Front Door Trends 2024: Colors, Materials, and Styles

The front door is a kind of business card for your home. And in this case, it is not so much about the interior as about the atmosphere. A door to a house or an apartment can tell a lot about the owners’ status and taste, their outlook on life, and their attitude towards guests and neighbors. Today, designers regard it as an important interior and exterior component and therefore urge to pay enough attention to the front door trends.

For those with little interest in design, it may seem surprising that designers offer new trends for the front door every year. However, the fact remains: today, harmony is valued more than ever in the design of houses and apartments, and it can only be achieved through careful consideration of every detail. For those who strive for perfection and follow the trends, we suggest evaluating the current trends that will affect the design of front doors in 2024.

When developing trending solutions, specialists focus on versatility: the new front door design trends are equally relevant for private houses and apartments in multi-story buildings. Let’s discuss the five key trends that have had the most noticeable impact on the entry doors’ design.

1. Extra-Wide and High Front Doors

In pursuit of freedom and space, designers have surpassed themselves. The wider and higher, the better – this is their unequivocal verdict on the size of modern door designs. It’s safe to say this concept also reached the interior door trends. At first glance, this idea may seem extravagant, but it also has many advantages:

  • Convenience. Such doors will allow you to enter the house freely alone or in a large company, bring in a bicycle, scooter, or segway, take out a baby carriage, or drag everything you need for a barbecue into the yard.
  • Visual expansion of space. Thanks to the doors’ non-standard size, the house’s facade looks more representative, and the building seems slightly higher.
  • Elegant appearance. Wide wooden door leaves look reliable and modern, emphasizing the environment’s harmony and demonstrating the owners’ taste

A similar solution is also suitable for apartments since it will provide free passage and essential ergonomics.

2. Key Color of the Season: Lilac

Analyzing recent online searches, we can firmly say homeowners have been increasingly looking for lilac front doors. When asked why lilac, designers answered that this color meets people’s desire to create a welcoming home design. Additionally, this purple shade perfectly complements various architectural styles and color codes. Thus, if you’re looking for a fresh coat of trendy paint on your front door, don’t skip lilac, a sophisticated yet relaxing color.

3. Outstanding Contrasts and Original Accords

An entry door that seems to merge with the house’s facade or is not much different from other doors is out of style. The entrance groups, which are relevant in the coming season, are mesmerizing with their contrast in color and texture. For instance, heavy natural wooden doors add solidity to a light-painted facade, while a turquoise-colored door in an unbleached brick wall creates a fantastic atmosphere of summer relaxation.

Simultaneously, one cannot fail to mention the duality of the trend. If the door’s outer finish suggests a contrast, then the inner one provides a special combination with the hall or hallway’s interior. It is not necessary to achieve it with the help of color: the match of the finishing of the entry door with the texture of the floor covering or with the design of the interior doors leading into the hall looks much more harmonious.

4. Glass Front Door

As also seen in interior door trends, glass has its say in the new design season. If you plan on renovating your front door or purchasing a new one, designers advise opting for full-glass doors or doors with glass inserts, translucent or reflective glass, depending on the wanted privacy level. So, your hallway won’t seem as dark if it lacks windows, and your exterior will seem up-to-date and ready to draw the passers-by’s attention. Ideally, full-glass front doors work for ultra-modern exteriors, although a relevant combination of glass with wood or steel also suits traditional houses.

5. Smart-Home Front Door

The latest technologies allow for many smart features integrated into the front door, and it would be a shame not to give them at least a thought. Maybe, sometime in the future, you will like to try this promising front door trend. Such options make for a safer life and include the following features:

  • Full control of the entryway through your smartphone;
  • Automatical lock and open via remote control;
  • Alert when someone tries to break in;
  • Hands-free lock and open for convenience;
  • Touch ID or Face ID for opening.

6. Pivot Front Door

Since extra-wide front doors are the leading trend, experts came up with an intelligent mechanism to use such structures effortlessly. The pivot construction relies on a swinging system that allows one to open and close doors easily. Just imagine coming home with your hands busy carrying the groceries, and your front door opens with a simple push. Additionally, the hottest front door style looks sleek and top-tier, complimenting any homeowner with great taste.

Besides the already mentioned glass front doors, you can also consider the following trending front door materials in 2024 and beyond:


Rich-grained wood with a natural effect is a strong rival for glass doors. Moreover, heavy and wide doors of natural wood, preferably with a pivot opening mechanism, are the dream of any homeowner who wants to stay in trend for this and the following seasons.  


First-class front doors of robust materials, such as different metal types, are another favorite. Quality and safety are essential in choosing the front door, and we cannot blame you for that. We are all in for high-quality doors of sturdy materials ready to serve you for years. 

Mixed Textures

Cannot decide between the available materials for the new season? Go with all of them! Not to our surprise, the design age of eclectic combinations spreads its features over front doors as well. Today, opting for a front door with mixed textures, such as wood and metal, wood and glass, metal and glass, or all of them together, will surely keep you stylish and make for a trendy addition to your exterior, and not only; your hallway will never look the same.

Trendy Front Door Colors

The new front door color trends give us a real surprise. It turns out this architectural element could become an expressive accent that creates a unique look for your home. Of course, it is worth knowing a little more about the most relevant solutions for the brand-new design season.

  • Wood and metal. The texture and color of natural materials look authentic all by themselves, and it is entirely unnecessary to hide them. If the natural wood grain has been preserved on the surface of the canvas, you should not hide it under paint – a slight tinting will be enough. The same goes for metal with noble tones, which require nothing to create true sophistication – just a slight patina.
  • Neutral tones. For those who stick to classic colors, you can stay true in 2024 to your favorite gray, white, or black shade to ensure a stately and confident look for your home;
  • Unexpected bold colors. 2024 is the year of new challenges. Keep pace with the brightest and trendiest front door colors. Besides the key color trend – lilac, you can also opt for Barbiecore pink, lemon yellow, and royal blue.

By the way, painting the door frame in the same color is optional: contrasts will rule in the new year. Additionally, explore the latest paint color trends if you are ready to paint your front door in the new season.

Front door trends for the new season are based on a captivating yet understandable philosophy of simplicity, purity of color, moderate creativity, and visual expansion of space. By looking at them as essential architectural details, you can provide your home or apartment with an eye-catching look. Surprise yourself and your neighbors with a front door design that goes beyond space limits with a show-stealing size, beyond imagination borders with the boldest color you could ever imagine, and beyond stereotypes by standing out from the crowd.

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