Nursery design trends 2021-2022: top 10 ideas for a cute and stylish baby room
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Nursery design trends 2021-2022: top 10 ideas for a cute and stylish baby room

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Nursery is associated with a calm place that feels safe both for the baby and parents. The baby room designs have always tried to reach this level. Furthermore, every year comes with new trends to keep the baby room stylish and bring in new elements that enhance the quality of everything that finds itself in this space. 

The process of designing a nursery is both challenging and interesting. We are sure that you would like the best result. Therefore, we prepared a list of 10 top ideas for a dreamy and sweet baby room that will set a comfortable, safe, and beautiful space for your little one. Whether this is something new for you or you already have an experience of that kind, the following array of practical and stylish ideas will guide you through the essentials in this sense. All you have to do is invite love and patience on this journey and prepare yourself for a lot of inspiration. 

An eclectic combination of softness and accent

The trend of designing the nursery by referring to a particular theme has dominated interior design for a long time. Although setting a specific environment is interesting, experts suggest you do not go all with one theme. Instead, start with a neutral background and furniture, and continue with accent elements, such as rugs, textiles, toys, and other decorative units.

It should be noted that such a choice will make it possible to change the theme in the future without many expenses regarding the main pieces of furniture. Nevertheless, if you want to go with a theme, stick to soft shades to set a similar environment that will benefit both the baby and parents.

Gender-neutral nursery design

It is not a secret that many parents opt for blue or pink depending on the gender of their baby. Nevertheless, the latest trends suggest you consider gender-neutral colors, particularly calming ones. Furthermore, a perfect result can be achieved by combining pastels for the walls with bold shades for the ceiling. 

It is worth mentioning that wallpaper on the ceiling is one of the 2022 trends and nursery is one of the best spaces to apply it. Consider the fact that babies are always on their back and such a ceiling will be interesting for them.

From a single piece to the whole puzzle

One of the 2022 trends is to start with a single element you like and base on it the entire design. For instance, a particular piece of furniture that you fell in love with or a wallpaper pattern that drew your attention are perfect examples in this sense. 

We suggest you put meaning in every piece of the design, and your nursery will acquire a specific environment. Furthermore, it can be of help for those who cannot decide on the design. Starting with a single unit will inspire you for further action in the process. Look at the following photos for inspiration and note the details. A vacation memory in safari, a favorite bunny toy, or a particular pattern can all serve as a starting point for a design.

The functionality of space and furniture

The 2022 trends suggest a smart use of space and a functional approach when it comes to furniture. First of all, a balanced separation of space within the nursery will serve as a good start. Secondly, multi-functional furniture will benefit you by means of using the same pieces for a long time and saving space. 

It should be noted that when it comes to furniture, a vintage dresser can later serve as a perfect decoration for the room, while a rocking chair of a similar style can later enrich the environment of the reading space.

Integrate the nursery into the house decor

Undoubtedly, the nursery has its own environment. Nevertheless, you should not forget that this space has to integrate into the general interior design and harmonize with the other decorative elements. 

We suggest you opt for a particular style and apply it within your rooms, especially in the nursery. Considering the 2022 trends, you can opt for contemporary vintage to enrich the environment with new elements, rustic style to bring nature closer, minimalist setting to keep it simple, boho to make a statement. Either way, it has to be as soft as possible to set a calm atmosphere.

Comfort in the first place

One of the main principles of the 2022 trends is comfort. This aspect should be particularly applied when it comes to the nursery, as the main goal is to ensure a safe and comfortable place for your baby. In this sense, consider the control of light, noise, and air. 

First of all, you should have a perfect option of blocking the daylight during sleeping time. Consider thick curtains to manage this task. Regarding the noises, opt for thick rugs for isolation in this sense. When it comes to air, consider indoor plants to ensure a fresh environment that can serve as a decoration.

Perfect lighting for a perfect environment

Lighting has an essential role in the nursery as the sleeping schedule is important for the baby’s life. There are various aspects you should consider, starting with the window treatment and reaching lamps. 

According to the 2022 trends, a natural palette is a perfect option for a calm environment. Therefore, consider soft curtains for the window that will integrate into the picture. Regarding the lamps, be they on the ceiling or the floor, consider the same category of colors for the fixture. Particularly popular are the nature-inspired lighting fixtures. It should be noted that the curtains and lamps should perfectly improvise a night environment during the day.

Flexible design for practicality 

The 2022 trends suggest you consider the practical aspect regarding all units of the nursery. In this sense, you should ensure the flexibility of the design, which means that it can be adapted over the years.

Consider curtains, lighting fixtures, wallpaper that can fit perfectly a future rearrangement of the room when the baby grows. In this sense, we suggest you stick to exciting elements with transitional features. Do not go too extra in this sense since a space like this requires an interesting yet not overwhelming design.

Family values within the design

Nursery is about a new start and continuity. One of the main trends in 2022 is putting meaning in every element of the design. We suggest you integrate the family values within this space. 

In this sense, you can opt for a meaningful quote on the wall that reflects an idea peculiar to your relationship with family members or an element that used to belong to grandparents. Such an approach to the nursery design will set strong ties between the babies and their families, preserving the existing values and putting a start to the new ones.

Bold colors and patterns

Although the 2022 trends suggest a neutral approach to design, a nursery requires bold colors and patterns. Nevertheless, do not go too extra. Consider combining soft shades with details of brighter colors to reach a balanced environment.

Opt for an accent wall or particular elements to bring a new splash of color to the room. Among the top hues to consider in 2022 with a bold effect are soft green, soothing blue, pale pink. As you have probably noticed, even the bold colors to be applied have warm undertones as not to suppress other elements.