Modern TV stand: trends of 2022

In modern interiors, flat screen TVs are attached to the wall. Less and less often, you can find TVs standing on support. But the relevance of the TV stand has not been lost. The supports have acquired original forms and an expanded level of functionality. New ideas appear every year. Let’s find out which models of tv stands will be relevant in 2022.

A harmonious choice involves a combination of the TV stand with the general interior of the room. The selection of simple, laconic models that will fit into any style will not go out of fashion. They will become essential pieces of furniture for interesting details. If you do not put a TV on them, practical cabinets will serve to store the necessary items and create a holistic design.

It is necessary to consider the proportionality of the stand with the TV’s width so that the visual space is filled organically. Designers do not recommend choosing narrow stands, as a standing TV may fall, and when mounted on a wall, it will look disproportionately large. Wide models are more harmonious. By arranging interior items of various heights on the stand, you can always visually narrow space if necessary.

Designers recognize TV stands as an indispensable item for furnishing a room in the spirit of minimalism or sophisticated classics. If these styles are close to you, choose designs with a light surface color, a grounded shape.

Universal models for any interior are IKEA TV stands in black and white, beige, suitable for various purposes. There are also appropriate options for each style:

  • loft – models with forged elements, roller pallets;
  • high-tech – geometric TV stands made of glass, metal, plastic with chrome details;
  • french country – vintage coasters with carved details, scuffs;
  • art deco – models with golden elements;
  • country – rough texture, aged look.

The trend in 2022 will be TV stands with soft lighting that shapes the interior’s aesthetic perception. Your room will seem to be filled with light and air.

In modern realities, choose models that expand the functionality of the TV to the maximum. TV stands allow you to hide technical wiring and place the necessary accessories aesthetically. Various brackets and attachments serve to equip a cozy corner for watching movies and broadcasts from any convenient place in the living room.

TV Stand without legs

Trendy models with a simple design are ideal for wall-mounted flat screen TV. Souvenirs, candles, vases with flowers placed on the stand will decorate the interior, bring romantic notes to the house’s atmosphere.

Suspended model

The trend of new seasons is placement at the height of 10-50 cm (up to 1.65 ft) from floor level. If you strive to follow the trends of 2022, then fix the pendant cabinet as low as possible. You have to choose a laconic design without unnecessary details and better without handles or rigorous geometric shapes. Choose a calm, solid color.

Composite TV stand

One of the latest trends of 2022 that has emerged in houses with a contemporary interior. The design is composed of two different pieces of furniture. The basic classic rectangular cabinet is covered with a tabletop with original elements. Pay attention to the coffee table included in the interior set, made in the same style. The matte gold fittings are replacing chrome that reigned for many years.

The method of combining TV stands can be presented in various materials and colors. The novelty’s functional side is manifested both for decorative purposes and for zoning space, creating a workplace.

An additional shelf located above the stand, not always connected to it, can be a constituent element of the structure. An original detail gives airiness to the interior.

The model’s choice is directly related to the interior’s style features, which determines the color scheme and furniture materials.


Wood designs never go out of fashion, but models with grooved surfaces will become especially relevant. Natural imperfections preserved in furniture are becoming a significant trend in 2022. The nature of the wood in knots, irregularities, color transitions gives liveliness, expressiveness to simple things, and arouses interest in the unique object with its history. Choose safely light cabinets made of inexpensive types of wood. They will perfectly fit into the interior of modern, minimalist, and loft styles. Dark ones are good with contrasts created by elements of golden, metal, or glass inserts.


The tendency to use glass TV stands is associated with the design of small spaces. Do not be afraid of this material. Thanks to modern technologies, the manufacturers produce safe models with polished edges, without scratches, chips. Glass cabinets equipped with shelves and original details create a feeling of lightness and spaciousness.


Forged products look stylish and organic in high-tech, loft, and minimalist styles—the perfect combination of metal and wood, giving designers more options to create unique designs.

The difficulty of choice lies in finding a balance between the model’s attractiveness and the furniture’s functionality. Matching the TV cabinet to the style of the room will make your purchase perfect.

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