Nursery and kids room design trends 2021

Decorating a children’s room is a fascinating process, but at the same time, it provides parents with a lot of minutes for painful thoughts. We always want to give our children the best, but the variety of solutions, materials, and furniture always makes us doubt and look for the best instead of the good. Today, designers have revised their views on nurseries and kids’ rooms. They now offer trends that allow them to create an interior in which the child not only feels comfortable but also grows up in a healthy atmosphere – and, of course, can proudly invite friends. We also offer you to evaluate the trends in designing the essential premises in an apartment or house, proposed by designers in 2021.

Kids room zoning: basic principles

The children’s room should be multifunctional – this is understandable even for those far from interior design in principle. The child perceives his room as an absolutely personal space, his inseparable property. Therefore it must be organized so that he can stay in it with maximum comfort, finding opportunities for relaxation, games, and activities.

Previously, zoning for kids room was a somewhat arbitrary concept: furniture sets with a bed on the second tier and a desk on the first, or setting the table on any free area, may have provided the necessary ergonomics, but at the same time deprived the room of harmony and balance, which are so crucial for children’s perception. This year, the approach to the layout of a children’s room has changed radically: designers insist on a clear identification of three main areas:

  • Rest zone. Implies peaceful rest and sleep. As a rule, a bed with a bedside table is installed in it, a stylish table lamp is placed, or a charming sconce is hung. Correctly selected decor – beautiful pillows, rugs, drawings, and posters on the walls – disposes to complete relaxation and a feeling of safety.
  • Play area. Here, the child can not only spend time with his favorite toys but also communicate with friends and engage in any hobbies. It is the place for games that occupies most of the room, and it designers propose to arrange it in a particular way: lay a large low-pile carpet, put a couple of bean bag chairs or soft poufs, and if the owner of the room is already a schoolboy, the podium will be an excellent solution.
  • Workspace. The window usually determines the place for lessons and studies. At the same time, it is necessary to take care of both a comfortable table and a complete set of functional furniture. If everything that the child needs is at hand in the process of work, and he does not need to reach out and get up again, everything is done correctly.

It is absolutely not necessary to decorate all functional areas in the same style. By choosing for each its own color scheme and decor, you can make the interior more interesting and varied.

The times when the principle “blue for a boy’s room, pink for a girl’s room” was strictly followed are long gone. The modern palette for the rooms of toddlers, schoolchildren, and adolescents significantly practically does not imply gender differences and includes the following colors:

  • White. A fantastic option for a nursery for a newborn who, like no one else, needs a comfortable visual environment. At the same time, you should avoid unnecessarily clean and harsh color gradations, preferring muted variations – smoky, cotton, and watercolor white.
  • Pearl gray and pale gray. One of the most fashionable shades for children’s rooms does not at all look dull and boring, as many believe: on the contrary, their calmness and subtle play create a soft glow and help the child relax after a busy day. In addition, the walls painted in this color are ideal for adding more deep shades, creating a stylish setting.
  • Dusty rose. Less bright and pretentious than classic pink, this shade is soft and cheerful, and therefore can be used even in nurseries for boys.
  • Beige. Another classic shade that creates the most suitable base for stylish and kid-friendly color combinations.
  • Lavender. A calm and incredibly soothing shade, incredibly friendly to almost all colors.
  • Muted turquoise. Cool and rich, this color will create the most comfortable atmosphere for an impressionable child – and also in cases when the room faces the sunny side.

All the colors we talked about above make up the primary palette for decorating children’s rooms. However, it is unnecessary to limit yourself to them: you can safely add other, no less relevant shades to them – dusty blue, mint, sunny yellow, coral, sea blue, coffee, and golden brown.

When designing the interior for a daughter’s room, parents, as a rule, have an easier time: girls are more open, communicative and it is not too difficult to track their interests. However, in this case, also, it is necessary to think over the design and palette properly: it is essential to create a truly fabulous and cozy corner in which the girl would feel like a princess. Trends relevant for 2021 can help you with this.

Flower decoration

Even if she is only 5-6 years old, a rare female representative will refuse the opportunity to admire the flowers once again. It is in your power to give your child real natural beauty – and therefore, it is worth taking a closer look at the following solutions:

  • an accent wall with a large floral pattern (provided that the size of the room allows);
  • artistic painting – possibly with fabulous motives;
  • drawings and posters depicting plants;
  • discreet and neat floral print on furniture.

Next year, pastel shades are relevant, but if you want to add a little brightness, a couple of accents within the floral design will look appropriate and harmonious.

Polka dot and geometry

Having decided to decorate the walls with wallpaper, it is no longer necessary to waste time looking for suitable colors and patterns. In this regard, designers today are quite categorical: in a stylish nursery for a girl, the walls are decorated with wallpaper with polka dots or with an up-to-date and clear geometric pattern. The pastel shades’ material, decorated with a pattern with a slight sheen – golden or silver looks incredibly stylish.

A little closer to the clouds

As we once dreamed of a swing, girls today dream of a hanging chair. Indeed, resisting the charm of this light wicker furniture, which simultaneously serves as a decor, is merely impossible – and not worth it. The hanging chair will create a modern and incredibly comfortable design for the recreation area and will undoubtedly become the most attractive place in the apartment for a girl.

Magic lights

Additional illumination is a real must-have for a modern interior in a schoolgirl’s or teenager’s girl room. The following types of fashionable decor will help create a holiday atmosphere and style:

  • curly bedside lamps with neon illumination along the contour;
  • luminous graffiti on the walls;
  • garlands with large or small bulbs or textile balls;
  • mirror disco balls of small sizes.

When choosing a backlight of this type, be sure to take into account the opinion of the child: in the end, the room should become a reflection of her individuality, and in it, she should be comfortable first of all. Also, do not forget that such light accents are only decorative techniques and cannot replace high-grade lighting, which also requires a competent setting up.

In the spirit of shabby

Teenage age for a girl is when she wants to change the space around her, but at the same time feel security and stability. The shabby-chic style, which has already been proclaimed the most relevant for children in 2021, will perfectly cope with these problems. And this is not surprising: elegant romantic furniture, delicate palette, and adorable decor will allow the girl to feel calm and confident – and develop a craving for beauty.

Beds with a beautiful headboard, soft ottomans and pillows for friends, fluffy carpets and blankets, colorful and unusual shelves for favorite books and trinkets – it is in such interiors that children grow up delighted with life and themselves.

Oddly enough, pleasing boys in designing their room is much more difficult – their preferences change much more often, and new ideas and desires appear almost every second. Nevertheless, the designers tried to please them and presented key trends for decorating kids and schoolchildren’s rooms.

Space theme

The conquest of distant planets has become one of the key themes in designing a boy room in 2021. And if your child shows interest in her, then it is quite possible to try such a design – mostly since today many solutions are offered for him:

  • the color of the walls is light gray or blue, depending on the illumination of the room;
  • chairs in a futuristic style;
  • maps of the starry sky on the walls;
  • lamps in the form of celestial bodies;
  • actual decor – stickers and wallpapers with stars and constellations, dummies of the galaxy, telescopes.

Also, do not forget about bed linen of the appropriate design. It will be the final touch in creating a perfect interior for the young conqueror of interstellar space.

Kids teepee and tent

A kids teepee in a nursery is not a new idea, but thanks to designers’ efforts, it has become relevant again. According to designers and psychologists, these tents give the nursery a cozy and serene look and allow you to arrange their personal space and create another zone for exciting games and developing social skills.

When choosing a tent, make sure of the strength of the structure and the safety of materials. However, it is even better to make it yourself with your child: useful DIY is always in trend.

Full-size superheroes

Highly artistic images of characters from his favorite cartoons on the walls are among the most trendy solutions for the coming season. However, you should try it very carefully, and before transferring such a drawing to the wall of the nursery, answer yourself a few questions:

  • Does the size of the room allow for such an image without visual clutter?
  • Will the child get bored with this character shortly? How keen is the child?
  • Will it be possible to change the image if necessary quickly?

Another trend has also emerged today: images of animals and scenes from cartoons for kids in pastel colors. Such wall decoration is perfect for a young child’s room and will not create visual discomfort.

Always in moving

If your son is very agile, it is worth thinking about something that will allow him to splash out energy within the bedroom. There are many similar solutions today: it can be a slide-descent from the second tier of the bed, a mini-trampoline, or a sports corner, where it will always be useful for a child to warm up.

All by age

Boys are susceptible to their room’s suitability for their age and internal state – and therefore, designers strongly advise not to discount this when designing an interior for a nursery or a kids’ room. The essential characteristics of the interior by age today are:

  • 0-3 years old – neutral and pastel colors, natural furniture, calm decor;
  • 3-5 years – adding bright accents, toys, and equipment for creativity;
  • 6-12 years old – expanding the working area, separating it from the playing area, creating a corner for practicing his hobbies;
  • from 12 years old and older – exclusively decoration and furnishing of the room following the child’s wishes, he chooses the decor himself.

The children’s room interior directly affects the quality of life and your child’s state of mind. In 2021, the room is more friendly than ever. It implies a pleasant calm palette, the dominance of natural materials, attractive decor, and ample opportunities for decorating a room with his own hands – but what else is needed for a happy childhood?

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