Paint colors for light wood floors: timeless hues from popular manufacturers

Light wood has been a popular option in interiors lately. It looks particularly impressive when applied to flooring. The space is instantly filled with an unusual combination of comfort and ease that adds originality both to the design and environment. It may seem that such texture cannot be spoiled in any way due to its strongly perceived natural undertones. However, interior design is all about balance and an appropriate combination of elements. The slightest mistake will cost you the entire effect produced by this nature-inspired material.

Today, we are going to speak about the appropriate choice of colors to suit the light wood floors. Such a decision usually requires a thorough analysis and various experiments with samples till you find the perfect combination. Luckily, we have already done that and are ready to share with you the results. Let’s find out the best paint colors to pair with light wood by referring to actual color examples from popular paint manufacturers, such as Sherwin-Williams, Behr, Benjamin Moore, Dulux, and Pantone. 


Besides the classy white, the neutral paint colors include various shades of black, gray, and brown. You can either opt for warm or cool undertones, depending on the wooden notes. To ensure harmony, consider a neutral color that goes hand in hand with the wood undertones. If you go with such an approach for the wall color, opt for a paint lighter than the floor. Once you go with dark neutrals, such as black, black-brown, or dark gray, you will be on the safe side with both warm and cold hardwood for the flooring. One last thing to remember: the lighting plays a leading role in the way neutrals look. Regardless of the wood undertones, the walls painted in a neutral shade appear cooler if it is a north-facing room and lighter if it is a south-facing room. Let’s go through the best neutral paints in this sense!

  • Drift of Mist SW 9166 by Sherwin-Williams – light gray diluted with tiny creamy notes and covered by a haze effect;
  • Flint Gray PPU26-05 by Behr – dark gray penetrated by nearly visible blue notes and covered by a soothing surface;
  • Chatsworth Cream 225 by Benjamin Moore – very light brown with creamy notes that offer this color a sense of increased softness;
  • Guitar S10C8 by Dulux – dark brown with a chocolate scent and a few drops of soothing gray;
  • Black C by Pantone – neutral black, neither soothing nor too dark.


A pure white, devoid of any undertones, works perfectly with a light wood floor, adapting to the notes radiated by the latter. Nevertheless, the interior acquires individuality with new variations of white that come with their own hidden scents. However, it implies a thorough analysis of the way the undertones play among each other to reach a perfect result. Experts suggest pairing cool white with light wood floor with cool undertones and warm paint with wood penetrated by warm undertones. Usually, we combine opposing elements to achieve balance, but this is not the case; a combination of warm white with cool wood will lead to a rather dull result.

  • Extra White SW 7006 by Sherwin Williams – cool white with subtle gray notes, extremely refreshing and invigorating;
  • Ultra Pure White PPU18-06 by Behr – pure white with extra scents of fresh gray;
  • Calm OC-22 by Benjamin Moore – cool white with subtle notes of purple;
  • Whisper White by Dulux – warm white with soft and serene scents;
  • Antique White by Pantone – very warm white with pronounced light brown undertones.

Cool shades

Cool shades are a perfect match for the warm undertones perceived in any type of wood. From fresh pastels to the coldest variations, such colors as blue, purple, and green are among the best options to pair with light wood. It all depends on the effect. Do you fancy a fresh ocean breeze, do you want to bring the outdoors indoors, or set a contemporary environment? Either of these effects will perfectly complement the natural wood texture.

  • Storm Cloud SW 6249 by Sherwin Williams – soothing shade of cool blue penetrated by foggy gray notes;
  • Restless Sea PPU13-20 by Behr – dark shade of blue resembling the renowned naval blue;
  • Kennebunkport Green HC-123 by Benjamin Moore – neutral shade of green with soothing surface and cool notes;
  • Highland Green by Dulux – dark green with natural freshness resembling the deep forest air;
  • Baroness SW 6837 by Sherwin Williams – pastel purple with slightly cool notes.

Warm shades

The warm variations of yellow, orange, and red work perfectly for cool and warm wood undertones. A soothing shade will go well with the light wood floor, while an intense one will add vibrance to the rather formal setting. Furthermore, this is when contrasts are much welcome. A combination between the cool wood floor and warm-colored walls is a striking pairing of shades that complement each other.

  • Venetian Yellow SW 1666 by Sherwin Williams – soothing yellow with appealing soft scents;
  • Sulfur Yellow P320-6 by Behr – muted shade of bright yellow, resembling mustard, penetrated by pleasant warm notes;
  • Sweet ’n Sour 103 by benjamin Moore – soothing shade of peachy orange, impressively appealing due to its soft undertones;
  • Diva Rouge by Dulux – medium shade of orange with pronounced pinkish notes that offer this color an extra soft layer;
  • Real Red SW 6868 by Sherwin Williams – bright red in all its beauty devoid of any undertones.
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