Multicolor wood floor: 10 ideas for different rooms

Has anyone you know boasted about the incredible flooring in their apartment? It is probably not, because more often, it has a simple shape and color so as not to attract attention and not to knock out accents from a carefully thought-out interior. But in the world of design, there also exists an opposite situation – when a relatively ordinary and straightforward interior begins to play with new colors thanks to a bright accent floor.

One of them is a multi-colored wooden floor that attracts attention with a naturalness that only natural materials can. Below you will find the most exciting uses for multi-colored wood flooring in 10 different rooms.


Getting to know your home begins in the hallway. And it is here that you can express the bright individuality of the owner by covering the floor with multi-colored planks. Usually, there is little furniture in the hallway: a shoe cabinet, a hanger, a bench, a mirror – and the simplicity of the interior allows you to unfold your imagination.

The floor can be in the form of chevron and square patterns, or assembled from wooden planks of different sizes without any plan. Have a solid surface or small openings between the boards. Hardwood or engineered wood, it’s your choice!

Living room

The living room has a similar style. There is more furniture here, but the basis is the standard set: a sofa, a sideboard, and a coffee table. Many strive for moderate minimalism, creating accent spots with minor decor. Therefore, the design turns out to be monochromatic and calm.

A bright, colorful floor will give the room a creative mess. For a pattern, chevron is suitable, which gives volume to the lower part of the room and simply makes you hold your gaze. And the color palette should ideally match the furniture: gray sofa – light wood, beige – from yellow to brown, brown – with a pinkish tint.


In large homes, the kitchen is a work of art. The kitchen cabinets have bizarre shapes. In the center of the room, there is a table set with many drawers. And all the splendor is replete with decor from dishes, appliances, and accessories.

Therefore, the floor should harmoniously smooth out the brightness of the upper part of the room. Plain boards with bright accents are suitable here – for example when a perky redness breaks through the dark brown wood. Or on light wood, planks with a yellow and blue tint slip.

Dining room

A unique trend appeared in the dining room not so long ago – a deliberately “aged” floor. It is a floor made of planks as if stolen from a dilapidated barn – the edges are uneven in places, the paint has peeled off over the years of battling with sunlight. In addition, it has different shades, because you can’t find the same color in the store.

Unexpectedly, the trend looks good in the dining room, where there is no decor except for a lonely vase on the table. The multi-color wood floor seems to emphasize that the owner prefers minimalism and simple furniture.

Kitchen – dining room combo

Another thing is when the kitchen is combined with the dining room. Due to the appearance of a table and chairs in the room, space is sharply narrowed, and the kitchen cabinets are smaller. Closed ones replace open shelves, and the excess decor is thrown away to let air into the room.

The result is a relatively modest, minimalistic interior, in which the floor can become the main accent. For small rooms, a large print is selected; for large ones, on the contrary. In shades of wood, you can feel free to choose up to 6 colors.


On the one hand, the bedroom requires a calm design because it is the main seating area. On the other hand, it is here that you can do unusual design tricks because the room is closed to curious guests.

If you decide to experiment, try using complex geometric patterns: herringbone, squares, cubic stripes, etc. A measured color palette will give peace of mind to the room: for example, beige shades and even black and white wood in a matte finish.

Kid’s room

Children adore bright colors and do not worry too much when they combine the incongruous. Therefore, for a kid’s room, you can choose from a variety of wood shades. Do not hesitate and use all colors: blue, crimson, brown, green – most importantly, smooth out the brightness of the shades.

This works well with slightly aged wood. Or vice versa with smooth pastel planks. Also, chaotically arrange the panels – here, a little mess will only be beneficial.

Home office

Some people think that bright colors and decor inspire creative ideas. In fact, the method does not work in the long run. You may not notice, but the human mind is constantly registering the environment. And it takes a lot of time and energy to process a bright interior, which could be applied to real work.

When designing a home office or a place for a hobby: sewing, painting, etc., select wood for the floor with a subtle color transition. The elegant design will help you gather your thoughts and calmly find the best solution to your work problems.


Ideal for a library – aged wood, which captures the spirit of old bookstores and immerses you in the world of trees: whether it be floor, furniture, or paper pages.

It is better to use a simple drawing: stripes that resemble even rows of books are suitable. If you want creativity, you can mix stripes of different widths – thin, wide, and again. The most natural colors stand out due to overflows – for example, yellow, red, or blue.


A corridor can also be a good place for a multi-colored wooden floor. Usually, pieces of furniture are not used here; the exception is light decor such as a table with a vase, paintings, statues. The walls are also more often monochromatic. Therefore, the floor will become the main or only decoration of the room.

It is better to dwell on simple patterns: stripes or chevron so that a deliberately bright appearance does not turn out. According to the room’s warmth, the color is selected: beige walls – brown floor, white – light.

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