Outdoor living trends 2022

A lot has been said about the current trends in the interior of private and country houses and apartments – and it will not be difficult to find any ideas for decorating your home. It is time to talk about such an aspect as creating a stylish and cozy outdoor area.

Over the past two to three years, designers have been keen on this element of home architecture. And this is quite logical: more and more attention is paid to open-air spaces – today, they are considered both as zones for relaxation and a way to create an individual appearance of a residential building. Indeed, the adjoining territory opens up unlimited opportunities for unique, beautiful, and truly comfortable solutions.

At the same time, you should be aware that this space is a border zone between architecture and landscape design. Today it includes the following elements:

  • balconies and loggias;
  • verandas;
  • terraces;
  • patios with adjoining stairs.

All these elements are closely adjacent to the house. Therefore the owners have to solve several problems at once – to provide a visually harmonious transition from the homes, to fit them into the landscape design harmoniously, and, of course, to equip everything with maximum comfort and aesthetics. If you also have to decorate the outdoor living space, we suggest evaluating the current trends for 2022 – for the perfect balance of comfort, lightness, and fresh air.

Nature-inspired materials

Harmony with nature is of crucial importance in the arrangement of courtyards and verandas. Therefore, one cannot do without the materials it created. In this case, we are talking not only about wood, although it is still at the peak of popularity, and furniture from it is most often used to furnish outdoor territories. In 2022, it is worth betting on diversity and using elements from the following materials:

  • Linen and cotton. Burlap and natural cotton fabrics create a natural and relaxed atmosphere and add environmental friendliness and lightness to your outdoor recreation.
  • Willow vine and rattan. An excellent solution, reminiscent of the paradise beaches in Asia and the Mediterranean coasts. You can create stylish uniformity with a complete set of wicker furniture or complement the rattan chairs with modern low wooden tables. The most important thing is not to forget about pillows – in tone for calm and sophistication or bright for a fun contrast.
  • Jute. It was jute rugs that became one of the most trending accessories of 2022. Its natural texture looks incredibly stylish, and its combination with stone or wood flooring gives the setting a touch of exoticism.

Saturated colors for a bold effect

Everyone aware of the current interior trends already knows that calm, neutral, and muted tones have prevailed in interior design over the past few seasons. However, the craving for bright colors remains strong enough – and thanks to outdoor living, you can easily meet your desires.

Such shades as lemon yellow and coral turned out to be surprisingly popular in the design of terraces, patios, and courtyards. Still, the choice is not limited to them – you should also take a closer look at the following colors:

  • deep red;
  • cobalt;
  • Caribbean blue;
  • pistachio;
  • fuchsia;
  • matte golden;
  • emerald.

Such tones are relevant not only for furniture for verandas and patios but also for accessories. Floor vases, coffee tables, flower pots, and even canvases of awnings or sun umbrellas – each of these elements can become a bright and expressive accent and add mood to the exterior of the house.

Modern solutions for a contemporary courtyard 

Designers and manufacturers are quite sensitive to their customers’ needs; therefore, their interest in outdoor living arrangements did not go unnoticed. Today they offer whole sets that allow you to furnish your private outdoor space harmoniously. Although such unity in the interior is not welcome, terraces and patios are an entirely different matter!

You can safely order street bars, kitchens, and upholstered furniture. They will create a single, centered, and harmonious ensemble, emphasize your great taste and make you feel comfortable and peaceful both on small family barbecues and during gatherings with a large group of friends.

Another advantage of such sets is modularity and mobility, which is especially relevant in modern design. Sofas can be easily converted into two or three armchairs, armchairs can be combined into a couch or taken apart into poufs, and tables, if necessary, serve as braziers. Well, if the weather does not allow indulging in a serene unity with nature, all this can be easily moved somewhere in a garage or under a shed.

Bring the coastal view to the terrace

One of the most striking trends for 2022 promises to be patios’ design in the so-called coastal style. This design option will allow you to preserve or refresh vivid memories of a sandy sunny beach, inviting ocean waves and sea breezes – even if you are thousands of kilometers from your favorite resort. You can create a similar atmosphere using the following elements:

  • minimalistic sofas and half-chairs with blue or white upholstery under burlap or canvas;
  • outdoor furniture made of light or dark-colored wood;
  • striped accessories – blankets, pillows, tablecloths;
  • lamps in neoclassical style;
  • flooring made of wood or tiles with terracotta or natural stone;
  • wooden décor in a nautical style – and possibly a few large seashells.

“Edible” gardening

When arranging a patio, terrace, or loggia, plants, of course, cannot be avoided. Flowers, herbs, and small bushes, planted in the ground or placed in tubs and flowerpots, become a decoration of the outdoor space. However, in 2022, designers propose a new idea – integrating a landscape design trend known as the “edible garden” into its design.

This trend implies the design of gardens and lawns not only with ornamental plants but also with useful crops. Of course, planting apple trees, pears, and potatoes around your patio is entirely optional. However, bushes of strawberries or green beans placed in a flower pot or flower beds on which flowers grow with purple cabbage or spicy herbs look very unusual. Also, the prospect of enjoying the gifts of nature produced with your own hands is very tempting.

Fresh air 24/7

Courtyards are often set up for leisurely evening conversations with the family over a cup of tea, delicious summer dinners, or fun barbecues with friends. However, it is quite possible for those who regularly experience stress or lack of proper rest to consider this outdoor living as another bedroom.

It is also nice that this does not require any excessive efforts. A comfortable wide couch under a canopy on a flat area made of stone, wood, or lawn grass, a small pouf or a coffee table, your favorite blanket – that’s all you need. Clean air, gentle sun, and the rustle of foliage will do the rest: sleep promises to be healthy and stimulating as never before.

Creative hanging chairs, properly selected outdoor lighting in addition to the listed trends – all these elements create an unusually cozy space that delights with beauty and functionality all year round. Take the time to equip your veranda, patio, or balcony: the result will please not only you but also your friends and neighbors.

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