10 Fabulous wall decor ideas for a narrow hallway: maximum creativity within a small space

10 Fabulous wall decor ideas for a narrow hallway: maximum creativity within a small space

Although the hallway is just a way of getting to other rooms, it does not mean that its look can be neglected. On the contrary, make the most of this space and put in as much personality as possible for a perfect introduction to your interior design. The easiest way to put it into practice is by choosing appropriate wall decor.

In most cases, the hallway is narrow, which does not reduce its possibility of being decorated. Furthermore, it offers you a new range of opportunities to reach an original result. In this sense, we prepared a list of 10 creative ideas for wall decor in a narrow hallway that will keep it both functional and stylish. Let’s find out how a little bit of effort and individuality can add a new splash of style to your hallway!

Enrich your hallway with memories or art by opting for a wall gallery with family photos or works of art. It will add individuality and reflect your personality. In this sense, you can consider matching frames or go with different ones for a statement. From an abstract arrangement of these elements to a particular system, enliven the hallway with your experiences or inspirational art.

Simplicity at its finest

A narrow hallway is not an easy space to play with decor. Any slight mistake can spoil the entire look. Therefore, if you are not sure about the wall decor of your hallway, there is no easier way of reaching a particular result than by leaving it empty. Consider light colors to brighten the space. Whether you like it or not,  such an approach will set a balanced environment and a particular feel of mystery. Your guests will be confused while trying to understand what direction of interior design the following rooms will take.

Play with contrasts

Whether these are frames or wall lamps, consider contrastive materials and colors for light walls, such as black, wood texture, or gold surface. Opt for a contrast within the hallway to enrich it with a new sparkle and add elements of interest. A pairing of two different colors or textures is more than enough to reach a whole new look for this space.

Enlarge the space with mirrors

A narrow hallway can be expanded by decorating the walls with mirrors. You do not have to go extra in this sense. Consider one large mirror, set it in an appropriate place, and the result will be outstanding. Particularly fabulous are looking in such a space round mirrors. They will add softness to an over-balanced environment of plain walls and no decor at all.

Look for inspiration in nature

Be it large or narrow spaces, nature-inspired elements are welcome in any context. Therefore, a perfect way of decorating the walls in a hallway is by opting for wallpaper with natural elements, particularly plants. It should be noted that soothing colors are to be considered as not to lead to an overwhelming environment. Opt for various patterns of plants on a neutral background and set a look that fits your liking.

Brighten the place

Both functional and stylish, wall lamps are a perfect wall decor that will brighten the place and add new elements of interest. Such narrow spaces require as much light as possible, particularly if there is a lack of daylight. Furthermore, you can add style to your hallway by considering interesting lamps. From vintage shapes to contemporary structures, offer this place a particular environment.

A splash of green

Narrow hallways, particularly if lacking daylight, usually feel too overwhelming. There is a perfect solution to reaching the opposite result. Consider indoor plants to refresh the space and enrich it with a new splash of colors. From larger to smaller pots with plants, opt for an appropriate place to put them so that they do not create any obstacles when passing through the hallway.

Eclectic combination of new and old

Consider a modern approach to farmhouse style and integrate it into your hallway by opting for shiplap walls. You can go with the traditional look or choose other shades of color for a contemporary interpretation of this style. Combine such a background with other elements that fit the particular shade of color or specific textures, such as wood, to complement the wall surface.

Keep it cozy with Boho style

A perfect combination between a soothing color palette and various materials will enrich your hallway with texture. Consider Boho-style decorative elements to accompany a seating bench and the mirror. Original look and comfortable feeling are what a narrow hallway lacks, and a Boho approach is ready to change that.

Back in time with Vintage style

You can decorate your narrow hallway any way you want and refer to any style. The main rule is to consider appropriate dimensions. Vintage style is not an exception. Opt for wall lamps, mirrors, frames of this style to decorate the walls and accompany them with pieces of furniture that reflect the same values.

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