2021 Coffee table trends: modern design and ideas

In modern open-plan homes, the living room space certainly sets the tone for the entire interior. Even though the sofa plays a crucial role in shaping the style and general atmosphere, the coffee table that complements it can be safely called the main character among the supporting actors.

The latest trends in the design of this furniture range from the most loyal to the bold and extravagant, allowing the consumer to choose the stylish and, at the same time, the most optimal option for their interior. What should you look out for in 2021 when selecting a modern coffee table?

Eccentric shapes

Geometric-decor is a trend that not only has not lost its popularity but is gaining momentum every year. Fashionable apartment owners are swapping traditional round mirrors for hexagonal-framed mirrors, simple light fixtures for geometric wire pendants, and ordinary square or rectangular coffee tables for more original models, including:

  • hexagonal;
  • pentagonal;
  • trapezoidal;
  • models with an abstract polygonal outline;
  • other unusual shapes.

In a neutral living room, where simple straight lines prevail, and there are no bright accents, such a unique coffee table can play a significant role in the interior’s overall dynamics.

Color energy

Finding a living room with a bold shade of a coffee table can be tricky, as most homeowners prefer an option that doesn’t stand out from the overall color palette. But if you want to cheer up the monotonous interior, a bright colored coffee table would be a great solution. When paired with a neutral sofa, it makes a lot more sense in the long run. When redecorating the living room, changing such a table will be much easier and cheaper than buying the same colorful sofa.

From striped black and white options to bright reds or blues with fun patterns and eccentric motifs, try something new and unique in 2021.

Minimalism in a triangular format

The triangular coffee table with rounded corners is high on the trend list for chic living room decor. The minimalist aesthetic of this trendy coffee table undoubtedly makes it timeless. In 2021, black products will be relevant in almost every sophisticated living room worldwide, while white tables will always demand light interiors.

Not only wood

Of course, natural wood furniture is a timeless trend. But an elegant wooden coffee table may not always fit in with the style of your room, especially when it comes to modern interiors. What textures will be the most popular in the coming year? Here are a few favorites to add a stylish touch to any space:

  • Steel. A noble and durable material that is in incredible demand in the furniture industry. A metal coffee table is a luxurious and rather versatile element of interiors of different stylistic directions, including loft, hi-tech, grunge, industrial, Scandinavian, and others.
  • Glass. A classic choice for both traditional and modern designs. If you don’t want the table to be the center of attention, choose a model with a glass top and finishes that blend in with the rest of the room. Glass has not lost its relevance for many years, creates a feeling of spaciousness and conciseness, but requires regular maintenance since fingerprints will not just disappear anywhere.
  • Marble. Furniture made of this stone looks very expensive and impressive. It is also durable but requires proper care and careful use.
  • Acrylic. A stylish acrylic body is an excellent option for tight spaces. The acrylic table’s compactness and transparency make it possible to save space without visually cluttering the room.
  • Brass. Items made from this alloy always look luxurious in interiors of the corresponding style. For a vintage theme, check out the antique brass coffee table. Such an element will become a bright accent and center of attention in your living room.

As for the combination of textures, the following combinations will be the most popular:

  • wood and glass;
  • wood and brass;
  • glass and metal;
  • wood and metal;
  • brass and glass.

Modular magic

More and more popular are modular systems, a set of two or more tables, made in the same style but different in size. You can place them in opposite places in the room or assemble them like a puzzle, thus saving space. Such furniture will make your living room more versatile and functional.

The original design, noble textures, and stylish color solutions amaze with their diversity, allowing the owners to choose the most suitable option for their interior and create a very dynamic composition that will bring an artistic atmosphere to the house.

Functional and layered designs

If you don’t have enough space to store books, remotes, accessories, decor items, and other utensils, the multifunctional coffee table is a great choice. Modern models with shelves, compartments, drawers remain in demand in many homes around the world.

A real find for a living room with limited space will be a coffee table that can be transformed into a dining table. Its outstanding design allows you to turn it into the desired format in a matter of seconds, and special settings will help you adjust the desired height of the dining counter.

Focusing on trends, remember: everything should be harmonious in the interior. Even the most unique and fashionable table can spoil the room’s overall picture if its design is incorrectly selected.

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