Modern home interior design: best trends of 2021

All connoisseurs of a stylish and cozy interior, continually following the new seasons’ trends, are already beginning to ask themselves the question: “What will be the trends of 2021?” In the article below, we will look at the main ones.


One of the most important trends in 2021 is naturalness, environmental friendliness, harmony, and balance of nature and technology.

It is necessary to pay attention to the history of the materials used in the design of the house: how, from what they were made, etc. The quality of the design and its saturation with green, natural colors are becoming more and more important. Plants are also one of the essential elements of the interior. Using other natural materials such as seagrass, bamboo or corn, for example, is an excellent solution for those looking for a “natural” trend.

This 2021 trend will fuel interest in simpler designs, rustic and Scandinavian styles.


The interior space will again be revised, transformed, influenced by the dynamic demands of the modern lifestyle, hobbies and preferences.

There is a growing interest in creating homes that have dedicated work areas integrated into interior design. This is complemented by the creation of new spaces for work and creativity. Thus, one of the popular trends in 2021 is the interior’s complexity, rethinking the house’s space.


Intelligent technology is one of the main parts of the interior. It’s unusual but practical.

Thanks to the development of various applications and technologies, new technologies are actively becoming an integral part of our life – air purification, regulation of its temperatures, etc. Lamps acting as speakers, beds that “push” to turn over when the owner starts to snore, sofas that remember preferences people sitting on them – these and many other technologies are becoming one of the trends of 2021.


“Less is better” – we get rid of unnecessary and voluminous.

Neatness and space-saving in the house are gaining popularity and become one of the coming season trends. You should put things in order and give up what you don’t use – this is the desire to leave only vital things.

Compact prefabricated furniture and two-level spaces – sleeping areas on the mezzanine, are gaining popularity. The new tendency in space organization is designed to save us from unnecessary “trash” to gain space, which is sometimes lacking.


The most crucial thing in any home is coziness and comfort, creating an atmosphere to which one wants to return.

Filling the house with compact and visually attractive furniture – double sofas, armchairs, folding tables, small shelves, etc. will give it coziness, a sense of order and organization. The hammocks that used to be located in the garden are moved into the house, and the benches are covered with soft upholstery, which adds comfort to the kitchen. Also, comfort now includes heated car seats and rooms that can be heated or cooled.

The trend of 2021 is the most comfortable and cozy organization of the house, to which you want to return!

Space and freedom

The rooms flow from one to another, blurring boundaries, and multifunctional furniture is the element of searching for freedom from convention.

Furniture that marks living areas or separates them from each other becomes an essential component of the interior in houses and apartments; these are tables and cabinets that zone the space. Each of the rooms flows smoothly into the other. This does not apply only to the bathroom and the bedroom, which can be connected. Sometimes this effect is achieved by removing wall elements, filling the room with “air”. Huge windows are becoming more popular, optically increasing the space. A mix of individual pieces of furniture, rather than complete collections, will also give a sense of freedom.

An interesting and equally practical trend in 2021 is the creation of a spacious studio apartment.

Colorful life

One of the main tools in the interior is the color palette used in it. Color affects our perception of the room, its assessment. Searching for natural is part of the trend.

Brown color, its shades, and their combination with others are becoming popular, as they create an atmosphere of comfort in the house. The effect of luxury will add the use of shades of dark wood, which will remind connoisseurs of Danish modernism or Art Deco.

Dark colors (from dark green to black) that bring minimalism to the interior are also considered in 2021. The combination of dark colors with lighter, classic ones will add color to the interior with intensive color schemes. Monochrome gradually gives way to patterns.

Creative play with colors is becoming a trend in 2021, thanks to designers’ help, creating certain interior moods that affect the overall perception.


Each decorative element’s interior becomes a self-expression statement that will now also allow it to express itself.

Anything can be a decorative element in such a house, even furniture collection, but individual goods will be preferable. Some wall projections, shelves are used to place objects there. Lamps that can be adapted to any style decorate the room. Paintings, posters, and other images, even mirrors, can become expressive accents for any of the house’s areas, giving the interior a unique feature, the very “zest” of the owner. Tiles, wallpapers, carpets are becoming an equally important element of such an interior. The expressiveness and color that they give to the house allow the owner to express himself.

The manifestation of one’s own “I” in home interior design is becoming an equally interesting and unusual trend in 2021, attracting more and more attention.

Living room 2021

Keep up with the organic retro style. With such decor style, the furniture will also change its shape. Straight lines give way to smooth curves, wavy shapes and soft edges.

Breath freshness into retro style. Yellow, orange and brown colors played with the entire decor. Also, a metallic sheen (bronze, gold, chrome metal elements and details) becomes relevant for decorating the living room in 2021. Such notes hint at the glamor and splendor of the room and its owner.

Also, next year follows another trend – velvet, which dates back to 2018, but is still prevalent. Rounded corners, oblong shapes, a palette of organic materials, shine of metallic elements – velvet goes well with all this.

The main trends in 2021 for the living room are smooth curves, velvet, metallic sheen, and 70s style (yellow, orange, brown).

Bedroom 2021

The choice of bedroom furniture will directly depend on its size:

  • If it is large, it is recommended to purchase a four-poster bed, which has recently become popular.
  • If the room is small, you should choose a hidden or movable platform for the bed, which can act as a storage of any things and folding furniture.

Depending on the size and selected furniture, you can already choose an interior design based on the upcoming season trends discussed above.


As a result, we see that interior design in 2021 will be filled with warm and delicate shades, a rich variety of textures, multifunctional and compact furniture, as well as ecological materials. In the new season, all these trends occupy a leading position..

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