Modern living room: design and interior decoration

The living room is the most important room of any house. The design of the living room is one of the most important moments in the layout of the living space of an apartment or house, as it is usually the design of the living room that sets the tone for the decoration and the design of the other rooms.

The modern design of the living room can be very different. Whether you choose a high-tech style or prefer a discreet design in a classic and minimalist style, the bottom line is that the lounge design embodies your sense of comfort and conviviality, offering pleasant moments of relaxation and rest.

In our article, we will not only explain the main moments of the creation of an apartment that may affect the design of the living room, but we will also show you a set of interior decorating options very successful for this room, that you can take into account when creating your chic modern living room.

Modern living room design: how to properly decorate the living room

The design of the living room, like of any other room in the house has its own functional purpose.

In this case, the functional purpose of the lounge is to be a resting place, a place where guests can be invited, a place that can serve as a dining room, office, etc.

The multi functionality of the main room of the house requires that the design of the living to be universal, practical and at the same time non-stereotyped. It must combine everything that will make you feel comfortable, relax, work or spend time with your guests, friends and relatives.

By creating the living room design of your modern home, try to make the interior unique. Such a living room design will make your room memorable for guests and, because of its unusual character, will please you for a long time.

Materials and textiles

Style does not dictate rigid canons, and the living room itself does not require such a specific approach, such as a kitchen or an entrance hall. Wood and laminate, stone and tiles and wallpaper – any traditional or innovative materials will be appropriate.

Floor finish

Laminate with medium wear resistance is ideal for flooring – for ordinary living rooms. It can completely mimic any type and texture of real wood, but at the same time, it is incomparably less finicky in installation and maintenance. And if you plan to turn on the floor heating or if you are not afraid of cold coverings, take a look at the tiles, porcelain stoneware and loose floors.

Wall decoration

The classics of modern interiors are bare walls painted in one neutral color. This solution is very convenient and functional: any stain in the future can be painted over, and cosmetic repairs require less investment. But complex textured coatings, such as relief plaster or lining, are almost never used.

Ceiling design

The advantages of suspended ceilings perfectly match the specifics of a modern style. They are easy to install, laconic look, unpretentious in care and multi functional. One level is enough to hide bumps, communications and the lighting system.


Nowadays the rooms are not too full of textiles. Are used simple fabrics for decoration, minimalist or rolled Roman curtains. If you need complete isolation – is better to use dense velvet curtains or in a dark color.

Furniture selection

Actual fashionable furniture is as concise as all other elements. If you want to embellish simple shapes and smooth surfaces, choose expensive materials or unusual shades. And separately pay attention to practical and multi functional fittings – handles, latches, wheels, hidden loops.


Modern interiors gravitate towards an island layout, so a large corner sofa will be very handy. To visually lighten the design, releases the atmosphere, too massive sofa and elaborate textured upholstery will make a stuffy room. Pay attention to small, minimalist sofas and one or two armchairs.


Wardrobes are not frequent furniture of modern living rooms, as are chests of drawers and other classic bulky furniture. But if you can not do without it, pay attention to the built-in model. The best way is to chose such a wardrobe to be placed in a niche.

Coffee table

Instead of a massive and bulky countertop, choose a light one with a thin frame and glass. Coffee tables made of several modules are very convenient, which can be composed together or used separately. In addition to rectangular ones, pay attention also to round ones – they look better and take up less space.

TV Zone Design

In modern interiors, unlike classics, the new brand plasma easily fits. It is not necessary to hide it in niches or in the cabinets. Hang the TV on the wall, like a picture, and from different sides complement it with laconic asymmetric straight shelves.

Use sophisticated swivel brackets if you plan to watch TV from different angles of the room. And you can put the screen on a long, low pedestal of several modules and compartments.


Each area of ​​the modern living room needs its own separate lighting. Such a distribution is both a functional and decorative device. And do not save on regulators to change the intensity and brightness according to the situation.

Chandelier and fixtures

Instead of a bulky central chandelier in the middle of the room, install a series of spotlights around the perimeter. They hide in stretch ceilings or drywall and give much more uniform lighting. Find interesting floor lamps and table lamps for your workplace or relaxation area – for example, fancy metal ones.

Living room design depending on the size of the room

Depending on whether your living room is small or large, the interior features of this living space are determined.

Large modern living room

Of course, it’s great when the living room is big, so you can afford to design it in different styles.

Baroque, Provence and Classic will look great in a large space. The design of the living room in a modern style, the high-tech lounge, the loft, the neoclassical inside, etc. will not be less classy.

Small modern living room

In the case where the living room is small, you must choose the design of the living room in the style of minimalism. If you want to try the design of the living room in a different style, use transforming furniture, frame less furniture that will be easy to hide or move if necessary, practical walls and space-saving brackets on which you can place everything you need.

The design of a small living room should not be spoiled by an excessive amount of decorative elements that visually reduce your space.

To enlarge the living room, we often combine the living room and the balcony (loggia), the living room and the kitchen, the living room and the office. In this way, you can not only increase the size of the living room, but also make the living room design very interesting and unusual.

The design of the small living room will be successful, if you choose the simplicity and concision in the choice of colors, prefer bright ceilings and lots of light, buy decorative elements such as mirrors, light sheer curtains, furniture with transparent showcases.

Living room + dining room in modern style

If your living room is multi functional, we advise you to zone the space. This can be done using furniture, drywall constructions, various wall decorations, for example, using photo wallpaper, textured plaster, etc.

Zoning the space is also possible with the help of lighting. The modern living room of different styles will be very advantageous if you use several lighting options for the room, for example a large chandelier, street lamps, lamps, table lamps, lamps in plasterboard constructions, etc.

Modern living room color schemes

The design of the living room is determined by the color scheme of the project. There are no special rules for choosing color solutions for the interior of a modern living room. The main thing is that the colors you like are combined with each other, that they are not too numerous, that the colors correspond to the style.

Which color is best to design a living room, can only determine the owners of the apartment or house, as they will spend the most time in the living room.

Beige modern living room

If you gravitate to more classical solutions, feel free to take all the variations of beige, cream or ivory. Such shades are combined with laconic wooden furniture, with leather sofas, glass and even chrome.

Gray modern living room

Gray color – a flexible color which can be used in any room of your house. The living room is the perfect place to experiment the shades of gray: from white to metallic steel, dark graphite or warm taupe. Gray effectively emphasizes the colorful accents, allowing them to play in a completely new way.

Black and white modern living room

If you are lucky with a large, spacious and bright living room, the black color will make it very stylish and noble. Just be sure to dilute it with white accents and take care of multi-level lighting. In modern style, glossy, matte, satin, and complex relief textures are good to use.

White modern living room

White combines space and allows you to combine several different zones without violating harmony. This is the best and win-win option for rooms that combine several functions. A white living room is very easy to update or refresh: just change the textiles, accents and decor.

Green modern living room

Green is the color of freshness, lightness and nature, which at the same time invigorates and relaxes. Pistachio color or all green shades will fit in bright modern living rooms. Also you may use emerald, malachite and khaki shades as well. Green and white looks very light and airy, with gray – stylish and restrained, and with beige and brown shades – natural and organic.

Red modern living room

Red, in the traditional perception, is not the color that you want to use in the interior. Not everyone dares to create a red interior of the living room. At the same time, red, like no other color, is able to bring positive and holiday into the house. The energy of red requires a moderate and balanced introduction to the interior of the room.

The living room in red should not be loaded only with red objects, an overabundance of color, instead of a joyful mood, will create an oppressive impression.

Blue modern living room

Blue is an intermediate color between blue and white. This is a cold, calm, elegant color scheme, which has more than a hundred different shades – from very light to very saturated. The interior design of the living room in blue tones can be simple or luxurious, sparkle with precious stones or have a simple finish.

Dusty pink modern living room

Pink is a combination of red and white, an alliance of purity and passion. Warmth, attraction, tender fervor come to mind when it is about pink color. But the pink tone also has completely different, reverse sides with opposite characteristics, depending on the addition of a particular shade.

Moreover, with the color trends, the pink fad has gained popularity, expressing a lot of calmness and comfort.

Various modern living room design styles

Interior design is a business card of each owner. That is why it is so important for everyone that their own housing is transformed with a piece of themselves, their imagination. The living room interior in a modern style has such characteristic features as:

  • Geometric shapes
  • Clear structures
  • A lot of free space
  • Items as functional as possible
  • The colors are bright and fresh
  • A variety of textures
  • The most modern technologies are used

Each feature mentioned above is more or less the detail that defines the interior design in different styles. Some styles will be mentioned below.

Scandinavian style

Luxury and wealth were never present in such style. The accent is on  cosiness and warmth for such a style. It should be simple. This is exactly what will be the most attractive here. The decor is quite calm, thanks to this it is cozy in the house and there is nothing superfluous.

Find more about the modern living room in Scandinavian style.

Industrial and Loft style

Loft and industrial involves various options for open spaces. Such style is achieved through planning, even if the premises are very small. This trend is from America, where various institutions, such as factories were converted into residential premises.

Find more about the modern living room in Loft style.

Minimalist style

Since the eighties, people began to strive for simplicity. Just at that moment, the most popular minimalism began to change postmodernism. Among its main factors, the geometry of the forms and the minimum number of parts stand out. Yes, accessories can also be used, but they should be minimalistic, that is, necessarily in geometric shapes. From photos you can immediately notice that a rather considerable role is played by a sufficient amount of free space. The room should not be heavier, cluttering, should not be furnished with various chairs and armchairs, cabinets and other things. Chairs have simple shapes, naturally they will be without backs and any decorative elements. 

Find more about the modern living room in minmalist style.

Neoclassic style

In neoclassicism, traditional proportions are used in interior decoration, calm shades are used, as well as fresh, modern notes. Refinement can be achieved thanks to gilded stained-glass windows, arched mirrors, flower garlands. To make the flooring, choose noble wood. If you choose cheaper versions of the material for floors, the majesty and the superiority of style very quickly become faded and lose its appearance. 

High-tech style

Based on the name itself, it can be judged that the style is aimed at the modernity of technologies used in creating unique interiors. The basis of this style is an open demonstration of the elements of constructivism. Accordingly, today we can see what was previously hiding from the eyes, so that it is visible and noticeable how much time is progressing and moving forward. It includes a living room in a modern style with modular furniture. These are the options that will become the best among the possible. Elements can be rotated, and they can be produced from metal tubes, various parts are made of stainless steel, etc.

Find more about the modern living room in high-tech style.

Other ideas of modern living room decoration

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