Outdoor kitchen countertop ideas: bring the indoors out in a functional way

As with an indoor kitchen, the outdoor one requires as much attention, particularly when it comes to functionality. Nevertheless, we cannot skip the stylish part, which plays an essential role in the overall design. One of the main elements that catches our attention is the countertop, which is responsible both for the functionality of the working space and the integrity of the kitchen. 

When deciding upon the outdoor kitchen countertop, durability is the first thing you should consider. The rest will be played by appropriately chosen designs. We will provide you with practical ideas, tackling such aspects as materials, colors, and designs. Besides that, you will discover useful tips and lots of inspiration for a perfect result.

Outdoor kitchen countertop: best materials

As mentioned earlier, the key to a perfect outdoor kitchen countertop is durability. Therefore, long-lasting materials are required in this sense. Nevertheless, the aesthetic part is not put aside but rather combined with functionality. Let’s dive into the following ideas as regards the countertop materials that promise to match any style!

  • Concrete. This one is among the popular materials to consider in this sense. Long-lasting, sleek-looking, and contemporary, it will match any style. Nevertheless, such a covering needs to be replaced from time to time since concrete tends to fade, particularly if exposed to sunlight.
  • Stone. A win-win option for homeowners that look for long-lasting products that enhance the stylish effect of the entire kitchen. You can choose from an array of textures and colors to fit a particular style. Unlike the previous option, this one has color-resistance among its features;
  • Porcelain. Highly durable, nice-looking, and easy to take care of, porcelain is a perfect option for outdoor kitchens. Besides all the mentioned benefits, you can also count resistance to scratches.
  • Tiles. A wide range of colors and designs is covered by this material. From smooth surfaces to various patterns, choose a design that suits your preferences. It should be noted that tiles are not the best option for colder climates due to the risk of cracking;
  • Wood. It is perfect for an outside setting since the natural surface fits perfectly a natural background. Nevertheless, it is high maintenance and hard to take care of. Additionally, such factors as sunlight, rain, stains from cooking influence the way a wood countertop looks. However, if you are ready to avoid them or at least reduce their effect, go for it!
  • Stainless steel. Practical, modern, smooth, the stainless steel is perfect for an outdoor setting. Besides the fact that it is long-lasting and easy to take care of, it will shape the aesthetics of the kitchen. From traditional to contemporary style, stainless steel is a perfect alternative to the earlier mentioned options;
  • Marble. One of the best options for an indoor countertop, marble fits an outdoor setting as perfectly. Although, particular maintenance requirements are implied. If not taken care of appropriately, the weather will wear it fast.

Practical tips to consider

  • Consider a concrete countertop installed by professionals since it is prone to cracking;
  • If you opt for a stone countertop, consider sealing it to add durability;
  • Considering a porcelain countertop, opt for a Dekton one, which is a durable type of quartz and will reduce the risk of cracking;
  • When you go with a tile countertop, look for surfaces that suit your climate to ensure durability;
  • If you decide upon a wooden covering, it does not necessarily mean that it has to be natural wood. You can go with other durable surfaces that replicate wood and enjoy the result;
  • Ensure shade, if possible, for a stainless steel countertop since it gets hot really fast;
  • Opt for honed marble for the outdoor countertop to make sure that it will last longer.

Outdoor kitchen countertop: design ideas

Now that we have covered the main aspects to consider when choosing the material, it is time to speak about design ideas that will keep this space functional and stylish. Scroll through the following list for inspiration.

  • Perfectly integrated. Consider material and color that will perfectly integrate the countertop into the kitchen to ensure integrity;
  • Contrastive pairing. Opt for contrastive combinations of materials and colors for a balanced environment;
  • Keep it raw. From concrete, stone, and stainless steel countertops, accompanied by other raw-looking surfaces, preserve texture within your outdoor kitchen;
  • Gray for a contemporary look. According to the latest trends, simplicity is the main approach when it comes to design. Why not integrate it into your outdoor kitchen, particularly for the countertop? Gray is the best option in this sense. You do not have to go too extra and look for gray tiles or gray marble. Instead, stop at a concrete covering, and the problem will be solved.
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