Modern laundry room: 2022 design trends and ideas

Design trends and the latest technologies in the field of home improvement are aimed at creating a functional space, which, according to experts, should be smart, comfortable, and stylish.

If you’ve dreamed of creating a laundry room for a long time, then it’s time to get started with the design trends of 2022. Routine washing of clothes in a creatively equipped place with the technological filling will become an exciting experience.

The creation of a laundry room is aimed at a harmonious combination of order and thoughtful design, which should become the basis of elegant rationality and space functionality. Check out the top five trends in the furniture and decor industry to help you create the laundry room you’ve dreamed of.

Smart design solutions

The top trend in 2022. Technology becomes an integral attribute of all laundry area equipment. This trend will maintain its leading position for a long time, with the further penetration of high technologies into residential buildings.

Touch systems help to manage the settings of household appliances. Automatic control of processes guarantees the safety of delicate things, cleanliness. The software allows you to receive recommendations on the washing mode depending on the degree of soiling, color characteristics, fabric quality and set up the completion of the process at a convenient time. If you start the process without considering the smart machine’s advice, the technical device itself will warn you about possible difficulties and ways to eliminate them.

The laundry room’s maximum performance is achieved with the minimum dimensions of the washing and drying units. 

Functionality in the first place

Trending furniture collections of laundries are thought out to the smallest detail. All of them are imbued with the desire for minimalism, simple lines, laconic forms. Modular storage systems, spacious convertible cabinets are equipped with retractable, folding elements, convenient storage elements, and hanging storage. The ironing board’s rational placement, which takes up a lot of space in everyday practice, is not easy to replace. Furniture structures can be folded, pulled out, serve several purposes, and integrated into the smart home system.

You can quickly put linen baskets, various detergents, household chemicals, and even washing machines into multifunctional boxes. In a small laundry room, you will be safe, thanks to the furniture’s rounded corners.

Eco solutions to add naturalness

The lack of communication between a modern man and wildlife gives rise to a tendency to include naturalness – “pristine” in creating an interior using a selection of materials, colors, and textures. You can achieve a comfortable interior and feel of the natural environment if you include in your home laundry:

  • wooden furniture or wood imitation;
  • elements from natural stone;
  • multi-level lighting system;
  • floral designs on cabinet fronts, textiles, laundry baskets, etc.
  • decorative details from bamboo, willow, rattan.

The desire for environmental friendliness is expressed by the use of elements of stone, wood, and concrete with minimal processing. An important detail is the accentuated natural imperfection – this is more an advantage than a disadvantage.

Use of antibacterial materials

A global pandemic has affected the selection of finishing materials, especially in rooms where there is a place for sanitary and hygienic processes.

In a wide range of products for laundries, choose products from tempered glass, stone, metal on the surfaces of which viruses do not linger for a long time. Get rid of inexpensive plastic items; thus, your laundry is free from bacterial accumulation risks and possible infection.

Interior personalization

You do not need to adhere to a particular style, rigid framework, but best of all, start from your own needs, preferences. Designers are working on capsule collections, creating collaborations for the implementation of individual orders. Even mass production is subject to individualization through the introduction of constructive and design changes.

Try personalizing your environment:

  • change the arrangement of storage modules – instead of standard solutions, add individual ones;
  • adjust the levels of drawers, shelves for your height or family members, take into account the dimensions of the items placed on the shelves;
  • come up with funny signatures for storage systems, put pictures or photographs, you will immediately see how the interior will become unique, “your own” in essence.

Fashionable shades are becoming more complex, including combinations associated with landscape paintings, specific sensations, and positive states. While their own palette characterizes classic interior styles, modern eclecticism allows for hybridity.

In the new season, designers are paying attention to several color schemes that will be at the peak of popularity:

  • light gray-blue. The trendy shade conveys a feeling of calmness, purity, perfectly combines with the color of wood and metal, and harmoniously fits in combination with beige, green tones. Bleached blue is suitable for both interior decoration and laundry room furniture;
  • mint green. An alternative to pure white tone that evokes a sense of harmony, order. In combination with sandy terracotta shades, it will add warmth to the room; paired with a smoky, gray-blue color, it will fill the space with coolness;
  • light mustard. The shade is perfectly combined with appliances’ glossy surface – washing, drying machine, metal elements. The combination of mustard tone with the color of bitter chocolate, dark mouse, fallen snow brings notes of sophistication to the household premises;
  • black and white with silver. The contrast between white furniture and black appliances will give the laundry a bit of glamor. Silver-gray metal handles, finishing elements support the stylish range of the interior.

Whichever palette you choose, do not overdo it with a shade of gray. The abundance of steel color will give the laundry an industrial look, and it will overwhelm your good mood.

The laundry flooring choice is based on the material’s practicality—basic requirements: strength, moisture resistance, easy-care, non-slip surface.

The best design solutions for laundry are:

  • stone floor;
  • ceramic or vinyl tiles;
  • vinyl flooring.

The disadvantages of the ceramic flooring include the possibility of slipping when spilled and the noise level. The use of noise-absorbing pads when installing washing units will correct the situation.

Flooring trends include material combinations to create stable and protected work areas. The use of special gel mats and rugs allows you to show a design approach and ensure stability and safety during washing and other household work.

You will be satisfied with the laundry’s design if, in the end, the routine occupation takes a little time, evokes positive emotions from order and harmony in every corner.

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