Paint colors that go with maple kitchen cabinets

Maple is one of the most demanded hardwoods in the furniture industry. A beautiful and homogeneous texture, sufficient pliability, unpretentiousness, and excellent compatibility with other materials ensured high demand for it, including in the production of kitchen furnishings.

Kitchen cabinets made of unpainted maple have a lot of advantages, including a stunning aesthetic appearance. However, the beauty of such wood requires an organic addition, and therefore most owners of such furniture think about the wall color in the room where the maple cabinets will be placed. If you have to solve a similar problem, let’s take a closer look at which colors will create the most harmonious combination with kitchen cabinets made of such material.

Maple shade and color matching features

The color of maple wood is rather ambiguous. With a background light tone (occasionally leaving in white) and pronounced yellowness, you can notice that golden, pinkish, and light brown highlights slip on the surface of maple furniture under specific lighting. Thanks to this, maple kitchen cabinets look very beautiful, but they still require a properly selected background that favors their texture and color.

The most important thing that designers recommend paying attention to is the complexity of the basic shades. Pure colors are not a good solution to combine with maple wood since, in this case, its tone becomes flatter and dull. That is why it is also worth choosing more interesting and ambiguous tones for the walls in the kitchen where you plan to install such a cabinet.

Today, designers still take the time to select colors to match the natural range of natural wood, and maple is no exception. As a rule, the main focus is on the palettes of large paint manufacturers – usually Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. Most of the shades suitable for maple kitchen cabinets can be found there – but now, let’s talk in more detail about what exactly is worth looking at both in these palettes and elsewhere.

Honey brown

In Benjamin Moore’s palette, a fairly light brown with hot yellow tones is known as Desert Tan. Many consider this color the most suitable for kitchen furniture made of maple since it is close enough to the natural shade of wood, but at the same time, it is even deeper, more refined, and warming. If you want a kitchen with such a cabinet to look whole and harmonious, then this paint is for you.

Light pink

A slightly cool and, at the same time, pleasantly light shade of pink will favorably accentuate the same reflections in the ambiguous color of the maple wood, which will give your kitchen cabinets an even more modern look. In this case, the designers propose to go as far as possible into a coldish palette, complementing the combination of pale pink walls and maple furniture with accents in gray or green tones.


In this case, we are not talking about the bright, almost neon shade of lime, as you might think. In fact, there is a relatively calm and dull yellow with soft green notes that do not allow to go into pistachio and at the same time are refreshing. In the Sherwin Williams palette, this color goes under the name Hearts of Palm.

A yellow-green background for maple cabinets will create an atmosphere of energy, relevance, light audacity, and a constantly uplifting mood. If you are looking for modern kitchen furniture, you should definitely consider this color as one of the options.

Dusty blue

A muted and soothing shade like cool spring water creates an eye-pleasing contrast to the warm honey tones of maple furniture. It perfectly underlines the laconicism and balance of modern kitchens. Add white or gray accents (for minimalism) or accessories and kitchenware in bronze and copper colors – and enjoy a natural and stylish symphony of tones.

Light gray

Light gray tones with silver or gray undertones are another option for a relaxed and refreshing backdrop for a maple wood kitchen set. To make the kitchen interior look absolutely harmonious, use accents in darker gray or green tones – it can be both textiles and decor items.

Linen white

This is the name given to a truly unique shade of white from Benjamin Moore. Thanks to a very delicate yellow-cream undertone, it looks truly very warm, soothing, and low-contrast.

When using the shade “linen white” in combination with maple kitchen cabinets, you will successfully solve several problems at once – create a harmonious and cozy combination, visually make your kitchen larger, and create a pleasant environment for adding a couple of bright accessories. At the same time, pay attention: against such a background, the shade of the maple cabinet may go sandy, but you will love it!

Burnt terracotta

This deep and natural orange-brown color evokes strong and enduring associations with ethnic motives. Will a maple kitchen cabinet look harmonious against such a background? Yes, yes, and again yes: there can be no barriers for the union of shades created by nature itself.

A little trick: add ceramics and brass kitchen accessories, choose a wicker lampshade or rattan chair – and you can’t help but admire the cohesive and balanced interior.


Do you adore minimalism and are partial to the loft-style? Finding a more suitable background shade for your maple cabinets than a fairly light blue with a noticeable gray undertone may be challenging. Warm wood tones will not create contrast with it – but a surprisingly delicate color balance. Add stainless steel appliances and hardware here, venture into a couple of black details – and we won’t be surprised if your kitchen will be recognized as the most stylish among friends and acquaintances.

Light yellow

It is a soft and natural color with a noticeable sandy undertone in Benjamin Moore’s palette known as San Mateo Beaches. If you are attracted by the very idea of a total look in your kitchen, then you probably will not pass by such an option for a background for your maple headset. One of the advantages of this combination is the ability to select accessories in both warm and cooler colors, depending on the interior of your kitchen.

Deep blue

As you may have noticed, so far, we have been talking mainly about light colors of paint as a background for maple kitchen cabinets. However, this does not mean at all that the dark palette can be forgotten. So, for example, a noble dark blue color will create a surprisingly aristocratic and rich contrast with warm and light tones of wood – and this is the best way to make your kitchen cozy and, at the same time, incredibly elegant.

As you can see, both warm and cold tones can be perfectly combined with maple kitchen cabinets. Start from the interior of your kitchen and furniture design, take the time to select contrasting and appropriate accessories – and the maple cabinets will become the subject of your quite justified pride.

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