Orange bedroom: 22 well-selected ideas with photos

Usually, calm colors are chosen for the bedroom in order to feel physical and spiritual peace. But today, we offer an unexpected option – 22 design ideas for a bright bedroom in orange.

Psychologists believe that orange color increases the energy potential of a person. Simply, from the moment you wake up, your mood rises. This color, through its boldness, stimulates confidence and inspires positive energy.

Bright wall

Do you want to light up the room with orange instantly? Give it the most prominent area – the walls. There are two options: paint or wallpaper, both of which require careful color matching. Designers stop at “deep” shades: carrot, pumpkin, or rust color; they attract the eye and retain a sense of novelty for a long time.

There is an essential rule for wallpaper with a pattern: the only color that looks appropriate in the orange wall palette is white. The drawing should also be simple, for example, white circles or stripes.

Stickers on the wall

If you get tired of a monochromatic palette, you can smooth out the sensations with the help of the stickers wall. It is an ordinary sticker from which you need to remove the protective layer and stick it on the wall. It has a poor palette in white-gray-black colors, but the orange interior does not need another one.

Also, this move can be foreseen initially during the repair: install a stencil on the wall and remove it after painting, leaving a white mark.

Accent ceiling

You can reduce the brightness of the bedroom if you move the emphasis to the ceiling. The orange ceiling looks softer, is at a high altitude, and rarely catches the eye. It turns out a kind of illusion: when you enter a room, you see bright accents gathered together in an orange theme, but after a while, inside the room, you stop noticing this bright color. 

The rest of the design is best done in classic colors: white, black, and woody with rare bright spots.

Striped ceiling

Stripes will be an interesting idea for the ceiling. They are painted in two colors: orange and white. Unlike wallpaper, you cannot flicker here, so the stripes are broad and run along the room’s length – be it vertical or horizontal. This look will also dim the room without compromising on originality.

Wall wide stripes may combine the design of bedding, which for a moment confusing with a wrong association, but looks unique and very youthful. To enhance the effect, choose pastel shades like peach or coral.

Bed base

A bright accent can be transferred to furniture because many large-sized items in the bedroom will attract attention. For example, get a bed where the main color is orange. It can be upholstered with a soft filled fabric or made of wood, painted with bright varnish.

Orange should not be used in bedding; white, green, and yellow will do. It is better to give an additional accent on curtains, painting, or small decor.


If you can’t find a bed with a suitable base, you can orient the accent to the headboard. There are even more options here: a soft surface with filler, a mahogany model, a high or low design, etc. You must definitely pick up orange pillows or a blanket for it and place a flower bouquet next to it to complete the composition.

Also, the headboard can be purchased separately and installed against the wall. Then buying a bed will be reduced to a simple choice of models without a headboard.


A wardrobe occupies a considerable space in the bedroom. Usually, this can darken the room, but if done in a bright color, you can get the effect of an accent wall. It is even better if the model has white inserts – together, they reflect light well, and the room immediately becomes brighter.

It remains to arrange the decor in the rest of the room: for example, hang an orange mirror on the dressing table, install a bedside table, or a flower pot by the bed.


It’s not uncommon to find an armchair in a large bedroom; it usually stands near a dressing table, bookshelf or window – and is accordingly used for ease of applying makeup or comfortable reading close to the window. You can highlight it with an accent along with the bed.

The model is matched to the bedroom style: it can be an armchair made of genuine leather, its substitute or fabric material. Or a bean bag, which is well suited to a cozy, home interior.

Bedroom bench

Not all beds are accompanied by such a piece as the bench bedroom, but it can give a unique accent to your room once you have it in the bedroom.

There are several popular models: a seating bench, a pair of small chairs, a long pouf with decorative legs, and a soft pouf without legs – often square or round. The main thing is to be combined with the design of the bedroom, and then the choice is yours.


Finances do not allow you to repair and change the furniture? There is always the best option with changing textiles since there is a lot of it in the bedroom. For example, bed linen can transform even an old bed that has worked for you for a dozen years.

It is easy to cross the border between elegance and tastelessness in orange, so it is better to stick to the classics: plain bed linen looks perfect, where the texture of the fabric is of interest, or models with a white pattern – dots, stripes, checks.

Knitted bedspread

To give a touch of color, you can use this decorative piece used by anyone to cover the bed or use it as a blanket if you feel cold or want to feel cozy. It is fashionable to cover it partially, folding it in the middle of the bed. This maintains the symmetry of the orange accents, as decorative pillows with bright prints often occupy the upper part of the bed.

Decorative pillows

Pillows are the most accessible decorative pieces to use. After all, oddly enough, they look great on the bed even when they mix different colors, styles, textures, and prints. It’s senseless not to take advantage of an opportunity that floats into your hands – so throw more pillows on the bed.

Choose colors similar in temperature shades: for example, if the base is apricot pillows, add alabaster and ash pink. And if the cushions are orange – beige and cherry colors.


Is your bedroom on the sunny side, and every morning the sun insidiously bursts into pleasant dreams? Then hang the curtains. Be careful – the temperature of the interior depends on their shade.

If you hang thin peach curtains, the light will freely enter the room, visually expanding its space. Thick curtains will darken the room and make it feel heavier. And warm shades of orange like oranges and carrots will make your bedroom cozier.

Soft carpet

Carpet is an essential element of the bedroom, which makes it more comfortable. Imagine how pleasant it is to touch soft material with your feet in the morning rather than cold parquet flooring. And in the evenings, laying on it, reading a book. The carpet also hides mistakes well – for example, a floor that does not match the interior’s color scheme.

An interesting option is to use several carpets at once. You can pick up a couple of orange rugs and something dark to create an accent and then artistically spread them around the room.

Cabinets / nightstands

A design in shades of orange would be incomplete without another decor that spreads color to every part of the bedroom, for example, through a cabinet. Finding it in orange will not be easy, but you can replace it with attractive analogs.

It can be anything – the main thing is to have a horizontal surface and hold several bedside items like an alarm clock and a telephone. An unusual option would be a brightly painted stool, a stack of books with orange covers, an old suitcase, a soft ottoman, etc.

Table lamp

The table lamp helps to create a harmonious orange interior in the sleeping area. Typically used in conjunction with striking bed accents, such as bedding, throw pillows, or bedspread. If there are few accents on the bed, you can install others next to the lamp: an alarm clock or a vase of flowers.

The decorative lamps themselves have a bright stem made of mahogany, ceramic or orange plastic. Or an unusual shade – also in bright colors.


You can add focus to a wall using various paintings, such as artwork, a poster, a photograph, a wooden plate, or a hand-drawn picture. The orange color scheme is very bright, so a realistic style or, on the contrary, abstraction is usually chosen for a drawing.

The picture frame is of great importance here – it must exactly match the color scheme and style of the room. In a minimalist’s bedroom, better is a picture without a frame, a regular one – white or black classics.

Wall art poster

An exciting option for DIY decor lovers is a poster wall. In their youth, many tried it – it turned out not very beautiful, but then you did not know the correct technique.

One of the best options looks like a solid wall, where the distance between the pictures is calculated – it has the same width and length. Pictures have a single color scheme: for example, orange, pale pink, yellow, blue, green, and white. Posters have different images: people, animals, inscriptions, prints, nature. They may be arranged to combine the same colors and patterns less often.

Small decor

You can use any decor in orange for small accents – think about what original things you know in this color. For example, you may use sunflowers, pumpkins, flower pots, orange cover books, scented candles, tree figurines, melon, a beautiful camera, and much more.

The peculiarity of small decor is that you can combine elements that do not fit each other if they have a similar color scheme. And this unties the hands for unusual experiments.

Orange and gray bedroom

To create a harmonious interior, you need to know what the orange color is combined with. One of the popular combinations is an orange and gray bedroom. Here the color is used in pastel tones, like tangerine or salmon.

You can additionally use other colors, but they should correspond to the general scale of the room: pastel, dark or bright. 

Orange and blue bedroom

The orange and blue bedroom is perfect for bright and extraordinary people who like to be the center of attention. Blue goes well with any other color; plus, it can absorb its brightness without harming the interior.

But even with the “magical absorption” of blue, dull shades of orange are worth using here—for example, apricot, copper, or ocher. You also want a neutral white to defuse the overall brightness and brighten the bedroom.

Orange and black bedroom

An orange and black bedroom is an unusual option for courageous people. Ideal for loft-style interiors where walls are masonry and floors are made of rough wood. Bright colors flood the room and at the same time absorb each other, creating a harmonious picture.

It uses rich shades of orange – pumpkin, titian. To dilute the interior, beige and ash yellow van be added. Wooden items are used in the furniture.

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