Bathroom with an open shower: design ideas

A confident shift to minimalism marks modern interior trends. Today, conciseness and restraint are welcome in absolutely everything, and if you can use as few elements and materials as possible when decorating a room, this must be done. Perhaps this is why such a solution as an open shower in the bathroom is a popular solution today.

Just a couple of decades ago, showers were at the peak of popularity, with which many even replaced traditional baths. However, over time, even the most loyal fans of the cabins noted their shortcomings – the bulkiness of the structure, difficult maintenance, and repair problems in the event of any breakdowns. The craving for ergonomics and modern, laconic aesthetics has led to a return to the open shower. Whether you know not too much about such a system or, on the contrary, are already thinking about whether to install it in your bathroom, we suggest learning more about the advantages, disadvantages, and options for using an open shower in a particular interior.

Open shower: features and benefits

A modern open shower is a part of the space in a bathroom or other room, separated from the rest of the area by one or two glass partitions and a specially equipped tray or floor. A device so simple at first glance has many advantages:

  • Effortless installation. To prepare an open shower, you only need glass panels attached to the walls – and, of course, the corresponding plumbing. They are usually stationary – although some prefer to install sliding elements.
  • Ergonomic and compact. For an open shower, you need a minimum of space – unlike the shower cabin, which requires much more space. This makes it possible to place a separate shower in the same room as a traditional bathtub, which provides a higher comfort level.
  • Improved illumination. Such designs let in almost all daylight and artificial light, making the room look spacious and bright.
  • Aesthetics and a kind of versatility. Perhaps it is difficult to name an interior style in which an open shower would be inappropriate – with the correct wall decoration and bathroom design, are organic even in a classic environment. And yet, the best solution for an open shower is the direction that gravitates towards simplicity and brevity – minimalism, modern, Japanese, and Scandinavian.
  • Easy to keep clean. Such a shower reduces the number of hard-to-reach places, joints, corners, and bends to practically zero, so cleaning the bathroom takes a minimum of time and effort.

And yet, when arranging an open area for a shower, there is a specificity. First of all, it is the need to lay the floor using a certain technology. In this case, several layers are sequentially mounted – the base, thermal insulation, screed, waterproofing, and another screed layer, and the process is completed with porcelain stoneware or tiles. Care must also be taken to install a suitable drain with a wet and dry seal to quickly drain the water and protect it from extraneous unpleasant odors.

Of course, all this needs to be thought about when you decide to do without a shower tray. The second option is recommended for apartments in multi-storey buildings where there is a risk of leakage. However, owners of private houses can indulge in assembling an authentic structure without using a tray.

Another important condition is high-quality heating. If the shower stall retains heat due to the closed space, and the bathtub creates comfort due to the sufficient mass and area of water, then with an open shower, neither the first nor the second is possible: quickly leaking water will not be able to sufficiently heat the surrounding air, even for a short time. That is why it is important to maintain the most comfortable temperature for you in the bathroom at all times. And, of course, don’t forget about good ventilation to quickly drain moisture and eliminate steam.

Bathroom design ideas with open shower

Despite its visual lightness, an open shower also needs to be properly integrated into the bathroom interior. Designers offer several solutions to ensure a harmonious and attractive appearance of the room.

Various finishes

The choice of materials for decorating walls in the shower is minimal – these are tiles and ceramic granite. However, it would be best if you did not think that this is a path to boring and secondary design: today, manufacturers offer so many collections for every taste and color that it is sometimes challenging to decide. In this case, you have to decide not only on the series of tiles but also on the layout method – today; the following solutions are considered trendy:

  • highlighting the shower area with contrasting tiles – light or dark;
  • the use of a contrasting texture against the background of the base tile – mosaic or textured;
  • finishing to match the entire bathroom – to expand the space visually;
  • laying out a decorative panel on the wall where the plumbing is located;
  • use of vertical stripes from patterned tiles.

When choosing tiles for the shower area floor, be sure to consider such a criterion as safety. Glossy surfaces or materials with the wrong anti-slip coefficient are not the best options.

Without backlight anywhere

In private houses, an open shower is often designed closer to the bathroom windows – natural light is usually enough for water procedures. However, if such a zone is equipped in a room without windows, as well as in a niche or nook, you need to think about additional lighting that can be provided:

  • spotlights;
  • lighting lines are hidden under the ceiling;
  • sconce located behind a stationary glass partition.

When installing lighting, you need to take full waterproofing and safe location of lamps and light strips. For example, spots are permissible only in rooms with high ceilings, and sconces are only allowed from the side of partitions that are close to the wall.

Comfortable environment

Despite the relevance of an open shower, especially noticeable in modern interiors, many still avoid installing such structures – primarily because they seem very uncomfortable to opponents of shower areas. However, such a problem can be solved – firstly, due to the above-mentioned well-established heating. Secondly, with the help of a comfortable arrangement of the zone, ensuring everything necessary for water procedures is ensured. To do this, you can take a closer look at the following solutions:

  • decoration of wall niches inside the shower area for cosmetics, gels, and soaps;
  • beautiful decorative towel hooks as close to the shower as possible;
  • installation of a wooden bench for laying towels and necessary bath accessories;
  • installation of special shelves made of metal or wood with a moisture-resistant coating at a safe and comfortable height;
  • special mat on the floor for a comfortable and safe exit from the shower.

Cozy pebble floors, niches for shampoos, and even charming metal tables that accommodate both decor and bath accessories create a truly welcoming atmosphere, attractive even for not too big water lovers. At the same time, designers categorically do not recommend using mirrors directly in the shower area: due to constant fogging, you will not be able to see anything in it, and excess moisture can spoil the volumetric design frames made of materials with low moisture resistance.

Finally, it is imperative to pay enough attention to plumbing and fittings. Do not forget about the most functional elements of the shower area – they also affect its visual perception. Try to choose a stationary and flexible shower head of the same design, use metal elements that organically complement the interior of the bathroom as a whole, take the time to look for a high-quality drain with a beautiful and durable decorative lattice. All this will allow you to turn an open shower into a practical and stylish space in which it is enjoyable to take care of yourself.

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