Modern Farmhouse Bedroom: Key Features + 8 Stylish Design Ideas

Modern Farmhouse style is a design direction that finds a special response in the hearts of connoisseurs of comfort and home warmth. And if you are thinking about what kind of room to decorate in this way, then the bedroom will be the best option. It remains only to choose the options for finishing and decor. However, we will help you cope with this by proposing relevant and relatively simple ideas for implementing a Modern Farmhouse style in the bedroom.

Modern Farmhouse-style Interior: Key Principles

Before embarking on the arrangement of an incredibly beautiful and undoubtedly cozy bedroom in a similar style, you need to imagine what the basis of the interior should be. That is why it is so important to delve a little more into its key features – let’s find out what Modern Farmhouse should be like:

  • Wood, wood, and more wood. When it comes to the Farmhouse style, you need to immediately prepare for the fact that a considerable amount of this material will appear in your interior. Walls with wood paneling or painted shiplap, a bed with a high headboard made of solid wood (maybe even raw and unpainted), hardwood floorings, benches, and chests – you can’t do without it even in the bedroom.
  • Lots of natural textiles. Start with a patchwork bedspread if you need to give your bedroom a rustic and cozy feel quickly. Continue with a woven or woolen rug and top off with linen curtains and burlap upholstery on chairs and armchairs.
  • A bit of art from the past. To add authenticity to a Modern Farmhouse bedroom, try to take the time to look for vintage accessories. This could be an antique lamp, a console from an old country house, or paintings of pastoral landscapes. To overload, the space, of course, is not worth it, but a few of these things will come in handy.
  • Simple, slightly rough fixtures. They can be made of wood or metal, but they should be distinguished by a modest and laconic design – this has its unconditional charm.
  • Light, natural tones. Soft white, beige, light brown, gray, coffee, and pastel blue form the basis of the palette in which your bedroom should be decorated. In such an environment, sleep becomes strong and serene, and rest becomes complete, as in distant childhood during a vacation in the village.

So, we have decided on the basics. Now, it is the time to start thinking about how to personalize and modernize your Farmhouse bedroom. In this case, our ideas will surely come in handy – as a guide to action or as a source of inspiration.

Fireplace in the Bedroom

Modern Farmhouse-style rooms look so warm and cozy that sometimes it seems that there is simply nowhere else to go. However, there is still no limit to perfection: if the size of the bedroom allows, be sure to install a fireplace in it. It can be natural or decorative, but it certainly has to have a modest and laconic surround – and, possibly, a mantelpiece made of rough wood. As for its location, the best option is directly opposite the bed or in the wall farthest from it.

Metal Bending

Artistic forging can be used not only for fences and railings but also become a lovely decor item – especially for the Modern Farmhouse style, where the union of wood and metal is endowed with a special meaning. Graceful wrought iron elements add subtle chic, depth, and personality to your bedroom. You just have to choose what it will be: a headboard, a wall panel, a stylish metal black or white chandelier, or even vintage window awnings.

Wooden Ceiling Beams

A casually whitewashed ceiling and massive unpainted wood beams create an authentic farmhouse atmosphere at no extra cost. Contrary to popular stereotypes, beams do not have to be used in the kitchen or the dining room – they will look no less organic in the bedroom. As for the design itself, you can choose supports from a natural raw solid wood or choose an imitation – if you manage to find high-quality ones, then the authenticity of your interior is unlikely to be disturbed.

Textured Decor at the Headboard

Painted walls are usually chosen to decorate a Modern Farmhouse-style bedroom. And this option is quite good, but even plain surfaces may well seem boring. In this case, you should think about creative wall decoration at the head of the bed. Moreover, the designers offer straightforward options – shiplap, a panel made of an ordinary board, and even boards folded in the half-timbered style. It is entirely optional to paint them, although you can do a few casual strokes with whitewash or light blue paint if you want.

Good Old Check Pattern

Trendy designs and prints constantly replace each other, but the strip and the check pattern are unshakable in this endless sea of patterns. And in the case of the Farmhouse, our hearts are entirely devoted to the second option. Plaid curtains, armchair or chair upholstery, and even bedding add an incredibly soothing look to the bedroom interior and endow it with unconditional old-fashioned charm. At the same time, when choosing elements with a check pattern, try to avoid contrasting colors: it is advisable to take a closer look at light and pastel ones, while there should be no more than two of them on the cell.

Weaving Magic

Willow vine furniture and accessories are a real find for a small bedroom. They seem lighter and airier than solid wood, take up a minimum of space and blend in flawlessly with a rustic bedroom setting, adding charm and ease. At the same time, ordering complete sets of wicker furniture and accessories is entirely optional: a chair, rocking chair, chest, or a couple of baskets will be enough.

Green Decor

The Modern Farmhouse is not at all variegated, but you can add juicy and, at the same time, natural colors to the bedroom – of course, with the help of fresh flowers and greenery! So, today wreaths of green branches and leaves, plants in pots, and, of course, baskets of herbs are especially relevant today – of course, if the bedroom is large enough and you do not have allergies. At the same time, you can place green plants not only on bedside tables or dressing tables: shelves and hanging pots allow you to turn your bedroom into a small but delightful oasis.

Knitted Things

Nothing brings the interior closer to a rustic style like a chunky knit of wool or cotton. A voluminous knitted bedspread on the bed, “socks” on the legs of an armchair, pillowcases on decorative pillows – there are many ways to decorate your bedroom in this way. It’s also nice that you can do all this yourself, although many lovely little things are in stores.

Modern Farmhouse-style Bedroom Design: Conclusion + More Photos

So now you know where to start and how to finish your Modern Farmhouse bedroom. Surrender to the power of natural materials, do not forget about a slight touch of vintage, do not be afraid of cute and cozy things – and you will fully experience all the advantages of relaxing in a country house.

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