Modern hallway wallpaper trends & ideas: an ultimate guide to timeless wallpaper

Entering the hallway gives you the first impression of the house’s interior design. We are sure you would like it to be a perfect introduction. The main element that draws attention is undoubtedly the background, which influences how you feel when stepping over the threshold. Balanced and calming or comfy and welcoming, either way, the accordingly made decision regarding wallpaper will ensure this result. 

We prepared a list of the best wallpaper ideas for a modern hallway to meet any expectations of yours and keep you up-to-date in 2022 and the years to come. The latest trends promise new ideas that touch upon functionality, simplicity, naturalness, and maximalism at some point. Let’s discover what options are hidden behind such concepts and pave your way towards a timeless result!

Abstract art for creative minds

As the hallway is the face of your house, it is also an introduction to your personality. If you are a creative person that strives to feel with art every left space, this idea will surely suit you. Consider abstract patterns of various colors for a new sparkle. 

From the simplest to the boldest forms and shades, feel the space with a new splash of energy and vibrance. Use the walls as a possibility to reflect your rich imagination and enliven the space with bright elements. One more thing to consider: make sure that other units of the room do not seem blurred on such a background.

Go beyond the limits

The mural wallpaper is one of the trends gaining more popularity in 2022 that promises to stay up-to-date for the following seasons. Go beyond the room limits and enlarge the space by opting for the expanding effect of murals. 

Consider holiday memories, exotic motifs, or nature-inspired elements for murals and enliven the walls. It is noteworthy that neutral colors should be considered so as not to lead to an overwhelming environment.

Perfection at its finest

Nothing will enrich your hallway with more perfection than a simple yet detailed wallpaper. You probably wonder how it is possible to put together such opposite aspects as simplicity and details. Quite simply, if you play by the rules. In this sense, you should consider neutral colors and repetitive small shapes that do not stand out, starting with nature-inspired elements and reaching geometry by opting for various designs, including stripes. 

The perfect combination of soothing shades and almost blurred patterns will keep it simple yet fascinating. It should be noted that the latter has to complement the background color and work as an extension to ensure the integrity of the whole composition.

Floral motifs for a blooming effect

It is not a surprise that this trend has penetrated the hallway wallpaper as well. Furthermore, it plans to stay the same for the following seasons. You probably are acquainted with the bright wallpapers with bold-colored flowers, but this is not the case here. The hallway wallpaper comes with new variations, supposing a neutral palette to reduce the overwhelming effect. 

Consider calming colors for the background and repetitive floral patterns that do not go much further in means of undertones. You can even opt for darker shades if it does not affect the brightness of the room. Such a perfect combination of soothing colors and small details reflecting a blooming effect will breathe a new life into this space while keeping it balanced.

Bring nature closer

The presence of natural elements within the latest wallpaper trends cannot be denied. What can reflect natural beauty more than its defining color? Green will serve as a perfect shade to bring the outdoors inside your interior design. Furthermore, its vibrant undertones will set a welcoming effect that is much needed in such a space as the hallway. 

Consider the following option for better integration:

  • Green plants on a white background for an aesthetic look;
  • Green shapes that refer to geometry to balance the contrasts and bring in points of interest;
  • Green wallpaper with nature-inspired patterns for a country-style if you want to set a traditional environment.

Raw walls for an industrial style

If you opt for a contemporary setting and want your wallpaper to match this style, consider imitations of raw materials such as brick or concrete. This affordable alternative will have an effect similar to the actual materials and offer the space a modern look. 

It should be noted that such wallpapers will go better with industrial, rustic, or loft styles since they will serve as a suitable introduction. Consider reducing the number of units that stand by the walls so as not to overwhelm the environment since the wallpaper itself is bold and supposes a simple setting.

Bring in the ocean breeze

A refreshing and vibrant effect will never spoil the picture, particularly such a vibrant splash of color as the ones offered by blue, which is at its peak of popularity. Consider various shades of blue and combine them with specific patterns, particularly suitable being the flowers. Additionally, you can pair this color with a calm shade, such as beige, to bring a new sparkle. 

This option will work with both a traditional and contemporary setting depending on the particular shade and patterns. Play appropriately with these elements to reach the wanted effect.

Enrich the environment with an accent wall

If your walls are already painted in a neutral color, but you want to add a new sparkle, the easiest way is to opt for an accent wall. Cover it with wallpaper of any color and patterns that fit the other walls, and your room will acquire a new look.

In this sense, every approach is suitable, from natural elements to abstract shapes. Either way, the balanced combination of plain walls with a new splash of color and forms will enliven the space and complete the picture perfectly.

Small details for a great impact

There is no doubt that the real beauty of an interior design relies on small details. Why not integrate this aspect into the design of the wallpaper? Consider small repetitive patterns on a neutral background, and the result will speak for itself.

Such an idea will add a new sparkle to an apparently simple design and fill the space with vibrance which is welcome in a hallway to set an inviting environment. You are free to play with colors as the small size of patterns will balance even the boldest shades.

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