Trendiest Mushroom Paint Ideas for Your Home

What paint is mushroom? Some say it is close to greige. Others see it as a taupe. The thing is that the variety of mushroom shades opens a range of interpretations. What we know for sure is that mushrooms are brown-gray. You can choose between cool and warm mushroom tones or stop somewhere in between. 

We can see a new wave of color trends from under this timeless combination of neutral gray and organic brown. Keep pace and try this unrivaled color in your home. We will show you how. First, the best mushroom paint colors. Next, expert design ideas on how to use mushroom paint in different rooms.

Benjamin Moore

Natural Cream OC-14

An almost off-white mushroom paint with rather beige-than-brown undertones mixed with gray. One of the softest shades available ready to pair with warmer and cooler colors in the same room.

Revere Pewter HC-172

One of the best-selling gray-beige paint colors, a medium mushroom tone with a visible gray undertone. The neutral color base perfectly pairs with a wide range of colors.

Pashmina AF-100

A heavier mushroom shade with more pronounced gray undertones, still neutral. Designers like it for the sophisticated feature that adds depth to design.


Loggia SW 7506

An expert-pick mushroom paint with perceivably warm and creamy gray-brown notes. It knows everything about effortless comfort and timeless style. Pair it with any color, especially the hit of the season – vivid shades of natural tones.

Balanced Beige SW 7037

A mid-tone mushroom color revealing a perfect balance of cool and warm. This creamy brown-gray knows its worth and aesthetically spruces up an interior with its endless style and cozy undertones.

Mushroom SW 9587

Like its namesake, this expert-pick paint color is a fresh mushroom tone of gray and brown, or, we would say, beige. It reads slightly more neutral and brighter than other mushroom paints.

Shiitake SW 9173

One of the trendiest stone-gray mushroom tones with a neutral color base that renders confidence and comfort. Recreate the sense of home in your house with this cozy paint.


Creamy Mushroom PPU5-13

A warm shade of pastel brown with a visible gray veil, a great mushroom shade for design projects that need more softness and down-to-earth color.

Light Granite N340-1

Another immaculate lighter mushroom with a relatively neutral appearance. Combine it with your favorite colorful pearls of the season and enjoy the contrast.


Wild Mushroom 2 

A wildly beautiful mushroom variation created by mixing gray, brown, and purple. This pastel tone is creamier and darker than other options, yet it effortlessly fits any color palette.

Where to Use Mushroom Paint: Design Ideas

Mushroom Kitchen Cabinets

Raw, traditional, worn-by-time, and full of history are the key goals designers try to achieve when designing kitchens today. Overly sleek and similar to thousands of kitchens alike is no longer on trend. Stay authentic with a Rustic, Traditional, Country, or Farmhouse kitchen with cabinets painted in mushroom, natural wood shelves or countertops, and matching accessories.

Mushroom Dining Room Walls

Choose muted and creamier mushroom tones for the dining room walls for a moody ambiance. Pair them with round dining tables, accent chairs, and centerpieces. Take your meal in an environment as never before. You deserve the best experience.

Mushroom Living Room Walls

Try a lighter and softer mushroom shade on the living room walls together with a calm color palette and experience the comfort and sense of home that run through the veins of a perfectly chosen gray-brown shade.

Mushroom Bedroom Walls

You’ll never feel the same in your bedroom with a warm and inviting mushroom shade on the walls. Pair it with earthy tones, add the right accents, decorate with textured textiles, and enjoy the comfiest bedroom ever.
If you are also interested in other trendy colors this season, visit our article on the most popular paint colors in 2024. You may find your new favorite there.

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