Modern buffets & sideboards: trends for 2022

Over the past few years, there has been a noticeable tendency to return to furnishings from the past, including buffets and sideboards. Like decades ago, today, the cupboard again embodies comfort and respectability, bringing an elusive aristocracy to the interior of the kitchen, living room, or dining room. Simultaneously, one cannot fail to note another important point – noticeable deviations from its classic design in favor of a modern style’s requirements.

A traditional buffet designed to store crockery, cutlery, and textiles consist of three visual elements:

  • Lower tier. It is a cabinet with doors without glass or partially glazed, designed to store items that are less often used in serving.
  • Upper-tier. It often looks like a cabinet with glazed doors or an open shelf enclosed in a wooden frame. It usually contains the most popular or the most valuable and beautiful dishes that the owners are not averse to demonstrating.
  • Buffer space. It is located between the top and the lower tier and can also be used as a tabletop or a base for displaying dishes or interior accessories.

Such buffets are still organic in interiors that suggest vintage chic – such as shabby chic, French country, retro, rustic, Mediterranean, and even classic. However, modern trends dictate their conditions, and massive and voluminous cupboards no longer look organic in them. However, it is unnecessary to abandon them: in 2022, designers offer several trendy solutions that allow such furniture to complement the most fashionable and laconic furnishings, including in such popular styles as minimalism or Scandi.

Functionality in the first place

The modern style buffets and sideboards are characterized by the complete absence of an upper tier. The choice in favor of such a design is due not only to the trends of reasonable consumption that are relevant today but also to excellent ergonomics. Models without a top allow you to solve several problems at once:

  • Remove all unnecessary things from your eyes and protect the interior from excessive visual overload.
  • Add functionality – the sideboard can also be used as a console or complement a kitchen set.
  • Expand the possibilities for decorating a dining room or living room.

Seek inspiration in nature

Choosing a cupboard color does not pose any particular difficulties: today, buffets are more like an organic addition to furniture than a contrasting accent. That is why the following became popular shades for them:

  • cold tones of white – primarily smoky, lime, and snow rose;
  • various shades of gray – from very light pearl to dark asphalt;
  • light and medium brown tones;
  • multiple variations of dark blue.

Also popular is the open texture of natural wood, which requires almost no additional processing, except for a couple of high-quality varnish layers. It is also worth keeping in mind that in 2022, designers recommend abandoning bright and saturated shades for buffets and relying not on visual irritation but the absolute harmony of textures and lines.

Bring in geometry to elevate the environment

Modern buffets keep many values and secrets and outwardly resemble elegant but rather unapproachable guards. Precise and laconic geometric shapes help to achieve this effect.

Today’s most popular is still a parallelepiped or elongated rectangle – on a solid monolithic base or strong legs. However, in exclusive modern interiors, square and cubic forms are increasingly common, visually balancing the interior and visually stretching the room upwards.

Alternating closed and opened elements

Studying the design of modern sideboards, one should not forget about such an aspect as practicality – when choosing a storage system, which is a buffet, it is of paramount importance. However, here, too, furniture brands find something to surprise: the following solutions have already been proposed for models that are relevant for 2022:

  • use of swing doors and drawers at the same time;
  • a niche under the frame of the sideboard for placing dishes and interior details;
  • vertical open shelves above or on either side of closed drawers;
  • sliding doors without fittings allow you to set the buffet even on small or cluttered with other furniture spaces.

Facade finishing for an expansion of color and texture

It’s no secret that modern interior styles sufficiently demonstrate a negative attitude towards voluminous and elaborate furniture decor. Whimsical carvings and cornices remain with vintage furniture – and modern sideboards and buffets offer fashionable and sometimes very original solutions:

  • smooth facades – most often from natural wood with a varnish coating, painted or with an open texture;
  • 3D facades – with slightly unfolded in the plane monochromatic fragments that set a certain rhythm to the interior;
  • two-textured doors – made of wood of various types and shades;
  • parquet-patterned facades to complement Scandinavian and rustic interiors;
  • doors with wicker inserts – for minimalism, boho, and laconic retro interiors.

An equally suitable technique is the use of mirror inserts on the back walls of the open sideboard shelves – thanks to them, the furniture looks laconic and at the same time quite impressive and expensive.

The 2022 interior sideboard combines rationality and elegance, compactness and spaciousness, restraint and tangible comfort. By using modern cupboards in the furnishing of a room, you find the perfect balance of tradition and the most current design and decoration techniques.

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