Paint colors for a boy’s room: best hues from renowned manufacturers

The time when a boy’s room was associated with blue passed a long time ago. Contemporary design solutions go beyond stereotypes and integrate colors in any way that fits the style and reaches the desired effect. There is no longer a clear separation line when it comes to a girl’s or boy’s room. Furthermore, parents tend to opt lately for neutral colors that, besides other benefits, can be adapted to any preference. Nevertheless, there are still some slight differences between the colors that are considered for a boy’s room and the ones for a girl’s room.

Let’s look from a narrow perspective at the paint approach within a room that is meant for a boy. Whether this is your first time planning such a design project or you are working on a makeover for your teen boy, it is not that easy to find a color that would match both your preferences, but, most of all, refer to his personality. Luckily, the range of colors prepared by us is wide enough to cover all these aspects. You have nothing else to do than scroll through it and stop at the one that feels closer to both of you. 

Bluebird Feather SW 9062

This bright shade of blue from Sherwin-Williams with a slightly soothing effect and played-down notes of cool is this variation of blue that you cannot simply consider a stereotype. So invigorating, lively, and impressively positive that it cannot go unnoticed. Bold enough to bring energy into a kid’s room and intense enough to add individuality to a teen’s room. 

Rock Garden SW 6195

This color is one of the calmest shades of green with intense notes and soothing scents from Sherwin-Williams, perfect as an accent for the nursery and base color for a kid’s or teen’s room. It is quite neutral, working impressively well as a backdrop for wooden texture and other darker colors. Nevertheless, a combination of this green with a splash of light color would balance the environment and ensure harmony within the interior and harmony between your child and nature due to the hidden bright green undertones. 

Stonington Gray HC-170

This medium gray from Benjamin Moore with cool blue notes is a real find for those looking for a shade that would work for any age. From the nursery to a teen’s room, this refreshing color adds calmness to the rich accents of a kid’s room and keeps it functional for a teen. Additionally, it can be paired with various shades or used as an accent. Furthermore, it is versatile and adapts to any new changes within this space.

Turmeric M290-7

A mustard yellow shade with a soothing base like that from Behr is a perfect source of energy for a boy’s room. It is quite bold, although the muted notes keep it within limits. A perfect accent to add visual interest for the little explorers. It would probably not work that well for a teen, but an appropriate combination with neutrals will surely keep you on the safe side.

A dark naval blue that resonates perfectly with the ocean depth and adds individuality to the space. Considering that this is a very dark shade, it would work better in a teen’s room, although a few bright accents will adapt this color to a kid’s room as well. Extremely stylish and promising to stay the same for a long time, Naval from Sherwin Williams will not only meet your and your child’s expectations but also keep you up to date. 

Fire Dust DLX1081-5

Such a mid-brown shade from Dulux with slight orange notes is an impressive fit for nurseries. The subtle scents of intense brown enliven the space and lead to a cocoon-like effect that ensures safety. Besides the fact that brown has been extremely popular lately, this particular shade prevails in softness due to the creamy notes and works perfectly for spaces that require a calm environment.

Rice Grain SW 6155

A coolish beige with slightly perceived gray notes from Sherwin-Williams that perfectly neutralizes the contrasts. Once you decide upon this color for the nursery, you can forget about makeovers in the near future since this shade works for any age. Nevertheless, the entire environment can be changed through appropriate decor: a few splashes of bold accents to breathe new life into the neutral background or a combination of similar shades to keep it sleek.

Greenfield SW 6439

A pleasant shade of green from Sherwin-Williams with a slightly dark basis softened by a foggy effect. It perfectly replicates the forest freshness and sets a balanced environment. Above all things, this shade is inspired by nature, leading to a strong connection with everything nature-related. 

Amherst Gray HC-167

A surprisingly dark yet balanced gray that perfectly fits a nursery, a kid’s room, and e teen’s room. The muted notes ensure a serene environment, much required within spaces where the child has to relax after a day full of adventures. One should note that this calm gray from Benjamin Moore is a perfect canvas for the wildest design ideas and a reliable source of simplicity that more and more teens strive for today.

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