Paint colors that go with oak wood trim: best matching hues from popular manufacturers

There are lots of questions about the integration of oak wood in interior design: Is it trendy? Will it get out of date any time soon? What are the best ways to complement it? And finally, what colors go with oak wood? Let’s get fast through the first questions! Like any other natural source of texture, oak is undoubtedly up to date and does not seem like leaving the stage soon. Designers suggest a simple and nature-inspired approach to interior design for a successful result, and oak fits such features perfectly. If you wonder what the best way to complement oak elements is, we hasten to convince you that nothing plays with wood undertones the way an appropriate neighboring color can. 

As we reach the final question that tackles the paint colors to go with oak wood, it requires a thorough analysis, which we did, and we are happy to share with you the results. Let’s find out the best paint colors from the popular manufacturers Sherwin Williams and Dulux that work perfectly with oak elements, particularly wood trim! 

Paint colors inspired by nature

Is there any other color that refers to natural elements more than green does? Of course, the list of nature-inspired hues is long, but the variety of green shades prevails over this category. When we speak particularly about natural texture, such as oak, green holds a leading position; from soothing shades that breathe new life into any interior to rich ones that penetrate the raw wood surface and lead to a harmonious result. Let’s see what the paint manufacturers have in store!

Sherwin Williams

  • Greenfield SW 6439 – neutral green with pronounced notes of merged drops of gray;
  • Hunt Club SW 6468 – dark green with a foggy effect and tiny splashes of gray;
  • Romaine SW 6730 –  very light green with a slightly noticeable touch of creamy effect.


  • Wellbeing – very light green with a subtle note of minty effect;
  • Heathland – dark shade of green with a pronounced cold basis;
  • Nordic Spa – extremely light green that seems like a cool white merged with a drop of soft green.

Light paint colors

Whether your oak trim is light-toned or not, a neighboring light paint color is a winning option in any sense. Besides refreshing the environment, it expands the space and emphasizes the natural wood texture. If you want to achieve quite a contrast within your interior, opt for a cooler shade, while such hues as warm off-whites, beige, and cream will harmonize with the warm wood undertones. Add a classy look to your interior with one of the following paint colors.

Sherwin Williams

  • City Loft SW 7631 – crispy white with a slightly creamy yet cool undertone;
  • Shoji White 7042 – warm shade of white with soft scents of freshness;
  • Antique White SW 6119 – light beige with creamy notes of softness.


  • Vivid White – the most crispy and pure shade of white that both refreshes and balances the environment;
  • Fine Cream – a soft creamy shade with nearly noticeable pinkish scents;
  • Light Rice – light beige with warm undertones and soft pinkish scents.

Cold paint colors

Oak is a perfect source of warmth and comfort, which sometimes requires a strong companion to balance the environment. This is when the cold shades enter the game. One should note that by cold we mean dark shades with noticeable cold undertones. Among the best colors to refer to are dark gray, blue, and even black. Are you intrigued? Let’s see what paint experts offer in this sense!

Sherwin Williams

  • Laurel Woods SW 7749 – dark gray with a foggy black basis;
  • Charcoal Blue SW 2739 – very dark blue covered by a foggy gray surface;
  • Inkwell SW 6992 – neutral black with a slightly perceived haze effect.


  • Timeless Grey – neutral gray directed towards dark shades;
  • Integrity – naval blue with deep notes of freshness;
  • Rich Black – classy black devoid of any particular undertones.

Earthy paint colors

Oak is enough to bring in the natural feel of comfort. If you want to enhance this effect, there is no easier way than applying an earthy paint color that seems like going hand in hand with the rich wood texture. Soothing browns, balanced grays, and neutral greiges (a combination of beige and gray) are your true companions in the way of reaching a sense of safety within your house. Let’s find out what the paint manufacturers have to offer!

Sherwin Williams

  • Farro SW 9103 – light brown with soothing scents on the horizon;
  • Urban Jungle SW 9117 – neutral gray with a slight resemblance to a light shade of brown;
  • Softer Tan SW 6141 – light beige with crispy notes of gray.


  • Stonecrop – soothing brown penetrated by slightly noticeable gray undertones;
  • Flooded Gum – neutral gray with warm earthy notes;
  • Toasted Almond – a harmonized combination of light gray and beige.
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