How to Choose the Best Outdoor Curtains for Patio

Choosing outdoor curtains for your patio can be indeed exciting. They undoubtedly differ from the standard indoor curtains and offer you the possibility to make a gorgeous place for a retreat out of your outdoor recreational area. Stay with us, and we will reveal the basics you need to know before purchasing outdoor curtains for the patio and a list of carefully selected patio curtain ideas trending this season.

Patio Curtain Essentials

  • A sense of privacy. If you want to enjoy your free time in your own company or with your dear ones far from the neighbors’ eyes, choose curtains that ensure 100% privacy. Think of the material type and thickness.
  • Comfort for any weather conditions. Use waterproof outdoor curtains for the patio on rainy days and shade curtains during the sunniest days. Or, opt for a combo of those two.
  • Stay in style. Patio curtains are primarily practical, yet we cannot overlook how they look and affect the house’s exterior design. Consider the trendiest materials, colors, and prints. Read on for the best outdoor curtain ideas for your patio.

What material to choose for patio curtains?

According to experts, one of the best options is polypropylene, designed especially for the outdoors. This lightweight and durable material is resistant to UV and waterproof. The next in line is acrylic fabric, which shows no less practicality. Yet, it won’t work for you if you have pets since it attracts pet hair due to the static charge. Polyester blends are a more affordable alternative yet less durable than the previous options. Last but not least, cotton is another beloved choice due to its natural appearance. Though, they are not waterproof and are prone to fading. 

How to take care of patio curtains?

First and foremost, check them regularly for any possible problems, such as stains or tears. Take care of minor spills as fast as you notice them. Once in a while, use the washing machine to keep them clean and fresh. And, mandatorily, take them down, say, during winter and store them in a dry place to preserve their quality and prolong their lifespan. 

How do you hang outdoor curtains for the patio?

Like with traditional indoor window treatment, use curtain rods. First, you have to install those on the existing outdoor structures. A good alternative is curtain wires. It depends on the layout of your patio. You can even use the existing structures as curtain rods.

Now, we are ready to get to the inspirational part of this guide. You’ll definitely want to write down at least one of the following best outdoor curtain ideas for the patio.

Top Patio Curtain Color: White

You’ll never be on the wrong side of trends with white. This timeless outdoor curtain color suits any exterior house design and color palette. Add freshness and airiness to your patio with white drapes.

Outdoor Curtain Color Alternatives

One of the primary outdoor living design trends is bright colors. Add that dopamine splash to your patio with the boldest and most unusual colors ever. Think blue, green, pink, coral, yellow, orange, or any other tone inspired by the outdoors.

Keep it Fresh: Sheer Curtains

Choose sheer outdoor curtains for your patio if you want a stronger bond with the outdoors. Let the natural landscape be part of the design. Guess what; white holds the leading position here as well.

Save It for Bad Weather

If you live in a region with possible bad weather conditions, you should mandatorily go for waterproof and windproof outdoor curtains for the patio. Those are usually made of thicker materials that stand the test of time.

Outdoor Vinyl Curtains for Patio

Opt for a fully clear vinyl patio enclosure and protect your recreational zone from rain and wind. Moreover, you can choose vinyl roller blinds and open or close them as you wish.

Multi-Purpose Mosquito Screen

Maybe you’ll like such a screen more than traditional curtains. Aside from protecting your recreational space from mosquitoes at night, it will visually add more privacy to the patio. Use a roller system to open or close the screen easily.

One of the original patio decor ideas is using stripes, which wins the first position in the ranking of the trendiest outdoor curtain design options. Besides the classic combo of black and white, try other interesting options, such as green and white or blue and white.

Extended Patio: Curtain Walls

Bring the patio closer to nature by extending its borders. Opt for the budget-friendly wall solution with outdoor curtains instead of brick and mortar. Change the appearance of your deck by effortlessly closing or opening the curtains.

Dark-Colored Patio Curtains

Dark colors look no less special as patio decor. Think deep earthy hues and even black. Yet, be aware that these options don’t work for spaces that receive a lot of sunlight since it will feel too warm inside your patio.

Celebrate the Fine Things in Life

If you fancy a formal ambiance around your patio, decorate it with long and voluminous drapes elegantly tied to the patio structures. Let them stylishly flow down and add a sophisticated mood to your late-night gatherings or early-morning reconnections with nature.

Eco Patio Curtains

Stay trendy with the latest sustainable design options by opting for outdoor curtains for your patio made of organic materials. Moreover, you can go boho and consider handwoven curtains as a DIY project.

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