can choose 1-2 throw pillows in rich warm, or light cold colors. Simultaneously, any patterns and drawings are excluded: a pure color spot is enough to revive the bedroom.
  • Volumetric textures. Pillowcases with chunky knit and natural shades – what could be more charming? These pillows will decorate any chic bedroom – from vintage to scandi.

In 2021, comfort is becoming the main driving force behind bedding trends – all-encompassing and uncompromising. Mattresses, designed to provide comfort when finding a bed, are now in the center of attention not only for medical specialists but also for psychologists and designers – and therefore, their functionality should be significantly expanded.

The mattress in the coming season is your little oasis of serenity, and therefore you should select based on your personal needs and individual body characteristics. Nevertheless, the designers managed to identify several trends that you should use when choosing a suitable model, both from a practical and aesthetic perspective.

  • Natural materials. They are known for their environmental friendliness, hypoallergenic and excellent levels of support. At the same time, you will not surprise anyone with latex and coconut fiber. Exclusive fillers and materials come to the fore – such as cooling soy foam, merino wool, and natural linen.
  • Footer mattresses. In the conditions of minimalism and conscious consumption, even sleeping space trends appear! In this case, we are talking about sleeping on the floor, which is characteristic of Japanese culture, and beds made of wooden pallets, which are so loved by fans of discreet interiors. In this case, a footer is intended to provide the necessary comfort level – a mattress in a cotton fiber cover with various, more often natural types of fillers.
  • Mobile mattresses. When ergonomics come to the fore in interior design, new practical solutions are required. Mattresses in rolls, which have become a godsend for small apartment owners, become such a solution. During the day, you spend time in a cozy living room, and closer to the night, you turn the sofa into a comfortable sleeping place with the help of an adjustable and comfortable mattress that can be stored in a secluded corner.

Returning to the Where I Belong concept, it is worth recalling: the best bedding is the one that gives you absolute visual and tactile comfort. If you fell in love with a set or bedspread at first sight, then you are just one step away from complete harmony.

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