Nursery Design Trends 2023: Top 14 Ideas for a Cute and Stylish Baby Room

Nursery is associated with a calm place that feels safe both for the baby and the parents. The baby room designs have always tried to reach this level, while every year comes with new trends to keep the nursery stylish and bring in new elements that enhance the quality of everything found in this space. The process of designing a nursery is both challenging and interesting, particularly when new design ideas are on their way.

Relying on the connection with nature, putting comfort first, and aiming to express your own sense of style are a few basic principles of a trendy nursery in 2023. There is more to discover. We prepared a list of 14 top ideas for a dreamy baby room that will set a cozy, secure, and beautiful space for your little one. Whether this is something new for you or you already have an experience of that kind, the following array of practical and stylish ideas will guide you through the essentials in this sense. All you have to do is invite love and patience on this journey and prepare yourself for a lot of inspiration.

New Accents with a Timeless Prospect

The trend of designing the nursery by referring to a particular theme has dominated interior design for a long time. Although setting a specific environment is interesting, experts suggest you don’t go all with one theme. Instead, start with a neutral background and furniture, and continue with accent elements, such as rugs, textiles, toys, and other decorative units. By choosing rich textures and bright colors, you slowly but firmly integrate one of the defining interior design trends in 2023 – self-expression.

A little bonus: such a choice will make it possible to change the theme in the future without many expenses regarding the main pieces of furniture. Change the accents, update the color palette, and insert the latest decor trends to always stay up to date.

Gender-neutral Color Schemes

It is no secret that many parents opt for blue or pink depending on the gender of their baby. Nevertheless, the latest nursery trends suggest you consider gender-neutral colors. Luckily, the main representative, the pastel shades traced to natural colors with lighter and deeper variations, are also the top nursery colors in 2023. 

This aspect refers more or less to paint colors. What falls under their umbrella? We speak of any hue inspired by juicy colors found in nature with a calming pastel effect, which clearly tops the 2023 paint color trends. Designers give preference to earthy shades, such as brown and orange, softer variations, such as blue and green, and brighter choices, such as peach and yellow; remember – any of these options under one condition – pastel shades. Of course, we cannot skip the 2023 favorite color, which is lavender and definitely a gender-neutral shade. What’s great about all these colors is that they have a timeless potential as part of the kids’ room design trends, so you can easily go with them for the nursery and keep them for when your child grows up. 

From a Single Piece to the Whole Puzzle

One of the 2023 trends is to put meaning in every detail. Start with a single element you like and base on it the entire design. For instance, a particular piece of furniture that you fell in love with or a wallpaper pattern that drew your attention are perfect examples in this sense. Your nursery will acquire a familiar and close-to-the-heart environment. Such a design solution can be of help to those who cannot decide on the design. Starting with a single unit will inspire you to further actions in designing the space. A vacation memory, a favorite bunny toy, or a particular pattern can all be starting points for a design.

Visual Appeal with Mural Wallpaper

If alluring wallpaper with a themed design is not always a good idea for a living or bedroom, particularly for connoisseurs of simple and functional, a mural wallpaper is perfect for the baby’s room. Inspired by the wild jungles, intriguing safari, or an urban view, it will stylishly add appeal to the nursery. The available range of mural wallpapers is very large, and you can choose the patterns and color that suits your style, color scheme, and furniture layout.

Multi-purpose Furniture

The 2023 interior design trends are about the thoughtful use of materials with a positive impact on nature and the lasting use of items. In the nursery, the furniture and decor usually get replaced by other pieces according to your child’s age. Work smarter and purchase multi-purpose furniture. A vintage dresser can later serve as a perfect decoration for the room, while a rocking chair of a similar style can later enrich the environment of the reading space.

Designer Lighting Fixtures

In the new season, the absolute must-have in the nursery is the designer wall fixtures with interesting designs; be it geometric shapes, catroon-inspired patterns, or customized forms with dimmable light so that you can easily adapt the brightness to the right level. 

On the other side of the coin, the room requires appropriate light to brighten every corner and large fixtures on the ceiling perfectly serve such a purpose. Among the no-fail pendants in 2023 are the ones produced from sustainable materials, and rattan holds a leading position.

Comfort in the First Place

One of the main principles in interior design is to preserve comfort, particularly in the nursery, as the main goal is to ensure a safe and comfortable place for your baby. In this sense, consider controlling light, noise, and air. 

First of all, you should have a perfect option of blocking the daylight during sleeping time. Consider blackout curtains to manage this task. The same darkening drapes work as noise isolators beside thick rugs. When it comes to air, consider indoor plants so that the room is constantly filled with fresh air.

Green-themed Baby Room

Babies begin to perceive colors after three months, and surrounding your child with the right color is not only about the style of the room. Green has been regarded as one of the best colors to decorate the nursery. This lively color invites children to explore and grow by stimulating their interest in new and love for nature. And as we all know natural concepts within the design are the favorites in the new season. Green wallpaper or paint colors, untreated wood furniture, live plants, open outdoor landscape, and decor inspired by nature.

Family Values 

Nursery is about a new start and continuity. One of the main trends in the current season is putting meaning in every design element. We suggest you integrate family values within this space by opting for a meaningful quote on the wall that reflects an idea peculiar to your relationship with family members or an element that used to belong to grandparents. Such an approach to the nursery design will set strong ties between the baby and the family, preserving the existing values and starting new ones.

Nursery Themes 2023

Gender-neutral Baby Room

A neutrally colored nursery that doesn’t distinguish between gender-biased colors, patterns, and decor. A room decoration that equally goes for everybody, mostly relying on natural surfaces, a warm color scheme, and a free layout.

Dreamy Baby Room

The nursery room ensures the best environment for your children to fulfill their dreams with a soft color palette, a design style inspired by the night sky, and plenty of fluffy textures.

Into the Wild

Natural landscapes, wild animals, or forest life can all be a good start for a baby room meant to stimulate your little one’s interest in discovering the world from an early age. 

Marine Life

Depicting the adventurous navigation through the ocean waves, the secrets of the underwater world, and the friendly inhabitants of the sea, the nursery acquires a unique theme that cultivates the love for exploring the world. 


It doesn’t necessarily mean an amalgam of colors and styles but rather a free choice of shades and shapes on a relatively neutral background in a space fully penetrated by natural light.

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