Modular touch lights: solutions, pros, and design ideas
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Modular touch lights: solutions, pros, and design ideas

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Today, modular lighting is no longer something incredible and is widely used in retail and commercial premises and home interiors. In general, in both cases, such products’ design is the same: modular lights represent a module of LEDs of different color temperatures, enclosed in a metal or plastic case. However, if in products for shops and offices, the design options are quite limited and are most often represented by simple geometric shapes attached to the ceiling or suspended on cables. With modular lamps for the home, everything is much more enjoyable.

Today, lighting modules for interiors are presented in different sizes and shapes – from fairly minimalistic to the most exclusive ones. Examples of original solutions include the Italian Infra-Structure lamps with a particular mounting system for vertical and horizontal elements, Arihiro Miyake floor lamp with LEDs from an aluminum extruded profile, and DIY LED Modern LED Ceiling Lights with futuristic fluid modules. Not so long ago, another unusual, flexible, and highly relevant solution for modern trends was presented on the market – modular touch-sensitive LED-lamps Helios Touch from the manufacturer Dyena Ltd.

Helios Touch: device and principles of operation

The innovative English lighting system uses hexagonal LED panels powered by a special cable with a two-meter power supply. The modules are connected to each other using special magnetic connectors and are activated by hand touching – both with a simple push and a light swipe. Attaching them to any surface is also quite simple: special reusable Velcro is responsible for this, guaranteeing a secure fit.

Depending on the tasks that the design project sets for you, you can use a different number of tiles. The basic set of Helios Touch includes five modules, but one power supply unit with an adapter can operate a maximum of 65 tiles.

Helios Touch: lighting solutions

Modular touch-sensitive LED lamps are available in two color temperature ranges. Based on this parameter, the manufacturer offers two lines of light panels.

Warm White collection

In this series, panels with warm white color (2700-3200K) are presented, allowing you to turn a separate area of the living room, nursery, or bedroom into a cozy corner for reading, thinking alone, or communicating with loved ones. This wall lighting is suitable for any home or apartment – it can be integrated into almost any lighting scenario.

Cool White collection

Cool white modules (6000-8000K) will create comfortable for the eyes and, at the same time, bright enough lighting. The minimalistic design, both decorative and functional, makes these tiles ideal for the modern office, study, or student room design.

Helios Touch: pros

Modular touch-sensitive lights were developed in the UK at the University of Brighton in 2015 – and just a year later, the crowdfunding Kickstarter platform gave this wonderful design project a successful start. However, this was entirely predictable since such a lighting system attracted attention due to several significant advantages:

  • Variety of solutions and design flexibility. Thanks to the magnetic connectors located on all the panels’ edges, the tiles can be quickly connected in any sequence, laying out various patterns and shapes. Using a different number of modules will help implement any lighting options – from decorative and point lighting to functional and bright in work or living areas.
  • Easy installation. You do not need to drill walls or use adhesive mixtures to install Helios Touch luminaires: special Velcro fasteners ensure fast and strong attachment to wallpaper, as well as to painted and even tiled surfaces.
  • Simple operation. Helios Touch does not have complex or visually noticeable and disturbing interior switches: everything is decided by one touch without any effort.

Also among the essential advantages are safety and durability of operation. If necessary, you can replace the diodes with new light elements, which can be ordered from the manufacturer without any problems.

Modular lighting as a design element: Helios and not only

Modular touch wall lights quickly gained popularity as incredibly effective solutions that fit seamlessly into modern interiors. Designers highly appreciated their aesthetics, relevance, and rational approach to installation and operation.

Following the manufacturer Dyena Ltd, other companies have also taken up the production of touch-sensitive lights. Today you can choose from at least three modular systems, which we will discuss below – among them, of course, the lighting system that we talked about above, however, with some updates.

Helios Touch – hexagonal modular wall lights

To the updated “pioneers”, everything remains the same – it’s the ease of control, the ability to choose between cold and warm white, and the power supply’s ability to provide operation of several dozen modules. However, improvements have not spared these outstanding modules: today, you can adjust each tile’s brightness – with just a few taps.

Yescom LifeSmart LED smart hexagonal touch lighting

Yescom LifeSmart is the latest DIY LED module kit that includes ten components and a desktop control stand with a stylish design. All panels are easily attached to each other using special clamps and mounted on the wall due to the adhesive back, which opens up unlimited possibilities for creating lamps and light patterns, diverse both in pattern and design. Subdued romantic lighting, bright and stimulating, calm and comfortable – Yescom LifeSmart provides effortless light control.

You should pay particular attention to light modules’ unique control system, which goes far beyond the usual touch and sensors that have already become familiar. The following features of the novelty made a real sensation among designers and lovers of unique gadgets:

  • the ability to control the system from a smartphone;
  • support for voice assistants – Amazon Alexa and Google Home;
  • it is permissible to use RGB lamps to obtain various colors, including white of any color temperature.

Nanoleaf Hexagon multifunctional touch color panels

The Nanoleaf Hexagon was first unveiled at the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) in Las Vegas in January 2020 – and immediately received rave reviews from designers. This panel is unique both as a worthy successor to Helios Touch functionality and a great example of the pursuit of excellence even for new technologies.

The system’s hexagonal models are straightforward to use, can be easily interfaced with a smartphone through a special application, and “take” only 1W per panel, which, given the trend towards energy saving, remains an essential factor. Another attractive feature is the ability to install RGB lamps, which provide a vast number of color modes and the ability to customize according to your needs. Other characteristics of the Nanoleaf Hexagon include:

  • reliable and fast fastening;
  • response to the music of any tempo and volume (flickering, change in brightness);
  • compatible with iOS and Android.

As for the interior styles in which you can use modular touch-sensitive lights, the answer is clear: of course, in the most modern ones! Minimalism, loft, industrial, Scandinavian, and, of course, high-tech – within each of these areas, an ergonomic and creative lighting system is seen as a revitalizing accent.