Modern bedroom: Design and decoration

In all the many options for modern bedroom design, the factor of comfort and personal preference always remains fundamental. Depending on the status and hobbies of the owners, you can give the bedroom an appropriate style that emphasizes the characteristic features inherent in them.

Modern style in the design of the bedroom: basic principles, advantages and disadvantages

With the development of new technologies in the field of building decoration materials and furniture production, painting of plastered walls and floors, expensive, time-consuming and difficult to maintain parquet, bulky bedroom sets and heavy curtains are a thing of the past. They were replaced by textured plaster, creative wallpaper, suspended ceilings, laminate, carpet, modular furniture, blinds and roller blinds. They are easy to install, practical and easy to care for. Panoramic windows add light and create a feeling of large space.

Natural wood furniture is at the peak of popularity, and can consist of separate modules that can be easily transformed, interchanged, creating an exclusive composition each time. The space of a modern bedroom with their help becomes not only functional, but also stylish. Along with environmentally friendly materials, MDF and plastic furniture are also used to fill the bedroom to reduce the cost.

Observing harmony in the color scheme, you can get a single sleeping space from disparate objects that meet new trends in decoration. The boundaries of modern styles are in close contact with each other, the style direction is sometimes caught only by the accents of furniture and decorative details used in the design.

Zoning of space can be achieved using modular systems through the use of organically integrated lightweight sliding partitions, decorative structures, folding screens or curtains.

Dressing rooms, a bathroom and workspaces, as well as boudoirs, can be moved outside the bedroom, or vice versa, if the area allows, to be part of it,

or a continuation in the attached loggia or balcony.

For visual division of space, designers also actively use podiums, lifting a few centimeters of the floor surface of one zone relative to another.

Another planning solution for highlighting conditional boundaries is the use of ceiling beams and consoles, which do not interfere with the arrangement of furniture and the passage of light, but only visually highlight part of the room.

To highlight the bedside in a modern design, textured wallpaper or plaster, wood, leather and decorative stone, or open shelving can be used.

The interior of a modern bedroom is easy to make stylish and fashionable, using a variety of finishing materials and combining them with various lighting options.

The coloring of finishing materials and furniture must be decided in advance, they should not cause a negative perception. The interior of a modern bedroom can and should be thought out in such a way that it is psychologically comfortable.

The smaller the area allocated to the bedroom, the brighter the palette used, the use of pastel colors visually expands the space.

Shades such as yellow and cream, blue, peach, olive, light green and mint will help to get a positive charge.

To express the interior of a modern bedroom, you can add several details of a more saturated color to these shades. There should not be excesses here, congestion in bright colors does not contribute to a quiet sleep.

After choosing the right background shade, you can emphasize the modern design of the bedroom with the following interior solutions:

  • a combination of materials;
  • bright lighting;
  • bulky multifunctional furniture of simple shapes;
  • accents built on contrast;
  • the use of glossy wall surfaces;
  • the creation of relief forms and volumes.

Modern style requires a minimal amount of decorative elements and household appliances, since the main task of the correct modern bedroom decor is to create a cozy environment.

The main directions of modern bedroom design

In the appearance of modern bedrooms, recognizable features and noticeable differences loom. It became possible to systematize them according to certain criteria in the use of materials, forms and accents.

Modern directions include:

  • Modern classic;
  • Modern;
  • Minimalism;
  • Loft;
  • Scandinavian;
  • Techno;
  • Hi-tech;
  • Provence;
  • Country.

Modern classic

Classic interiors offer wealth with sophisticated luxury in a modern twist. Massive furniture, simple in shape, gives the appearance of the bedroom a fundamentality, significance, large patterns on the surface of the walls, textile accessories and soft lighting makes the room a bit pompous and elegant.

Decorative accessories are selected from patterned textiles or velvet in the form of stylish pillows and the same curtains.


Catchy and bold, somewhat aristocratic and sophisticated style suggests smooth, curved lines. They are used in furniture silhouettes, repeated in the contours of a stretch ceiling, door and window openings.

Noble wood of gracefully curved legs and side walls of furniture can be combined with marble inserts and glass surfaces. It is absolutely unacceptable to use “cheap” materials in modernity, it will look tasteless.

Stained-glass windows in the doorways are the most recognizable element of modern style, the light streaming through them will add mystery to the room.


Minimalism is the best choice for decorating a small modern bedroom, but if desired, it can be used in a large space.

The most necessary pieces of furniture, literally a bed and a bedside table, the complete absence of draperies and trinkets organize a sleeping space without the effect of clutter.


Sometimes you want to combine the incongruous, that’s exactly what he is, the loft style! Homeliness and street design elements organically interact with each other, creating the most open space with a well-organized relaxation area. The ideal room for the embodiment of the loft style is a spacious and bright bedroom.

Steel lamps and blinds perfectly complement the interior of the bedroom.


North European interiors stand out against other styles with a minimum of color. Such an option as white on white (white walls, white ceiling and white floor), or with the addition of warm shades (laminate under a light oak, walnut or maple). Textured wood and textured stucco molding – this is what can create a unique look, will allow the interior to be elegant, and contrasting color spots – not boring.

Eco-friendly wood and natural fabrics will contribute to a sound and healthy sleep and a pleasant awakening. The combination of wood and soft fabric is perfectly visible in the photo.

Scandinavian style advocates for a minimal number of decorative objects, but allows the presence of several posters or photographs on the walls.


The techno style was originally conceived to design the appearance of facades and office premises, a bedroom in this style looks not only unusual, but also not comfortable, it is more difficult to equip it than other styles, and such bedrooms are most often chosen by teenagers or bachelors.

So that the bedroom in the techno style does not look like a public institution, it is better to add at least a few details from the loft.


High-tech, as a follower of late modernism, embodies the introduction of new technologies in the design of rooms. Bedrooms in this style are functional and comfortable. Here, designers actively use modular and multifunctional furniture, which is easy to fit into any, even very unusual, configuration of the premises.

Silver – blue, metal – gray, blue is the color palette that is inherent in the high-tech style. Combining them with beige or white will refresh and bring a fresh touch, and one – two paintings with abstraction will balance and make the interior complete.


It can be considered one of the varieties of the rustic style, it definitely uses pastel shades and natural materials with floral motifs.

Many trinkets and flowers in flower pots, chintz curtains and light furniture will give the bedroom lightness and airiness, despite its size.


Country is another subspecies of the rustic style, associated with hunting lodges and American ranches, but this is, above all, an eco-friendly style that is as close to nature as possible. The concept of design is the use of natural materials in open structures and finishes. Such bedrooms are most often equipped in country cottages. A fireplace can be a great accent, the facade of which is made of raw stone.

Features of modern bedroom decoration

The direct purpose of any bedroom is to give an opportunity to relax, sleep, restore strength. Based on these needs, its design should contribute to relaxation and calm, so the interior is created balanced and harmonious.


For all styles, except techno and country, the bedroom ceiling should be open, without overhanging beams and rails, the only accent here is a beautiful chandelier.

Current trends make it possible to make the ceiling two-layer, as an option, with a mirror surface drawn out by a special curtain on rollers – guides, which is controlled by the mood with the click of a button. Multilayer gypsum plasterboard ceilings are a thing of the past, but stucco sockets for chandeliers and high cornices continue to be successfully used in decoration.


Wood, cork or laminate – these are the main modern coatings that meet the requirements of cleanliness and comfort. For an additional feeling of comfort and softness, the use of a carpet is allowed.


The main criterion for vertical surfaces is their clear geometry and perfectly aligned walls.

Wallpaper can be either glossy or with a velvety surface, the former will meet the requirement of cleanliness, and the latter will emphasize the purpose of the lounge. Unlike the walls of the living room or kitchen, the bedrooms do not use bright, flashy colors, preference is given to pastel calm shades, pacifying and setting the rest.

Murals and textured decoration are also an actual solution for wall decoration, while transoms and door inserts can be decorated with stained-glass windows.

Modern design allows the presence in different styles of raw stone and non-plastered walls, if required by the designer’s idea. Wood trim at the head of the bed is also a significant accent in the space of the room.

Wall arrangement behind the bed

Typically, the arrangement of a bedroom begins with a choice of wall colors. White and gray definitely reign in modern bedrooms, but this does not mean that you should give up stronger colors. They are great as complements, including bedding, bedspreads, decorative pillows, frames.

The wall behind the bed usually plays a decorative role, and it is on it that most often flaunts brickwork, wallpaper or paintings. The latter are becoming increasingly popular, being an interesting decorative element in the apartment, replacing the color on the walls, hanging mirrors or photo wallpaper. The paintings are often black and white graphics, which are ideally presented in the minimalist style of the bedroom or with inscriptions glued to the wall, combining with any modern interior. Brick on the wall is also gaining popularity. Until recently, only white brick was associated with modern style, but for some time you can see the traditional red, which impresses with its simplicity.

Decor and accessories

Excessive enthusiasm for small details leads to congestion, does not allow you to enjoy a comfortable rest and does not allow your eyes to relax.

As the main emphasis on the walls, you can use decorative panels and photo wallpapers with popular themes of urbanism, abstraction or macro photography, they will also be appropriate on the facades of furniture, imitation of brick or stone, wood trim will also be suitable. This will make it possible to highlight the bedside zone.

The curtains in the bedroom may not be ordinary, bright filament, in the form of a grid with a large cell, curtains of a roll type with a print selected in the same style as the furniture.

Perfectly refresh the interior the potted plants or bouquets in vases.

To make the walls less boring, you can diversify their surface with watches, built-in lighting, photographs in frames or paintings, modern graphics and light shelves made of glass or plastic.

Color spots add variety and compensate for the lack of color, they can easily become blankets and pillows, bedspreads and paintings.

A bed and bedside tables, a wardrobe or a chest of drawers, various ottomans should be primarily convenient and practical. If the bedroom is not large, then the wardrobe can be moved outside, but for convenience, if there is free space, it will still be nice to fit a wardrobe in the room’s interior, built-in furniture will also be an ideal option.

Mirrors add mystery, and the boundaries of the walls are visually pushed, and the mirror facades of the cabinets make the massive furniture almost invisible. It has become a fashionable trend to use glass bedside tables instead of the usual cabinets.

Furniture for a bedroom in a modern style: spaciousness and functionality

What style you prefer is the main factor that determines how the bedroom, furniture and decor items should look like. Regardless of whether you prefer a classic and slightly more traditional design or modern and minimalist bedroom furniture – today you can easily find your dream compositions.

Modern bedroom furniture in a classic style will have a decorative design, solidity and natural materials. Heavy sets of furniture made of natural wood or covered with imitation veneer are perfect. Warm color compositions and decorative finishes add a special class and elegance to the whole composition.

Furniture for a bedroom in a modern style is striking primarily for its decorative character. It adds coziness to the room and makes it warmer so that you can relax and calm your feelings after an active day away from home. Furniture for the bedroom, made in a modern style, has a minimalist approach to decorativeness and love for straight lines. Simple geometric shapes, the absence of decorative edges and legs, as well as smooth upholstery made of fabric or ecological leather will make the interior modern and extremely effective.

By limiting the excessive amount of decorations and using minimalist furniture, you can achieve the effect of order and soothing harmony in the bedroom. In such an interior, you can calm down and relax without anything that can be too distracting. Modern bedroom furniture combines both a minimalist design and functionality. In the room decorated in this direction, you can not miss the elegant bed with a particularly comfortable design and a high-quality mattress, as well as furniture for storing things such as chests of drawers, a wardrobe or a bookcase. Bedroom furniture, along with other accessories, should create an atmosphere of intimacy and at the same time serve as practical.

A distinctive feature of modern bedroom furniture is a skilful composition that combines aesthetics, functionality and superior relaxation comfort. Consider a selection of interesting, beautiful and very convenient solutions. Recommended bedroom furniture will find its place in the conditions of any house and apartment, regardless of the options for space or taste of residents. Both traditional and more modern bedroom furniture are characterized by maximum elegance and durability.

Choosing a bed for a modern bedroom

A modern bedroom should never be cluttered. You will not find any unnecessary furniture or many decorative trinkets here. In the modern bedroom, the bed plays a major role. You should pay attention to this, since a stay in a room should be associated only with pleasant things and sleep. Therefore, the choice of place for a modern bed is the most important thing when arranging a bedroom.

The bed should not stand with its back to the entrance, as you will not feel comfortable without seeing anyone who enters. The bed should not stand directly by the radiator, especially in winter. Wallpaper or wall painting can be a great idea behind the head of the bed or next to a large bed in the room. Find on the sides an area for comfortable bedside tables. These can be traditional cabinets with drawers, which are easy to hide various small items. Modern poufs, stools or, for example, chairs are very popular.

When choosing a piece of furniture for a modern bedroom, many factors should be considered. It is about the quality of the materials used to produce and create the final design. Aesthetics are formed by the upholstery material used to decorate the furniture. Analyzing the needs of modern customers, manufacturers most often choose fabrics such as:

  • velor giving the impression of comfort;
  • high-quality Italian ecological leather;
  • Upholstery fabric called Savana.

Dominant colors:

  • warm beige;
  • timeless white;
  • elegant black;
  • beautiful shades of gray.

Often an additional advantage is the presence of quilted material on the upholstery material in the form of interesting geometric patterns or buttons used to complete quilting, and in some models even Swarovski crystals. All these elements complement the amazing design of modern beds.

The offer of modern beds is varied. Modernity of furniture is emphasized by the material used for its production, as well as a combination of practical solutions. Soft beds for bedrooms often have a number of important functions that greatly facilitate daily operation. One of these amenities is containers for bedding, placed either under the frame with a mattress, or built into the frame, as well as a set of drawers. In both cases, access to such containers is very simple.


Another important piece of furniture in each bedroom is the wardrobe. It can be made to order or bought in one of the home goods stores. A custom-made wardrobe is ideal for small bedrooms where there is limited space, and often full-size furniture simply does not fit. Such a solution is more expensive than buying a ready-made cabinet, but if you want to maximize the use of free space, it works best.

The best solution is a separate cabinet, but the design can also be made in size, from floor to ceiling. However, it can overload the bedroom interior and cause anxiety during sleep, especially if located along the bed. In this case, it is not recommended to use furniture facades trimmed with dark veneer. In the bedroom, it is better to put glass or plywood with decorative wallpaper – in the latter case, the furniture will look like a wall. The facades of wardrobes should be carefully selected, since large surfaces have a decisive influence on the final effect of the modern bedroom.

Lighting in a modern style bedroom: Well-designed and friendly

Lighting in a modern bedroom is extremely important. In addition to a purely functional function, it plays a decorative role and creates a mood. Therefore, instead of the classic lamp located in the center, LED illumination can be installed in the suspended ceiling. Then the light in the whole bedroom is soft, diffused and does not tire. It is good if the main lighting switches are located next to the bed. For this, of course, you need nightlights that turn on right next to the bed. They can be placed on bedside tables or in the form of wall sconces. Before installing a sconce, you should carefully think about their location so that they do not interfere with sleep.

Modern curtains in the bedroom

So, what functions should curtains have in the bedroom? The curtain primarily protects a person from eyes of passers-by. But also do not forget that curtains are a very noticeable element of interior design, so they should also decorate. However, modern interiors do not like curtains with frills or flashy patterns. On the contrary, modern style values moderation and classics, so curtains made of smooth fabric are suitable here.

Curtains in modern interiors often hang freely on both sides of a window. However, nothing prevents them from appearing on only one side or to be attached to the wall. However, exclude any additional decorations in the form of lambrequins or fringed ribbons. For if the interior should be modern, then only in minimalism.

Patterned curtains for the bedroom – yes or no?

Some people are categorically against smooth fabrics for curtains. Yes, in some interiors they may look just boring and fit too harmoniously into the background. In such situations, you can consider something more interesting. So what is patterned curtains for the bedroom in a modern style? Curtains with wide horizontal stripes look great in modern interiors. They can also be decorated in bright colors, but those that are minimalist are still recommended. Thus, a bedroom with a modern style is not a place for plenty of flowers, but rather a zone for two contrasting colors, one of which is the background, and the other creates the pattern.

Modern bedroom connected to the bathroom

The modern bedroom, if possible, has direct access to the bathroom. This is a super convenient solution that guarantees maximum intimacy. Traditionalists will prefer a stone-walled bathroom. Lovers of modern design will limit the bedroom from the bathroom to a sheet of glass. Still others will place a free-standing bathtub in a modern bedroom.

Design options for a modern small bedroom

Small bedrooms, oddly enough, sound more comfortable than large and spacious. Most often they are found in apartments with a typical layout. The easiest way to arrange them in a rustic style. Natural materials used in the decor of such rooms give a feeling of warmth and security.

If rustic styles are unacceptable, you can consider high-tech options. Keeping a balance and not overloading the already cramped space, you can get a cozy and stylish bedroom.

A modern loft means large areas, but modern will be very handy. The modern is universal, the furniture in this style is simple and does not clutter up the room, it can even be built-in. Regarding lighting, modern style has no special requirements, so this style is appropriate in any area, the main thing to remember is that the fewer objects in a small bedroom, the more visually it looks.

For the bedroom with an area of 12 sq. M, all of the above options are suitable, and here, as well as in the case of 8 sq. M, there will be out of place a pompous classic with elaborate Baroque elements, but it is already easier to decorate the room for country, Scandinavian style or minimalism.

If there are large windows, it will be enough to “play” with the texture in the design of white walls and a white or light floor, adding furniture to the composition of the same color, and you will see a peaceful Scandinavian interior.

Swivel lights at the head of the bed can completely replace the top lighting in a small bedroom, and built-in niches in the wall can replace bedside tables.

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