Modern vases: trends and ideas for 2022

Modern vases: trends and ideas for 2022

A vase has long ceased to be a functional accessory necessary for arranging bouquets and flower arrangements. Today, it is a powerful interior accent and even a hint on the owners’ taste and their story of staying in the house. 

It is impossible to single out any interior style where vases would be necessary or, on the contrary, inappropriate. Vases as decor are almost a unique case in design: they are appropriate in the luxurious decoration that Art Deco and neoclassicism imply, and even in such seemingly ascetic design options as hi-tech and minimalism. That is why the trends and ideas for decorating using vases for 2022 turned out to be quite flexible and democratic – which means that there will be many ways to fit them into the interior. Consider the most interesting and relevant solutions for the next season.

Eclectic grouping of colors, textures, and shapes

Grouping accessories is an incredibly fun and complicated process. However, in the case of vases, you can fully express your imagination in the coming season. Decorators have already presented quite a few exciting ideas for arranging multiple elements:

  • All the best at once. If you have many vases in your house, it is no more necessary to hide the rest if you have more than two vases. You can use everything to showcase your vases – a console, accent, or coffee table, as well as a mantel or chest of drawers in the hallway or bedroom. It is optimal if one of the vases is noticeably higher than the others, and the rest are grouped around: this creates an illusion of an urban landscape in which skyscrapers reign.
  • Identical vases in a row. An excellent solution for those who would like to deepen and streamline the interior rhythm significantly. If you use them for floral arrangements, it is also worth taking the same shape and volume – although the color may be different.
  • The same material and color, different shapes. This arrangement of vases will undoubtedly be in the spotlight. Moreover, accessories made of transparent glass add expressiveness to the high-tech interior.
  • The same shape and texture – different colors. Excellent opt-art for those who are slightly tired of the neutrality that is actual today.

The designers have decided very clearly on chic vases materials: choose any – but those whose texture is organic to the style direction you have chosen. Let’s name the most popular ones:

  • Ceramics. Ceramic vases are a kind of classic that hardly risks losing their relevance. Such decor is equally suitable for classics, modern, and Scandi, but you should comply with one condition: you should not strive for impeccable smoothness and clarity of lines. Light irregularities and roughness will remind you of handicraft, which is more relevant today than ever. If you don’t mind trying your hand at pottery, this will be perfect.
  • Porcelain. A material that can be called a kind of aristocrat in the production of vases. Today porcelain vases also look harmoniously in interiors of any style and direction. At the same time, it is proposed to leave the famous Chinese painting and any other drawings and ornaments for ethno-design: unusual shapes and reliefs made in pure snow-white porcelain come to the fore.
  • Stone. Vases, carved from stones of various types, invariably look luxurious even without unnecessary decor. Previously, accessories made of jasper and onyx were used to decorate classic interiors. Today, it is proposed to refresh the atmosphere with something lighter – marble or dolomite items with a craquelure pattern.
  • Textured colored glass. No one has canceled the demand for ordinary transparent glass – you can still use glass vases safely in any interior. However, the textured material in various shades, borrowed from fashionable glasses, is becoming a real hit of the season.
  • Brass and gilding. Another excellent solution for the transition from classics to modernity. The designers focused on impeccably polished surfaces and creative geometric shapes to eliminate the reliefs, handles, and elaborate designs.

Unusual geometry for an original result

Cubism in vase design is still relevant, but many already consider it overly simple. In the upcoming season, the next step is asymmetry, originality, and surprise. Today you can see many authors’ collections of accessories in which vases take the most non-standard abstract forms. Each of them should awaken imagination without reminding you of anything in particular: this will allow you to bring an exceptional note to the interior. Also, do not forget about monochrome: when the emphasis is on unusual silhouettes, the use of patterns and ornaments is considered a crime.

Black accent for a statement

In 2022, designers proposed to highlight black vases as a separate trend. And there is an explanation for this: not so long ago, interior specialists were able to unleash the incredible potential of such an accent, allowing you to make any design deeper, richer, and more expressive. Today, you can use matte and glossy black glass, ceramic, and metal vases in the following solutions:

  • In interiors decorated in dark colors – for a more textured atmosphere.
  • On a light background – to create a conceptual contrast, giving the interior an expensive and noble look.
  • Combined with natural stone and wood – as a symbol of exquisite modern ethnicity.
  • In an interior with bright accents – to arrange color spots.

Stylish floor

When choosing vases for a fashionable interior in 2022, you have to face two extremes – and look for both tiny and tall floor vases. And if everything is more or less clear with today’s minimalism, then it is worth dwelling on the second option in more detail.

A floor vase is a great way to remove excessive voids in the interior and add a peculiar twist. However, designers warn: this accessory is much more erratic than it seems, and any improperly selected decor risks introducing a severe imbalance in the room’s decoration. A win-win option for a modern apartment today will be:

  • monochrome floor vases of any pure colors;
  • paired vases of different or equal heights in contrasting colors;
  • floor vases of abstract shapes;
  • raw ceramic accessories;
  • white decor with color relief;
  • vases with strict geometry and metal trim.

A small warning: be extremely careful when choosing vases with scalloped edges, deliberately stylized as antiquity, as well as ceramic “lace” and molded flowers. What was relevant ten years ago already looks alien in modern interiors.

When looking for vases to decorate a room, do not forget about other accessories: their unity is essential for creating a harmonious atmosphere. Combining them with frames, candlesticks, and figurines by texture or even color will create a truly unique design.

And finally, a few words about flowers: large single buds or small bush pastel shades, as well as green plants, will look great in any vases. However, this is nothing more than a recommendation: you can hardly think of something better than fresh flowers in the interior.

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