Flooring trends 2021: styles, types, colors, patterns, textures

Fashion trends are present in different areas. At annual exhibitions, designers present new products, the most popular interiors, colors, and ornaments. Did you know that flooring also has fashion trends? With our review’s help, you will find out which floor options are popular today and which finishing material to choose, taking into account the surrounding interior.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the latest trends in flooring design. Attractive solutions will help you select the best options for your room. When choosing a suitable style, consider the following factors:

  • planning and zoning of space;
  • selection of furniture, lighting, and finishing materials;
  • choice of textiles – furniture upholstery and curtains.

All this has an impact on the choice of a suitable floor covering. Pay attention to the following trends.

Return to antiquity

Wood flooring is back in trend. The solid wood surface is beautiful, practical, and comfortable. Incredibly popular is the hardwood flooring, which has a pronounced texture. The rustic floor looks fashionable. Wave-look and uneven boards are relevant, which will perfectly fit into a cozy interior.

Combined options

Different floor coverings are ideal for multi-functional spaces. You can choose such solutions to highlight specific areas. You can choose tiles for a part of the floor, and for the rest, you can select parquet or laminate flooring. The combination of the two materials looks original. Combo of hardwood and ceramic tiles, as well as wood and natural stone, are in trend. Two types of flooring allow you to separate areas in the kitchen-dining room. Use a dark wood shade for the dining area and light flooring for the work area.

Stylish tiles

Ceramic tiles are distinguished by their functional advantages and by an extensive selection of shades and configurations. The ergonomic tile flooring is perfect for kitchens, halls, hallways, and bathrooms, and unique options will allow you to experiment with interiors.

For decoration, choose tiles with imitation of leather, wood, or stone floors. Geometric ornaments made of bright tiles of 2-3 shades look stylish.

Flooring trends include large patterns. You can choose ready-made solutions or create designs using tiles of several colors. For living spaces, select wood look tiles – this will make a cozier interior.

Classic parquet

Parquet is one of the most aristocratic and expensive flooring options. There are several ways to install parquet in a trending way.

The classic French and traditional herringbone are popular. The classic version is represented by elements of parquet in different shades. This floor looks respectable, original, and rich.

Colorful flooring

A wide range of patterns and shades are available for floor surfaces that will quickly update the floor. You can choose the following options:

  • Artificially aged floor coverings.
  • The combination of a bright floor with neutral walls.
  • Greek and Moroccan patterns that are perfect for ethnic interiors.
  • Large geometric patterns go well with small prints on the walls.

Let’s find out what types of flooring will be popular in 2021.

Hardwood flooring is always in vogue because of its natural beauty, durability, and sustainability. Birch, oak, ash, or walnut floor coverings will fit into any interior, and you can easily match furniture and decor to this floor. 

New trends in hardwood flooring in 2021 are about boards with minimal processing, brushed, and rustic selection, reflecting the wood’s natural structure as much as possible.

The wood in classic interiors is not tinted but remains in a natural shade. You can choose flooring in the following popular colors:

  • Gray wood flooring does not overload the space and emphasizes the naturalness of the material. The unusual texture creates an interesting effect.
  • White floors have a glossy sheen that enhances the natural light in the room. Give preference to this material when decorating small spaces.
  • Black floors add elegance to any room. Surfaces of this shade blend perfectly with metal. Therefore, black floors are suitable for high-tech interiors.
  • The copper color of the flooring works well with the orange and reddish-brown furnishings. Use this option for a vintage look.

Standard finishing methods include laminated flooring. High-quality material is characterized by ease of cleaning, ease of installation, and attractive appearance. You can choose a trendy laminate with imitation of wood, stone, and other natural materials.

Consider a popular tile flooring solution. The wood-look remains stylish for years. At the same time, tiles are easier to clean than wood flooring. Such textures as artificially aged, brushed, and scraped are relevant.

  • The marble tiles look luxurious. It is suitable for a living room, bathroom, or hallway.
  • Rustic stone tiles look unusual. Such flooring will create a more comfortable and homely environment. The best options for tiles imitating natural stone include slate, marble, and limestone.
  • Metal effect tiles give the room a trendy and ultra-modern look. The novelty is suitable for more modern interiors.
  • Ceramic tiles are ideal for creating geometric patterns. Hexagon elements perfectly decorate the floor.
  • Exotic trends include concrete-look tiles. Large-format elements help create a modern interior and are also suitable for decorating a room in an industrial style.

Choose carpet if you like a plush and cozy-chic feel underfoot. The bold colors of this material are in fashion. These can be contrasting colors and rich shades of ornaments, floral patterns, geometric shapes, and precious stones. Natural and organic tones are popular for a sense of serenity.

In 2021 try solutions like these:

  • For boho-style interiors, choose a carpet in neutral tones. Textile accessories in bright red shades and upholstered furniture are suitable here.
  • For eco-chic interior decoration, it is better to choose natural fiber coatings.
  • Plush and velvet carpets are suitable for small spaces. Velvet surfaces will help create luxury in your home.

Combine bright carpet with colorful furniture. Carpet trends are based on self-expression. With their help, you can show maximum creativity. Colored and patterned rugs look unusual. You can choose from floral motifs, animal designs, stripes, or geometric shapes.

Let’s find out which floor coverings are best for individual rooms in 2021.

Kitchen flooring trends

The kitchen is one of the most visited places in the apartment. When choosing materials, do not forget to consider factors such as high humidity and temperature drops. Kitchen flooring should have the following qualities:

  • Moisture resistance. Indoors, the flooring is exposed to intense moisture – splashes, evaporation, and cleaning.
  • Low hygroscopicity. The material should not absorb moisture, as mold may develop under the covering.
  • Impact resistance.
  • Hygiene. The coating should be easy to clean.
  • Wear resistance and abrasion resistance.

The best solution for the kitchen is ceramic tiles. This material is durable and chemical and moisture resistant. For the kitchen, choose tiles with matte, relief, rough, and glossy surfaces. Products with relief ornaments look stylish.

Suitable materials include linoleum, which is distinguished by a variety of decorative textures. The laminate gives new possibilities in the design of different stylistic solutions. The trend is a vintage-style finish imitating the aged wood, and black, purple, and other rich colors are relevant.

Bedroom flooring trends

Bedroom flooring should be sustainable and beautiful, and the surface should be pleasant to walk barefoot. The color palette and finishes should be consistent with the surrounding interior.

You can choose a carpet for the bedroom. It has a warm and soft surface. Of the advantages, it is worth noting the variety of patterns and shades, which allows the carpet to fit into any bedroom style. Long-pile carpets combine wonderfully with other finishes.

You can also choose hardwood, beautiful, and natural flooring that fit perfectly in the bedroom. The material is distinguished by its durability, strength, excellent thermal insulation properties, and environmental safety. Depending on the wood processing, the board may have different patterns.

The parquet board is also suitable for bedroom flooring. It is a three-layer material with excellent decorative qualities. A pleasant-to-touch surface, environmental friendliness, ease of installation, and flawless appearance are advantageous.

Cork flooring is in trend in 2021. Such a covering is distinguished by naturalness, environmental friendliness, ability to absorb noise, increased strength, and long service life.

An excellent option for a bedroom can also be the laminate. You can choose any texture and shade.

Consider other options for the bedroom:

  • Marmoleum is made of jute or cork, and the central part consists of resin, lime, sawdust, and oil.
  • Vinyl tiles are popular for their assortment of different patterns. This allows you to decorate the bedroom in any taste.
  • The self-leveling floor is a novelty that is becoming more and more popular. The tough, durable, and wear-resistant flooring is made without joints.

Living room flooring trends

The trend is for interiors with a natural flavor, retro designs, and respect for nature.

  • One of the fashionable solutions is a cork floor. It is one of nature’s most sustainable materials.
  • A return to the retro style is possible with terrazzo tiles interspersed. The classic texture is back in fashion. The original covering is used not only for floors but also for countertops and walls. Terrazzo has a neutral look, but it can also look bright enough.
  • Natural surfaces are in fashion. Parquet with ring patterns is widespread, and the French herringbone in light colors is also relevant for the living room.
  • Living room coverings have a natural texture or imitate it. For decoration, choose porcelain stoneware, tiles, and vinyl with imitation of concrete, wood, or marble.
  • New trends involve the use of large forms.

Bathroom flooring trends

When choosing a floor covering for a bathroom, consider the characteristics of the room – temperature fluctuations, requirements for comfort and safety, and high levels of humidity.

Popular bathroom options include self-leveling flooring, ceramic tiles, cork, and moisture resistant laminate flooring.

Of the cheap options, linoleum is worth noting. This flooring has excellent waterproofing properties.

Laundry flooring trends

Laundry floors must be suitable for the specific conditions of the room. Choose a material that is resistant to moisture and high temperatures. Cork is popular. It is a fashionable material that does not absorb moisture. The natural and hypoallergenic flooring does not slip even if you spill water.

You can also try ceramic tiles. A variety of shapes and shades distinguishes this material. A wooden floor with special treatment is also suitable for a laundry room. Alternatively, opt for a moisture-resistant laminate.

Observing the following tips will help you choose the right color for the floor:

  • The combination of a light ceiling, floor, and walls contribute to a visual increase in the room.
  • All surfaces in light shades make the room narrower and more extended.
  • The combination of dark walls and light floors visually shortens the room.
  • Dark walls with white floors and ceilings accentuate horizontal lines. For this option, do not use carpets on the floor. This will create a basement feel.
  • For the hallway, you can choose a door in the color of the floor.
  • To make the room look more spacious, choose a floor and a door in light colors.

To create a contrast between door and floor, remember that furniture and door should be in the same color palette.

Discover the most current flooring shades for the new season.


The white floor is associated with laconicism and cleanliness. Wood flooring with light maple structure, white oak, or Norwegian pine often become a decoration of modern interiors. White laminate will add brightness to the room and visually expand the space. This will give the interior a more modern look.


The flooring adds elegance, versatility, and neutrality to the interior. If you choose a gray floor, consider combining it with other shades. A gray surface looks good with white and black, and a combination of gray and blue will add coolness to the interior.


The floor looks exquisite with the texture of light shades of acacia, oak, ash, or beech. The stylish finish embodies calm and optimism. Choose it if you prefer neutral tones. This color goes well with other shades. Optionally, you can change the color of the walls or furniture. Besides, it is a subtle shade that does not show specks, scratches, and streaks.

Red and orange

The flooring with mahogany, Milanese walnut, or cherry textures is characterized by exactingness to the surrounding interior. Cherry-colored parquet flooring perfectly matches yellow, brown, and green tones.


The brown floor is the epitome of comfort, warmth, and security. The brown finish makes a beautiful backdrop for furniture. This option will suit you if you decide to decorate a room in a country style. Brown is a universal shade suitable for many interiors.

Coffee-colored parquet flooring perfectly matches green, cream, beige and yellow colors.


The black flooring looks elegant and luxurious, but this color is not suitable for everything—the black color suits modern interiors. The combination of gold and black looks unusual and allows you to convey a unique luxury and wealth atmosphere.

A powerful visual load in the interior is provided by the pattern, with which you can highlight entire surfaces. Use the ornament to select a separate area, and make the rest of the zones laconic.

Floor coverings with alternating patterns are popular. These can be identical elements located at equal distances.

When choosing a pattern, try to observe style unity, because other interior items should also be combined with designs on the floor. 

When choosing a suitable pattern, take ideas from one shape and style. Consider these options:

  • Geometric prints – zig zags, circles, stars and polyhedra.
  • Vegetable patterns – fruits, flowers, leaves.
  • Animalistic – figures of different animals.
  • Calligraphy – numbers and letters.

Consider spectacular patterns on ceramic tiles. You can find authentic ornaments, color combinations corresponding to different archaeological finds. Ceramics made in the majolica style look unusual. The material is made of painted, baked clay. For this, a bright glaze is used.

Try using a checkerboard black and white floor. This type of decoration is wildly popular in some styles. It is used not only in classic interiors but also in art deco and glamor styles.

Colorful checks look great on any surface. The print is suitable for decorating a wooden floor. With its help, you can equip a Scandinavian or country interior.

If you love the classics, opt for octagonal marble tiles. The small format looks excellent in small spaces. For larger rooms, use large tiles in different shades and contrasting shades. The material of various shapes allows you to create original ornaments on the floor. A trendy solution would be patchwork tiles on the floor. Hexagonal honeycomb tiles are ideal for bathroom, hallway, or kitchen floors.

To make the right choice of flooring, consider all the features. The texture of the material is of particular importance. New trends present the opportunity to experiment with textures and colors:

  • Noble textures of stone and wood are in fashion. Use them in different designs. 
  • Boards with natural defects and textured surfaces will make the interior more diverse and unique. 
  • Antique-effect floor designs are popular. Such a coating will perfectly fit into rooms decorated in French country (Provence), country, or eco style.

Using our review, you can find great ideas for decorating your floor. Practical and trendy floor coverings will make your interior more stylish and your home cozy.

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