Modern furniture: latest trends for 2021

Furniture design trends don’t change as often as, for example, clothing fashion. However, even in this conservative area, subtle shifts are gradually taking place. In 2021, experts recommend keeping a course for the following characteristics:

  • naturalness and environmental friendliness;
  • unusual shapes;
  • natural colors;
  • practicality and functionality;
  • attention to detail.

It is not necessary to combine all this in one interior; a couple of the features you like the most will be enough.

In 2021, experts recommend keeping a course for the following characteristics:

Eclecticism in design

In 2021, interior design freedom and personalization come first. This means that you can select furniture based on your desires, needs, and taste preferences. For example, it is quite possible to combine a minimalist armchair and a vintage chest of drawers. Thus, the tastes of different generations of people are reflected in the atmosphere, which gives it liveliness and originality.

Closeness to nature

Everything natural will be in fashion. In particular, the roughly knit wooden tables and chairs will become one of the most exciting features of modern interiors. The same direction will be reflected in the colors of the upholstery. Natural tones fit perfectly with the stylists’ requirements for simplicity and functionality in 2021.

Unusual material combinations

In 2021, interior items with several textures and shades will be in great demand. For example, the glass looks very elegant next to metal. Modern manufacturers offer not only cabinets of this type, but also chairs and tables. You need to understand that tempered glass is usually used for furniture, which has high strength. Such materials are ideal for high-tech style, but now they can be used in almost any direction in the premises’ design.

Fabrics that feel good to touch

Thorny, cold, and rough surfaces are rapidly receding into the past. Soft, delicate, and silky fabrics are gaining popularity: chenille, velour, velvet, etc. Therefore, people who prefer to surround themselves with comfortable and cozy furniture will be able in 2021 to quickly find the option that will most fully meet their needs.

Antiquity orientation

In no case, do not throw away your grandfather’s chair: in 2021, it will be able to modernize and decorate your interior in the most unexpected way. The fashion for antiquity breaks through in the smallest detail and surprises with an ever-larger scale. Now things with history and character should be in the room. The more unique and unusual an antique furniture is, the more it is valued.

It is not necessary to combine the listed trends in one interior; a couple of the features you like the most will be enough.

In 2021, shades of earth, greenery, and vegetables will become especially popular:

  • Terracotta. This brick shade mixed with orange, red, and ocher looks very impressive in furniture and accessories. It is widely used to decorate soft sofas, armchairs, and coffee tables.
  • Mint green. This color can successfully replace traditional white tones in furniture. It looks great with sandy, coffee, and ocher hues. If you prefer a colder color range, you can combine mint green with rich emerald or gray-blue.
  • Bottle green. This color is often found in the design of premium furniture. It looks unusually elegant and fresh and fits perfectly into minimalism and loft styles.
  • Mustard. This shade from a warm palette is associated with earth and sun. Using it in furniture upholstery gives the room aristocracy and originality: gray, white, or chocolate accents in the interior help muffle the tone’s brightness slightly.
  • Blue-gray. This color combines the restraint of gray and the charm of blue. Such furniture inevitably attracts the eye since it is perceived as very airy and refined. To make it look even more advantageous, you can add dark wood or cool pink shades to the room’s decoration.

Modern urban people sometimes experience an irresistible desire to merge with nature and be nourished by its power. In part, this explains the desire of designers to make furniture mainly from natural materials:

  • wood;
  • bamboo and rattan;
  • stone;
  • leather, etc.

The combination of several textures in one object gives a particular attractiveness and originality to the interior. Glass also looks very elegant in the room’s design. Mirror inserts are still often used in cabinets and countertops. They make the space more elegant and visually expand their boundaries. A special chic of recent times is the wooden backs and armrests of the sofas. For convenience, you can place soft pillows on them.

The specialists are also actively using metal parts. They decorate the furniture with gold, brass, bronze, steel, or nickel. However, copper is becoming the most popular in 2021. This metal is beautiful due to its warm hue and the ability to bring a festive atmosphere to the room. It will be appropriate in the interiors of different styles and colors.

Since natural materials are most in-demand in 2021, solid fabrics are increasingly being chosen for upholstery. It must have an expressive texture and high quality. It is worth noting that furniture in the spirit of the 50s is gradually returning to fashion. The pattern on it can be in the form of a small plaid, “houndstooth”, restrained ripples. Subtle floral or ethnic patterns are also acceptable.

Designers offer options with soft-touch upholstery associated with discreet luxury. So, velvet, boucle, and tweed are becoming popular. The neighborhood of fabrics of different texture looks very impressive. For example, velvet goes well with leather, silk, or linen.

It may seem to some that the design of modern furniture looks unnecessarily ordinary and boring. Barely noticeable stylish details help avoid such a feeling: attractive edging, seams turned outward, a flirtatious looking row of buttons matched to the fabric, etc.

In contrast to home furniture, outdoor furniture is acquiring more bright and expressive shades in 2021. Designers believe that it should stand out from the general background and not merge with trees or lawns’ greenery. If you purchased the furniture in restrained colors, you can “revive” it with pillows, mattresses, and covers in rich, juicy tones.

The shape of garden furniture should be either underlined, strict, or deliberately rounded. These two design directions exist in parallel and provide us with ample opportunities for experimentation. For example, cubic tables and rectangular sofas are very relevant in 2021. However, you can also install a cozy rocking chair in the form of a cocoon armchair on the terrace. Of the materials, you should give preference to the following options:

  • wood – this material is a timeless classic; it looks beautiful and reliable and allows you to embody the most non-standard fantasies due to its plasticity and expressive texture; usually, tables, chairs, and benches are made of wood;
  • stone – their originality and durability distinguish stone garden benches; the flower beds built into them look very original;
  • metal – wrought iron tables, chairs, and benches will undoubtedly become a real decoration of the personal plot; they are exquisite and at the same time resistant to adverse weather conditions (if you cover them with a special anti-corrosion compound);
  • textile – this material is relevant for soft sofas, sun loungers, rocking chairs, and armchairs.

However, suppose you consider yourself a supporter of maximum lightness and do not want to unnecessarily burden yourself with the responsibilities of caring for outdoor furniture. In that case, we recommend that you opt for unassuming and mobile plastic structures.

Whichever material you prefer, be sure to make sure that it provides the furniture with the necessary practicality and attractiveness, and for you – the required level of comfort.

Sometimes it happens that furniture becomes unnecessarily worn out over time and does not look aesthetically pleasing. In no case, do not hurry to part with it! Modern design trends make it possible to make a very fashionable thing from a rarity, which will bring a unique atmosphere of comfort to the interior. The most suitable option for staining, in this case, would be patina or craquelure varnish. A chest of drawers, tables, chairs, or wardrobe covered with these compositions will acquire a fascinating vintage look.

Pure white paint can also emphasize the expressiveness of the wooden surface. Such a design solution will look great in a country-style interior. In 2021, furniture with the effect of the old paint layer showing through is also becoming very popular. You have to apply a different color to the surface and then sand it with sandpaper if you want to obtain it. You can also use dark wax to wipe down the areas most often touched by your hand. Then the furniture will look like it has already been used for many generations.

Modern furniture 2021 – Key findings and recommendations

Furniture design in 2021 will be given the same importance as before. The leading trends have remained unchanged, so do not rush to update your interior radically. However, it will not hurt to bring some zest to it, which will add relevance. To do this, you can safely use:

  • interesting non-standard details – furniture can be decorated with spectacular inserts of fabrics of different textures, unusual stitching, and other tricks that do not immediately catch the eye but hint at the “status” of the thing upon closer examination;
  • the effect of an aged surface – if the appearance of the furniture has ceased to suit you, then it is in your power to change its design for the better; if necessary, you can always turn to professionals for help;
  • fashionable colors – for this, it is not at all necessary to purchase new furniture: it will be enough to buy bedspreads or pillows of the desired shades.

We wish you successful creative searches in interior design!

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