Modern rustic living room: Interior design and decoration

When we talk about the interior in a rustic style, many readers imagine wooden or stone walls, a cozy fireplace in the center of the room and interior items made from natural materials. Most of this speculation is true.

But don’t forget that under this coarse rustic aspect, modern conveniences are hidden, which promises to simplify your life.

Living in a rustic style does not mean giving up luxury, but on the contrary. It is a luxury close to nature. Thanks to the ingenuity of modern designers, you can now mix modern and rustic styles in a balanced and reasonable way to create chic living rooms.

A variety of textures give the room an exciting style. Giant wooden beams placed on the ceiling, large stone walls can be complemented by antique interior details or works of art. Classic chandeliers and beautiful fireplaces immediately attract attention.

Modern rustic living rooms offer warmth and comfort and are therefore in great demand.

Characteristics of the rustic style

Surprisingly, the history of the rustic style goes back to the decoration of the rural cottages of “good old England”. It was there that ideas for the comfort of a village house were formed, the main stylistic signs: traditionalism, frugality, conservatism.

With the spread of the rustic style around the world, many national variations have appeared, and urbanization and a hectic pace of life only contribute to the popularity of this comfortable and peaceful style.

The general and national characteristics of the rustic style can be distinguished.

Common features include:

  • simplicity and natural;
  • eclecticism;
  • nostalgia;
  • the influence of popular arts and crafts, various crafts;
  • the use of exclusively natural materials: wood, stone, textiles made from natural fabrics, wrought iron, leather, ceramics;
  • solid furniture in raw form;
  • plain finish in natural colors;
  • use of accessories by hand.

Choose the finish

When making a living room in a rustic style, you need to take care of the appropriate decoration. The rustic style is simple, unpretentious, even a rough finish.

Let’s start with the walls. They can be pasted with wallpaper with flower, cage or strips. A cheerful flower can be replaced by any floral ornament. It is better to use the simplest canvases – paper.

The second option is decorative plaster on the walls. And the third is masonry. All the listed methods of wall decoration can be combined with each other.

Another attribute of the wall design can be wooden panels or a wooden wall against which a central composition will be built.

The floor is preferably made of wood or parquet. Linoleum and laminate must be permanently abandoned. Decorative stone for laying the floor in a rustic style living room is not prohibited. A place of honor among floor coverings is occupied by woven rugs, aisles and hand-woven rugs.

There are two ways to decorate the ceiling:

  • bleach or dye white or pastel;
  • sheath the wood.

The decoration of the living room will be wooden ceiling beams.

Color and light in a rustic interior

The design of the modern rustic living room is carried out in not too bright and rich colors. She must relax and pacify herself. Here, it is important to respect the rule: with calm and neutral walls and upholstered furniture, we use clear decorative elements that harmonize with color or contrast, and vice versa.

Natural colors are recommended – the soft shades of yellow, green, brown, pale pink and blue. Preference is given to white and light wood.

The rustic style means lots of sun. However, this is not always possible, especially if the living room windows face north. Therefore, it must be supplemented by artificial lighting created by a ceiling light – a multitrack chandelier – and many additional sources (not integrated) illuminating certain areas.

They can be floor lamps with fabric lampshades, antique table lamps. All are made in sober colors and can be decorated with painted glass and stained glass. The lighting in the rustic house has a warm yellowish tint.

Textiles, furniture and elements of decoration of contemporary rustic living room

There should be a lot of textiles in the living room. With its help, the necessary environments are created. These are capes, bedspreads, plaids, curtains, tablecloths, napkins, embroidery.

The curtains are made of cotton, linen and chintz of cheerful colors. They contribute to the general atmosphere of joy and warmth. They can be decorated with frills, ribbons, cords.

The use of handicrafts in rustic styles is encouraged. For example, quilts and bedspreads made using the patchwork technique. It brings warmth, originality and beauty.

The rustic-style furniture is simple, but solid, of antique design. It can be made of wood, wicker, forged. These are cases, dressers, chairs, tables, shelves, bedside tables. Soft sofas and armchairs are complemented by embroidered pillows and blankets.

The highlight of the interior of the living room is made up of various figurines, coarse candlesticks, watercolors and landscapes in simple wooden frames, black and white photographs, embroidery and crosses. Flowers will delight the atmosphere – they should be everywhere.

A fireplace is an attribute of a rural house. If possible, install a real fireplace, lined with natural stone, which it symbolizes warmth and sincerity. Alternatively, you can install an electric fireplace or a raised chimney.

The rustic style at interior is not a reconstruction of the homes of our ancestors who have been forgotten. It is a completely modern style, which uses various design techniques that mimic the decoration of a rural house.

Modern rustic living room decoration ideas

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