Modern living room wallpaper trends & ideas: timeless colors, patterns, and designs

Whether you go with a minimalist style or opt for a bold approach when it comes to the interior design of your living room, the picture is not complete without an appropriate background. The variety of styles offer you an array of possibilities in this sense. Nevertheless, every year comes with new variations you should consider for a trendy effect. 

We would like to provide you with the latest ideas for modern living room wallpaper that will keep you in pace with the newest trends in 2022 and the years to come. The current tendencies promise the integration of nature-inspired elements, neutral and bold colors, simple patterns, and eclectic combinations to meet any expectation. We will tackle the essentials to be considered in this sense, revealing to you the secrets for perfect living room wallpaper. Take a look at the list provided by us and get inspired!

Reconnection with nature

The trend that gains more popularity in 2022 and promises to keep in touch for the following seasons is the one that emphasizes the beauty of nature. There is no easier way of integrating this approach to wallpaper than referring to nature-inspired shades to refresh the environment and offer the living room a comfy feeling.

In this sense, consider the following options:

  • Earthy tones, such as earthy greens that will be at the top for a long time due to their defining feature of bringing the outdoors inside the house and setting a calm environment;
  • Gray-green to emphasize the harmony in nature and bring it in your living room;
  • Positive yellow. Although it had been considered too overwhelming for a long time, yellow now penetrates interior design in the finest way. Particularly calming shades are welcome in the living room for a warm atmosphere;
  • Almost black. To be more clear, we refer to a deep aubergine. Black does not stop to impress us with its luxurious effect. Nevertheless, a modern living room requires new approaches. This is why the latest trends suggest considering various dark shades, where aubergine is perfect;
  • Bold chartreuse. Quite an impressive combination of green and yellow, almost an exotic vibe. It may seem overwhelming, but its appropriate use can serve as a great opportunity of setting a joyful environment;
  • Calm neutrals. We cannot speak about color trends and skip neutral colors, particularly the soft ones that refer to natural elements and bring calmness into the room.

Throwback to the Victorian era

What once was a set as a classic will always be a classic. The same goes with the vintage style that will never cease to impress us with its perfect combination of old values within modern settings.

When it comes to wallpaper, opt for soothing colors and floral motifs. This perfect pairing will offer your walls a blooming effect and enrich the room with vibrance. For better integration, consider connecting particular colors with room elements of a similar color.

Retro approach for a comfy effect

At some point, all of us are familiar with the mid-century style, the nostalgic and comforting vintage that keeps on staying up-to-date. Besides the effect that it bears, its bold features enrich the room with new splashes of colors and offer it texture.

In this sense, consider bold colors and various patterns to bring vibrance to your living room and make it sparkle in a new way. The dynamic effect of such wallpaper will install positivity in the room and break the rules of a simple design in a stylish way.

An escape into the nature

The past months have shown us the importance of spending time outdoors. Therefore, the latest trends suggest a natural approach to interior design elements. A perfect way of integrating nature into the living room is by opting for nature-inspired watercolor patterns for wallpaper. Besides the refreshing effect, it will serve as a perfect point of interest at moments when you want to escape the routine.

The soothing colors and delicate patterns of plants or other elements inspired by nature will perfectly combine to offer your room the desired peaceful environment and make every stay in the living room feel like an escape into nature.

Make a statement with murals

The large variety of patterns in this sense will always keep murals in trend. Particularly when it comes to the living room, you can go as bold as you want and pick a wallpaper of this kind to make a statement. From exotic patterns to architectural elements, enrich your room with a new point of interest and add texture.

It should be noted that neutral colors are to be considered in this sense since the patterns themselves are bold. Thus, the balanced use of shades will keep the wallpaper within limits and avoid a possible overwhelming effect.

Toile wallpaper to add texture

Known as Toile de Jouy, this wallpaper implies the depiction of particular scenes, such as pastoral settings, specific countries, or oriental motifs. Now, this trend comes with new variations and promises to stay up-to-date due to a variety of patterns you can opt for.

Considering the particular effect, choose a design that works best for you, such as elements of a particular culture, exotic scenes, or floral motifs. The wallpaper itself will take care of the rest since its unique design will add texture to your room and fill it with a new splash of colors.

Go beyond the boundaries

The latest trends suggest you go beyond the limits with the wallpaper design. Do you wonder how this is possible? The answer is simpler than you thought. Consider textured wallpaper, and what we mean by texture is not an extension of wallpaper but rather a play with imagination.

Opt for wallpaper that improvises particular materials, such as stone, bricks and offer your room a raw effect. The latter is known to balance the contrasts and adapt your living room to contemporary standards.

Keep it stylish with geometric forms

Easy to play with, simple to combine with various colors, geometric forms do not cease to impress us with their effect upon the environment. From the smallest shapes to larger patterns, they enrich the living room with color and texture. Particularly popular lately, wallpaper that inspires itself from geometry promises to stay up-to-date for the seasons to come.

In this sense, we suggest you stick to smaller repetitive patterns to add volume to your room at the necessary level and keep it balanced. It should be noted that the larger the shapes are, the more overwhelming the environment will appear. When it comes to color, you can opt for any shades you want, although not for the bold ones, since the geometric forms themselves are enough to make a statement.

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