Front door trends 2022: colors, designs & styles

The front door is a kind of business card for your home. And in this case, it is not so much about the interior as about the atmosphere. A door to a house or an apartment can tell a lot about the owners’ status and taste, their outlook on life, and even about their attitude towards guests and neighbors. Today, designers regard it as an important interior and exterior component and therefore urge to pay enough attention to its appearance.

For those who have little interest in design, it may seem surprising that designers offer new trends for the front door every year. However, the fact remains: today, harmony is valued more than ever in the design of houses and apartments, and it can only be achieved through careful consideration of every detail. For those who strive for perfection and follow the trends, we suggest evaluating the current trends that will affect the design of front doors in 2022.

When developing trending solutions for 2022, specialists focus on versatility: door design trends are equally relevant for private houses and apartments in multi-story buildings. In more detail, let’s discuss five key trends that have had the most noticeable impact on entry doors’ design.

Minimalism at its finest

Laconicism is the main motive in the design of front doors. Designers propose to focus on the color and texture of the material, without being distracted by unnecessary details – and implement their proposals using the following solutions:

  • clear lines;
  • monochrome;
  • simple and austere forged items.

Extra-wide front doors

In pursuit of freedom and space, designers have surpassed themselves. The wider, the better – this is their unequivocal verdict on the size of modern door designs. At first glance, this idea may seem extravagant, but it also has many advantages:

  • Convenience. Such doors will allow you to enter the house freely alone or in a large company, bring in a bicycle, scooter or segway, take out a baby carriage or drag everything you need for a barbecue into the yard.
  • Visual expansion of space. Thanks to the doors’ non-standard size, the house’s facade looks more representative, and the building itself seems a little higher.
  • Elegant appearance. Wide door leaves made of wood look reliable and modern, emphasizing the environment’s harmony and demonstrating the owners’ taste.

A similar solution is also suitable for apartments since it will provide free passage and essential ergonomics. If you can expand the opening for such a door, you should try this solution.

Outstanding contrasts and original accords

An entry door that seems to merge with the house’s facade or is not much different from other doors is out of style in 2022. The entrance groups, which are relevant in the coming season, are mesmerizing with their contrast in color and texture. A natural shade’s heavy wooden doors add solidity to a light-painted facade; a turquoise-colored door in an unbleached brick wall creates a fantastic atmosphere of summer relaxation.

Simultaneously, one cannot fail to mention the duality of the trend. If the door’s outer finish suggests a contrast, then the inner one provides a special combination with the hall or hallway’s interior. It is not necessary to achieve it with the help of color: the match of the finishing of the entry door with the texture of the floor covering or with the design of the interior doors leading into the hall looks much more harmonious.

Eclectic combinations

Another key trend of the upcoming season is the combination of materials. You can safely choose options in which metal is combined with wood, glass – with metal, and hardwood – with technologically advanced carbon fiber. Such a variety provides the entry doors with the necessary texture and variety. If the door is matched to the house, it gives the facade a significant personality. It is important to take into account that in this case, we are talking not only about the canvas but also about the door frame, which can be combined from the materials of the door itself or create a compelling and versatile combination with it.

Modern options for contemporary settings

When choosing doors for modern houses in loft and industrial style, you should prefer smooth and shiny materials with increased strength. If your cottage is hidden behind a fence, then a door made of solid sheets of glass will be a real find that allows you to let in more natural color into the house and emphasize the facade lines’ lightness.

When it comes to steel structures, they are equally suitable for houses and apartments. Simultaneously, it is not necessary to choose simple blank canvases: stylish glass inserts or unobtrusive finishing with geometric motifs will add variety.

The 2022 front door shade trends give us a real surprise: it turned out that this architectural element could become an expressive accent that creates a unique look for your home. To ensure this effect, it is worth knowing a little more about the most relevant solutions for 2022.

  • Wood and metal. The textures and shades of natural materials are so natural that it is entirely unnecessary to hide them. If the natural wood pattern has been preserved on the surface of the canvas, you should not hide it under the paint – a little tinting will be enough. The same goes for metal with noble tones, which require nothing to create true sophistication – just a slight patina.
  • Calm light shades. A door in neutral colors can be with a blank canvas or moderate glazing. However, this is not the most important thing: it is much more important to play it as an expressive detail. That is why it is worth combining a front door with a wall at least two or three shades darker. If you’re unsure of which color to pick, check out the Behr palette offering in 2022 breezeway, etched glass, studio clay, or evergreen gray – the Sherwin Williams’ color of the year
  • Green, gray and blue palettes. These colors deserve a separate discussion, as this year, designers have revealed their fantastic potential in a new way. Cool and mesmerizing, calm and mysterious, relaxed and welcoming, they allow you to turn your front door into an extraordinarily stylish and contemporary accent. And if you are interested in such tones as sage, mint, jojoba, gray-green, and sophisticated gray-blue, you are on the right track.
  • Bright colors. A door that creates a mood is an excellent idea for 2022. Such a design invariably suggests that the owners of this house are hospitable and have very non-trivial thinking. The most pleasant thing in this trend is freedom of choice: only you decide what color your door will be. It can be something from the Behr palette like corn stalk, wave top, lingonberry punch, or something completely insane – sunny yellow, lime green, bright red, and cobalt. By the way, painting the door frame in the same color is optional: contrasts will rule in the new year.

Front door trends for 2022 are based on a captivating yet understandable philosophy of simplicity, purity of color, moderate creativity, and visual expansion of space. By looking at them as an essential architectural detail, you can provide your home or apartment with an eye-catching look.

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