Top 10 Family Room Decorating Ideas for 2024 from Trendsetters

The family room, known as the living room or the space where you gather with your family on evenings or weekends, confidently competes with the kitchen for the title “heart of the house”. Therefore, the new family room decorating ideas go beyond our expectations. While trends come and go, this space should remain a place of comfort and peace. So, family rooms will become cozier, show more color, and display more combinations of materials and shapes in 2024. We all want a welcoming space where we can feel at home, and the following decorating ideas for the family room are all about it. Explore and get inspired! 

1. Floral Facelift 

Unsurprisingly, florals stand on the top. Besides being a timeless trend in design, floral prints are some of the most efficient tools to bring diversity to a room and avoid making a space feel austere. Moreover, the colorful floral upholstery is impressively practical in a room with frequent gatherings since it perfectly hides stains. As regards the overall picture, be sure that such blooming prints will make the time spent in this room pleasant.

2. A New Drop of Color

Staying long in a neutrally colored place may increase overthinking and negatively affect your well-being. If your family room has been decorated in neutral colors so far, that’s your sign to rethink the color palette, especially in the season of trending bold colors. Add character and visual appeal to the space where your family spends most of the time with the new living room paint colors, featuring vibrant yellows and oranges, calming blues and greens, earthy browns and terracottas, vivid reds, optimistic lilacs, and not least, soft peach – the color of the year 2024 as named by Pantone.

3. Bold and Aesthetic 

The growing eco-style design trends bring us closer to integrating as many natural elements into our homes as possible. Therefore, one of the easiest yet most effective family room decorating ideas is enlivening the space with indoor plants. Besides, you’ll enjoy the freshest air due to those greeneries.

Nothing suits a family room better than a gallery with family photos. Those are records of beautiful memories that keep the family values inside the room. For instance, consider black and white photos with matching frames on a statement wall. Find out here more ideas on how to beautifully arrange pictures on a wall.

5. More Coziness with Throw Pillows

Consider decorative cushions of various sizes for the sofa and accent chairs. They will make the room look and feel comfy, especially if you gather together in the family room. In addition, avoid simple upholstery and choose from the wide range of available prints, colors, and accessories.

6. Room Centerpiece 

According to Feng Shui decorating trends, setting a central accent in a room will balance the picture, form a bond between furnishing and decor, and make them part of a whole. Such a simple decorative trick will benefit both the interior design and your comfort. For instance, a coffee table is a perfect option. Moreover, it can be used as an entertainment center for late-night gatherings.

7. The Scent of Comfort

A scent of comfort in your family room will cost you nothing more than several scented candles. They will add coziness to your room only by their look, let alone their pleasant scent when being lightened in the evenings. Yet, take note of the candle composition. Make sure they don’t contain any harmful substances.

8. Statement Lighting Pendant

According to designers, the new trending accent chandeliers are excellent conversation starters for living or dining rooms. Additionally, the currently stylish architectural pendants know their way around various design styles and can entirely compensate for the lack of additional accessories in the family room. 

9. Unique Accent Chairs

Large family gatherings will undoubtedly feel different in a room with more seats than a single sofa. Thus, adding as many accent chairs as possible is one of the trendiest decorating ideas for the family room. And they are not called accents for no reason. Opt for unusual designs, textures, and upholstery. 2024 is the design season for challenges. Experiment with color and shape. 

10. Retro Vibes

If you’re out of inspiration on how to decorate the family room, dare look back at the retro trends, which are gaining more popularity. One of the emerging family room decorating ideas is opting for retro-upholstered furniture depicting the roaring prints of the last century, including stripes, checkerboards, and abstract geometric art in bold or pastel colors.


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