Painted Fireplace Ideas: Get the Trendy Look

A fireplace is, without a doubt, a stylish feature in any house. The ultimate sense of comfort and endless coziness fills a space lucky to be decorated with a fireplace. If you’ve long dreamt about refreshing your fireplace, know that paint is the most affordable and suitable solution. Going through the best painted fireplace ideas we could find, we came across a few delightfully trendy options we want to share with our readers. We honestly hope that you’ll find your dream design among these top painted fireplace ideas.

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Feel free to embrace your favorite colors, the brightest possible. The fireplace is a great space to experiment with trendy bold colors and give new meaning to your design concept. Beyond white, black, gray, or beige, think of juicy purples, warm terracottas, virtual blues, lavish greens, stark pinks, delicious peaches, and many others. If you need help deciding which colors work best in 2024 and beyond, visit our article on the latest paint color trends.  

Modern Fireplace Color: One Tone

Lovers of simple and neutral will like this one. We’ve noticed a surprising popularity of smooth one-tone color palettes where the fireplace, be it a working or non-working one, is painted the same color as the rest of the room. It can be either a bright paint color or a truly neutral one. Try this option for seamless and flawless design cohesion. 

We simply fell in love with lime-washed living rooms with a fireplace designed in the Mediterranean or Rustic styles.

Matching Wallpaper for Paint Color

Add more visual entertainment to your living room or bedroom with a perfectly matching wallpaper for your painted fireplace. For instance, you can connect the two through color or go with an insane contrast. More color, patterns and dynamic interest is the motto of the current design trends. 

Moody Shades of Color

Any connoisseurs of moody vibes out there? Try painting the whole room, including the fireplace, in a dark paint color. Deep blues, greens, grays, black, crimsons, browns, and similar colors work. While others find beauty in bright palettes, some see comfort and uniqueness in calm and muted color schemes, and we think it is beautiful.

Matt Black Brick

Which group are you part of? The amateurs of glossy or matt finish? Both finish options are trending currently, yet we can compare the two when it comes to black brick fireplaces. Matt is surely the top solution. This is your go-to solution if you cannot decide how to decorate a brick fireplace in a modern interior.

Timeless and Beautiful: White Brick

New trends come and go, while white-painted bricks enter the trending list repeatedly. This option suits better modern interiors that require more light and freshness. Surrounded by similarly painted white walls, a fireplace decorated with white brick will lend the ultimate touch of airiness to a contemporary design.

Limewash Brick Fireplace

Get a natural white brick look with limewash. Unlike paint, limewash penetrates the brick and gives off a light natural brick effect. This alternative is great for a design refresh unless you like all-white surfaces. Moreover, limewash won’t peel off like paint since it doesn’t stay on the surface but penetrates brick. 

Color and Texture: White Stone Fireplace

We fully agree that natural stone in its untreated color and texture is the best option. Still, we’ve seen so many designs like this that, to be honest, we got a bit tired. A whole new story is being told by white-painted stone surfaces with various-size stones, richly textured and generously pigmented with white paint. 

One-Tone Wall with Wood Slats

For exclusive design mood boards that crave contemporary features, designers inspire with the perfect combination of electric fireplaces and one-tone painted wood slat walls in the surround. We get it if you want to stay decluttered. Yet, any design requires the smallest visual texture, and those neutrally painted wood slats will manage it well.

Architectural Features in Color

If you choose to decorate the fireplace with beautifully carved molding, opt for a more vivid color than white. Bolder shades will stress the beauty of such decor and add character to the simplest room layouts.

Best Combo Ever: Black and White

Regardless of how hard we wouldn’t try to find a better color combination than black and white, it won’t work. This timeless fusion of dark and light is endlessly trending. If you’re looking for a way to add more intriguing features to your fireplace, pair black with white. Mostly, it is a black mantel on a white background; even better if the rest of the room follows suit.

Key Fireplace Color Trend: Navy Blue

How come we left the main color trend as the final idea? This option is an all-time favorite. If nothing of the above ideas suits your interior design, you’ll always be safe with the versatile navy blue, one of the best fireplace paint colors. 


What paint to use best on a fireplace?

Colorists and designers recommend latex paint due to its heat-resistance level. Still, this is different from the usual paint you use on walls. Look for specific paint finishes that work for fireplace surfaces.

Does the paint smell after drying when using the fireplace?

You shouldn’t worry about this. Usually, the paint may produce a smell when using the fireplace the first two to three times. After that, you are safe to enjoy the comfort of your fireplace without any smells.

Which is better: white paint or limewash?

White paint ensures a smooth all-white finish, while limewash deeply penetrates the surface and leads to a more naturally colored effect on wood, stone, or brick. In terms of practicality, limewash is easier to maintain. At the same time, white paint will more quickly reveal every stain and will take longer to restore unless it is a non-working fireplace.

What to choose: matt or gloss finish for fireplace paint?

It depends on what color you use and what effect you expect. Generally, mat finishes will preserve the natural look of materials and camouflage flaws. In contrast, gloss or semi-gloss finishes will add more accent by reflecting light and will be easier to maintain.

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