Mirror trends 2021: modern designs for a stylish interior
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Mirror trends 2021: modern designs for a stylish interior

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You can love mirrors. You can be indifferent to mirrors. However, the obvious cannot be denied in both cases: today, this accessory remains an essential element of a harmonious interior. To zone a room or visually expand the space, add light or shine, create a stylish finishing accent – a mirror can easily cope with any of these tasks.

Simultaneously, designers are recommending again to take shape and frames of mirrors extremely seriously in 2021. In the coming season, they topped the must-have interior accessories list, which means a leading role in the decor. Take a closer look at what you already have: you may not be able to get by with them anymore – if you want to add a fashionable touch to your interior, of course. We bring the top 5 trends for mirrors to your attention, which will allow you to find the most stylish accessory of the next year easily.

In the circle of style

How it happened is unknown, but the fact remains: on the eve of 2021, designers are obsessed with round mirrors. It would seem that today when brands only have time to offer silhouettes for every taste, the return to tradition seems charmingly old-fashioned. However, everything is much more interesting: interior specialists offer not just round mirrors but also models with a suspension on a leather belt.

Hanging or so-called captain’s mirrors were developed in the 50s of the last century by designer Jacques Adnet for decorating the Hermes fashion house’s interiors. Gradually, exclusivity was reborn into a trend, and the accessory became an ultra-fashionable attribute of the Art Deco and modern styles. 2021 is a time of revision of trends from the past, and therefore hanging mirrors have successfully returned to contemporary interiors.

A unique charm to such an accessory is given by the ability to adapt it to interiors that are relevant today – such a variety can be achieved by changing the material of the suspension:

  • leather belt – for modern, minimalism, eclecticism, loft;
  • chains – for vintage and retro;
  • a thread of large beads – for art deco;
  • rope – for Scandinavian and nautical style.

Oversize mirrors

Large mirrors have never gone out of style. However, the designers here showed that there is no limit to perfection and offered not just large but downright huge mirrors according to the principle “the more, the better”. This decision seems excessive only at first glance: in fact, it is a great way to visually enlarge the space or equip an accented wall in just a minute.

To avoid imbalance and achieve the required perfection, it is essential to observe two conditions when choosing a mirror. First, you will have to find a strictly round mirror. And secondly: everything that surrounds the accessory should be extremely simple or with a natural texture. Designers allow the following combinations:

  • walls made of polished concrete or painted with light paint;
  • laconic wooden furniture in Scandinavian or rustic style;
  • small metal shelves and consoles;
  • minimalistic ceiling lamps.

Unusual solutions

Apparently, 2021 will not be without experimentation and surprises in mirror design. We have already talked about the stylish mix many times as the key principle of the interior for the next year. If you really want to add a spectacular detail, you should look at the unusual accessories. Moreover, interior experts have already given free rein to their imagination and offer absolutely stunning options:

  • square mirrors in a frame of polished tree branches;
  • mirrored glasses mounted in tennis or badminton rackets;
  • accessories in wide frames of mosaic tiles – perhaps DIY;
  • mirrors in the form of animal figures;
  • mirrors that turn into mirrored shelves.

Panels and collages

It’s no secret that mirrors in the interior do not have to be used alone. On the contrary, you can make voluminous and incredibly stylish compositions from mirror elements that can become a real decoration of your interior. Today you can show your imagination and boldly combine accessories of various shapes or sizes – but if you are not sure of your own taste, then you can easily use existing ready-made solutions:

  • mirrored 3D panels – one of the sensational innovations of the fall of 2020;
  • compositions of rhomboid beveled mirrors;
  • combinations of small mirrors of various shapes – round, hexagonal, abstract;
  • a variety of several identical mirrors on one wall – in a line or in the form of an intricate collage.

Breath of Venice

When discussing décor trends for 2021, it would be wrong not to mention the legendary Venetian mirrors. Accessories with elaborate, voluminous frames have been popular for centuries and are still used as luxurious, expressive accents. Today, such products look very organic not only in art deco bedrooms and classic living rooms – but also in rooms decorated in the most modern, even laconic styles. Today experts recommend taking a closer look at the following options:

  • flattened exquisite silver-colored frames;
  • strict geometric shapes – primarily a rectangle and an octagon;
  • frames with floral motives;
  • crisp geometric patterns – including the Greek meander.

When choosing a mirror, do not forget that things with a reflective surface can both positively and negatively affect the feeling of space as a whole. If you are not sure that you have chosen the right accessory, do not rush: it is better to take and evaluate how it looks in your interior. The more attention you pay to the decor, the more pleasant and harmonious you will feel at home – and this also applies to mirrors.