Modern Craftsman interior design: features and ideas

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In the USA, the Craftsman style has become legendary – since the pictures of this type of cottage began to be printed in magazines. Therefore, many private residences in the country are built in the Craftsman style or its variations. The magic of this style is contagious because it shows how beautiful it is to live in a simple and cozy house somewhere in the forest or other beautiful places.

Craftsman style

Craftsman style is characterized by an abundance of wood in decoration, furniture, household items, and decor. Most often, we can see examples of this style in small, middle-class bungalows throughout the United States. 

To recreate such a style, one should understand its features, both exterior and interior together. Therefore, below we provide a list of elements most often present in the modern Craftsman interior.

Features of the modern Craftsman style in the interior

Natural materials (wood, stone, brick, glass, tiles)

Open rafters and beams

Handmade items

Wide doors and windows

Functional beauty (decorative objects without sacrificing convenience)

Built-in wooden cabinets, racks, shelves, and other storage spaces

Fireplaces with natural stone finishing

Many windows from all directions of the light

Original textiles, most often handmade

Earthy color in the finish (shades of brown, green, ocher, warm)


There is also an interesting American term, “Honesty of design” – this is what is said about the styles that people use to create cozy and comfortable houses for a living, not for show. Craftsman is one such style, literally ideal for those who want to live in harmony with nature and its surroundings.

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