8 Gorgeous family room decorating ideas in 2022, from quick adjustments to a whole new look

The family room, best known as the living room, or any way you call the space where you gather with your family on evenings or weekends, has lately reached the status: the heart of the house. It is quite a bold step, which supposes new tendencies regarding interior design. 

Bring style, comfort, and a pleasant atmosphere within your family room with our modern decorating ideas for this space. Whether you want to breathe a new life into this room or offer it an entirely new look, we are here to assist you. Let’s discover the best ideas in this sense and get inspired for a change! We promise inspiration for any preference, style, and skill level to fill your family room with love and coziness. 

Floral facelift for a modern and practical look

The floral motives have entered the interior design trends lately, and it seems that they are not going to leave any time soon. Particularly easy they are to be applied to textiles. Therefore, consider such patterns for the sofa upholstery or curtains to enliven the space. It will bring in a new splash of color and keep it vibrant.

Furthermore, the colorful material used for the upholstery proves to be practical in a room with frequent gatherings since it perfectly hides stains. As regards the overall picture, be sure that such patterns will make the time spent in this room pleasant.

Bring in a new splash of color

If you are tired of the same neutral walls that seem to overwhelm you, consider new splashes of color. You can either opt for an accent wall or cover all walls with any shade you want. Of course, you are the one to enjoy the result. Nevertheless, we would like to point out some of the best colors to consider in 2022 that will keep you up to date in the years to come.

  • Green accent wall to refresh the room and bring nature closer;
  • Blue accent wall for a dynamic environment that encourages interaction;
  • Peach walls for a cozy atmosphere;
  • Dusty pink walls to soften the contrasts;
  • Mustard walls to enliven the space;
  • Olive green walls for calmness and comfort.

Fresh, bold, and aesthetic 

Any modern interior decor requires a fresh environment, accompanied by bold elements as points of interest for reaching particular aesthetics. All these aspects can be integrated into your family room with one step – opt for indoor plants.

This idea has become particularly popular lately and promises to stay in place for a long time. Consider various plants of different sizes to fill the space. It should be noted that those little splashes of green can substantially enhance the environment, bringing in an invigorating effect.

Nothing suits a family room better than a gallery with family photos. Those are records of beautiful memories that keep the family values inside the room. Consider black and white photos and matching frames on a particular wall so that they become points of interest but do not draw all the attention.

In this sense, we suggest you do not look for perfect photos. On the contrary, choose the ones that bring back the most pleasant memories. There is no doubt that such an approach will fill the room with warmness and make it a place where you love and are loved.

Stick to a particular style

If you want to change the room look entirely, consider a particular style to match your preference and the whole picture of the house. In this sense, you can opt for new elements that bring in particular values or start with the background color and reach the smallest details. Consider one of the following options that promise to stay up-to-date for several seasons:

  • Art Deco. It is not necessary to set an entirely ‘20s environment. You can consider particular units that refer to this style, such as bold colors and shapes to keep it balanced;
  • Vintage. Combine the old values with the new ones for a comfortable and modern setting that will stand out through its uniqueness and preserve coziness within its borders;
  • Contemporary. Simple colors and shapes are everything you need to integrate into the room for a result like that. If the neutrality of shades and forms are calming to your family, you have nothing else to do than apply this principle;
  • Minimalism. More relevant than ever, it will perfectly match the interior design of the house in the same style;
  • Loft. It will be appropriate to apply this style to an already existing loft setting. Bring as much creativity and come up with unusual designs, including ideas of all your family members.

More coziness and color

Consider throw pillows of various sizes for the sofa. They will make the room look and feel comfy. Furthermore, opting for a bold color will enrich the environment with a new sparkle and enliven the place. 

Consider as many pillows as possible, particularly for families with many members, since everyone wants to feel comfortable. Once practical units, now decorative elements, pillows do not fail to impress us with their ability to enhance the entire look of the family room.

Room centerpiece 

Tracing it to the Feng Shui principles, we would like to draw your attention to setting a particular element as the center of the entire decoration. It will balance the picture, set a bond among all constituent elements, and make them part of a whole. 

Such a simple decorative trick will benefit both the interior design and your comfort. For instance, a coffee table is a perfect option. It can also be used as an entertainment center for late-night gatherings. Furthermore, consider unusual designs to emphasize their presence, such as raw materials inspired by nature for a stunning effect.

The scent of comfort

A scent of comfort in your family room will cost you nothing more than several scented candles. They will add coziness to your room only by their look, let alone their pleasant scent when being lightened in the evenings. 

We suggest you keep them in one place or as part of a particular decorative system for your comfort and safeness. Such elements will fill your room with the last missing units and enrich its environment with a pleasant feeling. 

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