Open kitchen shelving ideas: 10 gorgeous ways to shape the look of your kitchen

The classic kitchen look with hidden shelves is the most approached one when planning a new kitchen. It seems that everything is in its place, and the space is used functionally. Nevertheless, an increased interest has been shown for open shelving lately. It is not a surprise since an appropriate approach in this sense is more than enough to set a functional and not less stylish open shelving.

Whether you plan to store the kitchenware on such shelves or want to make it a point of interest and decorate it stylishly, you have nothing else to do than go for it. We promise, such an element within your kitchen will be more than part of the furniture but rather a chance to make a statement. Consider your preferences and kitchen style while we will provide you with fabulous ideas on how to make the most of this space.

Organization and coherence

An open shelving system makes it harder to play with the objects put in place. If a cupboard allows you to set them conveniently without bothering yourself with the general look, an open kitchen shelving limits your possibilities. In the latter case, convenience and the aesthetic look are to be considered equally.

We suggest you organize your open shelves by paying attention to each element’s color, material, shape, and size. Put them in place based on a particular system for a coherent look. Furthermore, you can go with all-white open shelving, which refers to both the shelves and the constituent elements for a smooth picture. Of course, you can opt for any other color, although white will fit any style.

Brighten the space with a new sparkle

If open shelving in one color and a well-organized system seems a little bit boring for you, consider a bold approach when it comes to colors. There is nothing else to do than stick to a thoroughly thought system for an appropriate arrangement when it comes to organization. Nevertheless, you can go as far as you want regarding the colors. 

As a starting point, you could go with a particular shade and enrich a monochromatic decor. If you are ready to take a bolder step, opt for a multi-color arrangement and add positivity to your kitchen. It works perfectly with cooking books since the array of colors set by every book in part leads to a stunning effect that fills the place with energy. It is noteworthy that such an approach requires a neutral background.

Functionality: nothing more, nothing less

If the space does not allow the possibility to play with a particular decor for open shelving, or you are rather an amateur of simple arrangements and put functionality in the first place, consider the latter aspect as the theme of your open shelves.

Do you wonder what a functional theme means? It is nothing more than the practical use of space. Therefore, you should use these shelves to store particular kitchen utensils or other objects that you use daily. Besides the fact that it will add to the integrity of a well-arranged kitchen, such an approach will keep at hand all the necessary objects you use when cooking.

Fill the space with style

Placing kitchenware on open shelves is not the single option you can consider. Particularly if the space allows, you can make the most of your open shelves and make a statement within your kitchen. Consider decorative elements that fit the style of this room or bear a particular meaning to you.

The standard decor in this sense involves pots with indoor plants here and there, a piece of art, any other smaller elements that fit your liking, and kitchenware that you do not usually use but would like to keep in a visible place. As easy as that, your kitchen will become more than a cooking place but rather a stylish setting that will point first of all to your sense of beauty.

Different materials for different styles

We have talked so far about the things that find themselves on the shelves. What about the shelves themselves? They play as much an essential role in the kitchen look. Let’s start with the basics: what materials to consider for open shelves?

  • Wood to bring the outdoors inside. This surface will fit perfectly a rustic style or work for you if you want to add freshness and comfort to this space. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that such material will look even more fascinating when combined with a white background;
  • Marble to add elegance. Particularly welcome is such an approach for open shelving in combination with a marble backsplash. It will lead to a slightly noticeable contrast between those two, which compliments the integrity of the space;
  • Steel and glass to make an impression. These materials will work especially for an industrial style. The raw surfaces will add points of interest and complete the picture. Such open shelves do not require a sophisticated decor but rather a simple and functional one.

Simple lines, minimalist decor, and practical use

Would you like an unusual approach to open shelving in the kitchen? Consider placing the shelves at the window. That’s right! Not below the window line or above it, but right against the opening. It looks quite impressive, particularly if arranged appropriately. In this sense, take into account the following aspects:

  • Thin and neutral-colored shelves in order not to stop the daylight from penetrating the room;
  • Simple decor that enriches the space with new splashes at the necessary level without suppressing the environment;
  • Practical use if placed near the sink or cooking area for maximum functionality and less effort.

A one-step approach

It sounds simple, isn’t it? The result is as simple as the approach itself. Consider a single shelf as part of the kitchen furniture or against a plain wall. From chaotically arranged decorative elements, which have to be in small numbers, to an organized system of kitchenware, add a new sparkle to a minimalist kitchen. 

If you wonder about the other styles, here is the answer: such an approach will fit as perfectly any other setting since simplicity has never spoiled an interior design.

Complete the puzzle with a matching background

There are various opportunities when it comes to background, from neutral colors to contrastive shades and patterns. If your open shelves are part of the furniture, consider decorating the back wall with wallpaper, although neutral ones have to be taken into account. Even if you go with a particular pattern, make sure that it does not blur the picture.

When it comes to open shelving on a plain wall, consider in advance painting the latter in such a way that it emphasizes the units that find themselves on the shelves. A slightly contrastive or bold background will underline the shapes and point out the color system of the decorative elements.

Green, fresh, natural

The last months have made us appreciate nature at another level. Most of us want to bring it closer; as they say: bring the outdoors indoors; quite a good approach. Even the designers agree that a contemporary interior design cannot go without natural elements. Why not apply this approach to open shelving in your kitchen?

Don’t worry! You do not have to bring in new materials or colors inspired by nature unless you already did since it is welcome. All you have to do is not let a single arrangement of this kind go without pots with indoor plants. Regardless of your open shelves’ decorative or practical role, an indoor plant will refresh the look and balance the contrasts due to the bold green color.

Mediterranean style

Of course, there are lots of styles you can refer to for a unique result. Nevertheless, we decided to stop this time at the Mediterranean one. After months spent indoors, we all long for sun kisses. With the latest trends in interior design, you can bring the warm environment of south-western countries and the cool summer breeze to your house.

Consider in advance a tiled backsplash with patterns inspired from the earlier-mentioned countries’ cultures. Add wood shelves, decorate them with a collection of pottery or simple decorative elements that spread warm feelings into the environment. With a simple but smart approach, you will add style to your kitchen and enrich it with summer scents that will last all year long.

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