Modern interior doors 2021: trends, designs & styles

Interior doors in a modern interior are not only a functional element that provides the necessary insulation for a room. Today, designers assign them the role of a powerful interior accent, which is designed not only to balance the design of a house or apartment as a whole but also to create a particular contrast or maintain a precise interior rhythm. That is why it is worth paying enough attention when selecting doors for rooms, not dealing with them on a leftover basis.

The fact that all interior doors, if possible, should be of the same design is hardly worth mentioning: this can be considered an axiom rather than a trend. Now you have to take care of other important details, such as material, type of construction, colors, and even hardware. However, the designers have already taken care of everything: we present the interior door trends for 2021, allowing you to make your home even more stylish and harmonious.

Developing the principles of trendy design for interior doors, experts will undoubtedly focus on the latest interior design trends in general – otherwise, it will be tough to achieve harmony. In 2021, the approach has not changed, so creating such structures is based on key modern values – environmental friendliness, comfort, restraint, ergonomics, and moderate creativity. If the topic of door selection is still relevant to you, then you will probably be interested to know about five key trends for 2021.

Very high interior doors

Of course, in the coming season, no one will completely abandon doors with standard dimensions. However, the designers nevertheless offered a stylish and genuinely non-trivial solution – a door leaf of significant height, ideally under the ceiling. Such a design may seem strange and disharmonious only at first glance: in fact, it is capable of solving fundamental problems:

  • visually increase the height of the room;
  • reduce the risk for tall people to hit the top bar with their head;
  • create a stylish accent in combination with the texture of the walls.

High doors are perfect for a loft and modern minimalism: solid wood doors under the ceiling will look incredibly expressive next to a brick or concrete wall.

Crittall style

In the quest for open spaces, the imagination of designers knows no bounds. Under the influence of such ideas, Crittall was developed – interior partitions made of glass and steel, successfully combining the functions of walls and doors at the same time. Thanks to them, the rooms retain the feeling of airiness and volumetric space, even when they are isolated by the structure itself, which makes them a stunning find for modern laconic interiors such as loft, minimalism, and hi-tech.

Authentic Crittall partitions are built on a steel frame made of hand-welded elements. Various glasses can be used for filling – tempered, matte, tinted, reinforced, mirrored, and even patterned. The choice of mechanisms is also possible: manufacturers offer swing, sliding, folding, and telescopic doors.

Sliding and pivot doors

Sliding glass doors from a single sheet without lathing are one of the most striking trends of 2021. Such designs look elegant, and therefore they are recommended to be used not only for large but also for small rooms since they do not hide the space and allow more natural light to enter.

Pivot doors are an example of ergonomics. Due to the door’s ability to rotate around its axis 360 degrees, there is no need to think about which way it should open without creating inconvenience. This solution is suitable for rooms of any size, and a variety of design options will provide the interior with the necessary completeness.

And some more Jali

When the door looks like a real work of art, there is no doubt that we are talking about constructions in the so-called Jali style. This is what is called woodcarving, which turns the door into exquisite lace. It can be filled with glass elements or even do without them at all. In any case, such a design has become a real boon for connoisseurs of oriental culture, fashionable eclecticism, and boho style.

Wood and nothing but wood

Taking inspiration from all-glass doors and partitions, the designers have not forgotten about this natural material, which will hardly ever lose its relevance. In 2021, trendsetters insist on the active use of wooden structures and suggest focusing on the following fashionable solutions:

  • doors decorated with 3D carving;
  • doors with a natural geometric pattern on an open wood surface;
  • even and smooth surfaces in the color of the walls;
  • doors painted in monochrome without glasses and hardware with a traditional design.

When choosing a color for an interior door, it is necessary to solve two problems at once – the structure’s compatibility with the wall’s shade and its consistency concerning the room’s interior.

The designers offer two simple options for those who do not like interior experiments or do not have enough time for them – choose doors in completely neutral colors or find a structure precisely in the wall’s color. A cream, gray, or light brown door will fit absolutely into any palette without creating any dissonance in the first case. In the second, you get the effect of the so-called “invisible” doors, which look incredibly stylish, especially if the option you have chosen pleases with a modern and sophisticated design. If you are still interested in fashionable variety, we suggest choosing from three groups of shades, determined by interior experts.

Pastel shades

Such a palette for doors provides a beautiful opportunity to create a bright and calm space. Suitable for both modern interiors and French country and neoclassicism. If you are not sure if you can decide on a color, the trendy Behr palette comes to the rescue again, offering the following options:

  • pale almond;
  • light pink;
  • matte golden;
  • pale blue-green;
  • faded blue.

Saturated shades

The perfect solution for interior doors in modern interiors. Such designs will add brightness and life to any room’s design – from the living room to the nursery. In any case, a very important condition must be observed: the door’s shade must match the color spectrum of the tone in which the wall is painted. In other words, warm to warm, cold to cold will avoid rough and irrelevant contrasts. As for the color itself, take a look at the following options:

  • saffron;
  • fuchsia;
  • bright brown (Kalahari Sunset);
  • Caribbean blue;
  • emerald.

Dark tones

Deep and noble dark shades of interior doors will create a moderately elegant yet stylish atmosphere – especially in contrast to light walls. To achieve the desired effect, try to avoid elements with glossy surfaces and focus on solutions that are relevant today:

  • blue midnight;
  • dark asphalt;
  • gray green;
  • dark gray wood;
  • mocha.

Choosing interior doors, you should not relax: hardware is next. The handles and hinges help give the structure a complete look in the desired style – and their competent selection will provide the interior with the very thoughtfulness and attention to detail that distinguishes a truly impeccable design. If you still strive for such perfection, pay attention to the following types of accessories that are relevant in 2021:

  • graphite nickel (gunmetal) – elegant, natural, and at the same time unusually austere;
  • long outstretched handle – the longer, the better;
  • Hampton style handles – rounded with a vintage nib;
  • double-textured handles – for example, brushed nickel with chrome;
  • exquisite plating – brass, bronze, vintage pewter, and gilding.

Obviously, in the design of the interior doors in 2021, non-trivial decor, a stylish mix of materials, and the most comfortable dimensions come to the fore. Focusing on current trends and enjoying the choice, you will indeed find designs that can become the perfect final chord in your interior.

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