Modern poufs and ottomans: trends for 2021

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Small forms sometimes play no less important role in home furnishing than large ones – and first of all, this concerns poufs and ottomans. This type of frameless furniture has remained in demand for more than a century, and today it remains part of the trendy interior.

The reason for such popularity of these low upholstered chairs lies not only in their remarkable compactness and mobility but also in the surprisingly extensive functionality of such miniature furniture. In modern interiors, you can use the pouf for the following purposes:

  • As another storage system. Convertible poufs are perfect for stowing important household items or, for example, hobby materials. Thus, it is possible to rid the clutter’s interior and keep everything you need and essential for yourself to close at hand.
  • As an additional seat. Ottomans will help out when guests come. The pouf allows you to sit comfortably near the dressing table in the bedroom. It will help to change shoes in the lobby and save you from the slightest inconvenience. And even if necessary, it will turn into a cozy tea table. If you have this mobile piece of furniture at your disposal, you can handle these tasks with ease.
  • As a decorative accent. You can, in principle, not use the ottoman for its intended purpose – but simply add individuality to the interior. Such an element can fill the voids in the room or become a bright and expressive detail that animates the room’s design as a whole.

Just like other types of furniture, poufs obey changing trends in design. And if you are not averse to using them in the interior of your home, then decorators’ recommendations on the most trendy solutions will surely seem attractive to you.

Tone on tone – or catchy contrast?

In this case, the choice is yours, but you should be prepared for the fact that only these two solutions will be relevant for fashionable modern interiors. So, for a Scandinavian-style setting or in the spirit of minimalism, designers recommend choosing poufs and ottomans that perfectly match the color of the furniture and floor and ceiling finishes. The rest of the modern trends are more democratic: you may look at the models in bright, juicy shades, which will undoubtedly be in the spotlight.

Today manufacturers also offer ottomans in dark and delicate pastel colors – the first especially harmoniously complement the furnishings of the exact same tone and texture—the latter look like a refined accent in interiors for which a neutral light palette has been chosen.

Admirable decor

You may well dwell on minimalistic and smooth frameless furniture, the decoration of which is perhaps the contrasting stitching. However, those who choose accentuated details and expressive accents will certainly choose other solutions that are relevant today, including:

  • large carriage coupler;
  • finishing of the base or the central part of the ottoman with a wide metal strip of golden color;
  • patterns and stitching that create an unusual abstract pattern;
  • legs made of metal, as well as painted, polished or varnished wood;
  • metal rivets around the perimeter of the entire product.

Variety of shapes

Studying trends in the design of frameless furniture over the past few decades, one cannot fail to notice that overly strict rectangular shapes have long lost their dominant position. Today, smoother soft lines come to the fore, allowing to balance the interior rhythm and save it from excessive severity. At the same time, it is absolutely not necessary to dwell on a classic cylinder: today furniture brands offer incredible options in the form of balls and pumpkins, and stylish solutions like without a clearly defined shape, and models with a backrest, which are almost close to chairs in design.

Catchy material

Suppose you use poufs as a significant accent piece. In that case, it is essential to pay attention to the upholstery material – it is this material that provides the accessory with the necessary expressiveness. At the same time, decorators recommend choosing catchy and voluminous options: they can revive a rather strict and restrained modern interior without violating the style unity.

In 2021, materials in demand for poufs upholstery are:

  • velvet and micro-corduroy;
  • natural burlap;
  • thick cotton;
  • fake fur;
  • genuine leather and a quality substitute;
  • knitted woolen covers.

Trendy set

Sets of several poufs are the key to the most balanced living room or bedroom interior. The pieces of these sets are most often put together like a puzzle, forming stylish figures and silhouettes and providing a comfortable fit for a friendly meeting. At the same time, they look no less harmonious and separate from each other, and by arranging them in a new way each time, you can add an unexpected touch to the atmosphere of the room.

The pouf in a modern interior in 2021 – is not a surplus but a harmonious accent that combines aesthetics and functionality. With the right choice of modern frameless furniture, you can add the finishing touch to the environment and ensure harmony so crucial for modern design.

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