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Modern kitchen: Design and decoration

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The modern style appeared at the end of the 19th century and reached its peak at the beginning of the 20th century. It owes its appearance to the historical events of the time when technology and the transition to mass production have greatly advanced. This style has become incredibly popular and in demand, its application has become ubiquitous and many areas, from art to advertising, have been infused with this pretentious original style. But interest in him faded as quickly as it appeared. As a style of architecture, painting and interior, the modern style began to fade during the First World War. The reason was the technically complex and costly manufacture of the necessary interior elements. The variety of interpretations has created some confusion in determining the characteristics of the style. Today, the modern style is far from its original embodiment, while retaining some of the distinctive features of the original, especially in the interior of the modern kitchen.

So let’s decide what distinguishes the interior of the kitchen in a modern style:

  • geometric shapes next to gentle curves;
  • smooth and shiny surfaces;
  • bright color combinations;
  • functionality above all;
  • the abundance of modern household appliances and various gadgets;
  • minimum quantity of textiles;
  • avoid excessive decorations and additional accessories.

Modern is ideal for small kitchens – due to the abundance of shiny surfaces, the effect of space expansion is achieved. Minimalist textures and bold geometric shapes, neutral colors as well as polished finishes and asymmetries are the key identifiers of modern style.

Shapes and Materials

Thus, the first sign of modern cuisine that comes to mind is that of soft and curved shapes and asymmetrical lines. A regular corner kitchen can take smooth shapes if the corner is rounded, and it can be rounded “in” or “out” so that the corner drawers can suddenly become rounded. Such contours are perfect for small rooms.

If we are talking about texture, the surfaces should be smooth and shiny – for this purpose, when decorating the facade, for example, enamel, acrylic, film or varnish are used.

In the modern style, it is possible to use many materials, including wood and plastic. Some designers use natural wood as an organic contrast against a background of shapes and artificial materials.

Bright metal, like stainless steel, is one of the characteristics of modernity. Metal can be used for anything from a chandelier to the legs of a chair.

Modern interior designers also use glass and plastic to create smooth and even surfaces.

The floor can be covered with linoleum, laminate, ceramic tiles, the loose floor will also be spectacular. The high cost of the materials used is not the main objective (although initially, including the style, it was different), because the emphasis is on functionality.

Range of colors

The main colors of modern kitchen are soft shades. Often smoky gray, ashy, gray-blue, light brown colors dominate here. However, you should not get bored in such a kitchen, because such calm colors brighten up brightly colored areas – red, green, blue (preferably natural shades inspired by nature). These cheerful colors are generally used on wallpaper or curtains, but modern, as a style aimed at re-reading old classics, does not dictate clear instructions to us. A combination of calm and bright colors is therefore quite possible in the kitchen. Of course, white kitchen is the most spectacular, but to avoid excessive “sterility”, it is better to dilute the white with other colors. Often when designing a modern kitchen, furniture fronts are made in several colors. In this case, the colors are specially selected in contrasting colors or shades according to the color schemes adopted in the interior design, and sometimes two different bright colors are even acceptable, and the bar counter is made in the third color. In this case, it is better to involve professionals in the selection of colors or to use proven color schemes.

Lighting – An important interior detail

Initially, they tried to dim the interior lighting to create an atmosphere of comfort and romance. Today, preferences have changed. Ceiling lights will not be the only source of lighting, as the design of the kitchen in the modern style is different, including good lighting. Therefore, point lighting will be a great choice, then soft light will evenly flood your entire kitchen. Chandeliers and other sources of lighting do not tolerate pretension and are not ornate, so the shape of all fixtures must be strict and geometrically correct. You will find below photos of luminaires adapted to this style.

Furniture for modern kitchen

A characteristic feature of modern kitchen is its unloaded interior and its functionality. Here there are no fundamentality as is accepted in the classic, and, at the same time, there is no neglect inherent in the style of Country and Shabby chic. Tables and chairs – simple and strict shapes, without “flashy” details. The plastic chairs here are surprisingly harmonious.

Furniture can be white or, on the contrary, shiny – this is unprincipled. Kitchen utensils are mainly plastic and MDF and, as mentioned above, they have shiny surfaces. As for the handles of the facades, they are often missing and to open the drawers, just click on the door. However, the hidden handles are not the most practical part, which is particularly pronounced on shiny surfaces, because on the facades, it is always necessary to erase the fingerprints.

As for a kitchen backsplash, it is often made of plastic or glass and in the same colors as the counter.

An backsplash can also be one of the main accessories, contrasting with the counter.

It is also allowed to insert frosted or transparent glasses in the facades. At the same time, they always remain in a direct form, without drawing or stencil. If you are trying to keep up with progress, keep in mind that such a kitchen can be filled with all kinds of technical innovations and useful gadgets – it only strengthens its appearance.

Decor – discreet and elegant

Modern style does not tolerate excessive decorations and accessories. The decor is applicable, but it only discreetly complements the kitchen; it is desirable that it reflects its “modernity” and its asceticism. In the photos we have selected, you can just find something similar. The following decor is suitable for modern kitchen: a modern clock, beautiful vases of simple shapes or dishes of geometric shapes and colors bright. But, of course, the white dishes will look harmonious, because modern cuisine is on the side of the simplicity of shapes and colors. In this case, it will be nice if the frosted glass in the kitchen is in harmony with the frosted glass vases. Fruit and vegetable dishes are also used. Textiles are rarely present in modern kitchen, but you cannot do without the little things necessary: towels, backsplash, potholders, etc., of course, can be made from textiles. Instead of a tablecloth, it’s best to pay attention to the generic napkins.

The modern kitchen consists of clean lines and focuses mainly on functionality and avoids the abundance of decorative elements that we see in many other styles. Some people think that Modern is too simple, hard and cold, but when it is well planned and thought out, it can bring a feeling of calm and harmony to your kitchen.

Ideas for a modern kitchen

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