Paint colors that go with the red brick wall: best matching colors from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore

Paint colors that go with the red brick wall: best matching colors from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore
Irina Tomsa / January 18, 2022
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Deciding to cover the wall with red brick is quite bold, but the latest trends, which integrate raw surfaces, show this element from another perspective: a modern design idea that goes further than the popular industrial style. The desire to fill the space with as much texture as possible made this decorative unit a real find for various styles. And you know what makes it integrate perfectly within different interiors? An appropriate neighboring color. Would you like to play down the brick wall and make it go in perfect harmony with other elements of the room or emphasize and offer it the status of an accent? It is up to you which option fits you better. In the meantime, we will provide you with the best paint colors, in this respect, from two of the most popular paint manufacturers. 


The first to consider is, without any doubt, white. Besides contrasting the warm brick undertones, it will expand the space, which is usually overwhelmed by the presence of brick. One should note that white can serve as a real solution if the wall covered with brick does not receive enough light. A fresh shade like that will reflect the light right upon the brick wall. We suggest considering a cool shade of white to balance the reddish scents, although a slightly warmer shade will not look less impressive. Let’s see what experts from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore have in store!

Sherwin Williams

  • City Loft SW 7631 – cool white penetrated by crispy gray notes; it contradicts the red brick scents, offering them the possibility to reveal themselves at their finest, while the neutral background keeps the environment balanced;
  • Ice Cube SW 6252 – a pure shade of white, which despite its name feels extremely welcoming; in combination with the brick undertones, it leads to an appealing and airy feeling within the space;
  • Shoji White SW 7042 – a warm shade of white with combined gray and beige undertones; it resonates perfectly with the raw brick surface, bringing in softness.

Benjamin Moore

  • Distant Gray OC-68 – cold shade of white with subtle blue notes; impressive pairing partner for red brick since they complete each other and ensure the design integrity;
  • Simply White OC-117 – neutral white with combined cool and soft undertones; it plays differently with the brick undertones, depending on the light so that you can work on that and reach the wanted result;
  • Acadia White OC-38 – a warm shade of white with soft yellow notes; it penetrates deeply into the brick undertones and reveals their beauty to the fullest.


What a coincidence that this color serves as a perfect background, resonating, at the same time, with the warm brick undertones. Probably it is not a coincidence after all, but an appropriately made decision. Nevertheless, you still have to take one direction. Would you like to emphasize the brick wall or make it integrate better into the background? Either way, one of the following colors will come in handy.

Sherwin Williams

  • Barcelona Beige SW 7530 – a slightly warm shade of beige with soft scents; one of the best neutral colors to combine with red brick as it is not extra-warm nor too cool;
  • Accessible Beige SW 7036 – soft beige with muted yellow notes; perfectly replicates the warm brick undertones, ensuring a harmonious result;
  • Bungalow Beige SW 7511 – neutral beige with brown undertones; it works perfectly with brick, although requiring a substantial amount of light.

Benjamin Moore

  • Bennington Gray HC-82 – a slightly warm shade of beige with subtle gray undertones; despite its soft notes, it impressively cools down the brick undertones;
  • Shaker Beige HC-45 – light beige with subtle pinkish undertones; it interprets the red brick underlayer, keeping it also fresh and calm;
  • Lenox Tan HC-44 – intense beige with subtle orange notes and one of the warmest shades yet mentioned; it is quite balanced, pairing perfectly with brick and leading to an extremely soft environment.


Such a bold accent as the brick wall will surely benefit from a contrast. What other neutral contradicts that perfectly bright colors the way gray does? The more emphasized the gray notes will seem, the cozier the combination will be. While a light gray background will make the brick surface stand out, a darker gray will keep pace with the bold red brick and surround the place with a sense of safety. Either way, the paint manufacturers we refer to in this article have solutions for all preferences. 

Sherwin Williams

  • Repose Gray SW 7015 – light gray with surprisingly joyful warm notes that slightly penetrate the surface; the light background surely emphasizes the brick surface, although the subtle beige resemblance ensures an impressive connection with the red brick undertones;
  • Grizzle Gray SW 7068 – dark gray with cool green notes; it fits the strong brick texture, offering the red undertones a companion worth going hand in hand with – the green underlayer;
  • Gauntlet Gray SW 7019 – dark gray with warm notes that gravitate between soft green and violet; the result is no less inspiring than the previous one, although the warm scents of gray will enhance the comfort that the red brick radiates.

Benjamin Moore

  • Revere Pewter HC-172 – light gray with soft beige notes; it feels like a breath of fresh air for the environment overloaded with warm red scents that welcome the beige notes of gray with open arms;
  • Steel Wool 2121-20 – dark gray with a neutral basis and slightly perceived soft notes; perfect impartial partner to match the bold brick accent and offer it the possibility to reveal its entire beauty;
  • Chelsea Gray HC-168 – dark gray, neither too cold nor too warm; perfectly contrasts the red brick undertones and impressively resonates with its warm undertones.


Another contrastive shade in this list; this time – an accent one. If you feel that blue seems too extra for a space already filled with rich undertones, we hasten to convince you that the balance between the warm brick undertones and the fresh blue notes brings harmony. In order to fit the bold brick surface, one should opt for dark and deep shades of blue. Luckily, there are plenty of paint colors of this kind. Let’s discover some of them!

Sherwin Williams

  • Naval SW 6244 – very dark blue with cold undertones; it enriches the space with a moody feeling, balancing the joyful red undertones perceived at the brick surfaces;
  • Charcoal Blue SW 2739 – a soft variation of the typical navy blue; it leads to a result similar to the previous shade, although the contrast feels softer and the overall environment seems more appealing;
  • Indigo Batik SW 7602 –  dark blue, less saturated than naval shades; neither too bright nor too moody, it is perfect to contrast with red brick without drawing too much attention.

Benjamin Moore

  • Symphony Blue 2060-10 – dark blue with noticeable bright notes; in combination with brick, particularly with red undertones, it provides the space with joyful scents of positivity;
  • Gentleman’s Gray 2062-20 – deep blue with cold undertones and a slight haze effect; perfect for adding some formality to a space decorated with red brick;
  • Champion Cobalt 2061-20 – a variation similar to the previous shade devoid of the haze effect; bold enough to match the vibe integrated by the red undertones and neutral enough to avoid any suppressing feel.


If the previous colors were rather neutral, this one comes with bold variations. One should note that green perfectly neutralizes the warm undertones. We usually tend to suggest soothing shades, but this time we offer you the freedom to choose any variation you want. Particularly impressive is the combination of bright green with brick, which does not overload the environment but rather offers it a unique sparkle. Let’s see what the paint manufacturers have in store in this sense!

Sherwin Williams

  • Electric Lime SW 6921 – lime-like shade of green with appealing warm notes; it enriches the spaces with a contemporary flair that fits perfectly the positive notes hidden behind the brick undertones;
  • Direct Green SW 6924 – neither too warm nor too cold shade of green; it impressively resonates with the raw brick texture, leading to an original result;
  • Houeplant SW 6727 – a rather soothing green that preserves its slight bright undertones; perfect as a contrast and combination partner for the red brick surface.

Benjamin Moore

  • Forest Green 2047-10 – dark green with a fresh gray undertones; its pleasant look adds freshness and individuality to the brick undertones;
  • Mountainview 583 – very light green with minty notes; fresh enough to serve as a partner worthy of being paired with red brick undertones;
  • Steamed Spinach 643 – a rather soothing shade of cool green with a noticeable gray basis; it combines no less effectively with brick, preserving formality.
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