Painted Furniture Ideas that You’ll Want to Write Down

We’ve finally reached this point in interior design history when increasing our home’s value is closer to reinventing what we already have than purchasing something new. That’s when painting furniture gained much popularity. This sustainable way of redecoration and giving new meaning to old pieces of furniture is a top-tier approach among designers. Stand out with originally painted furniture while we will give you an impetus of inspiration through a range of the top painted furniture ideas.

What to Start With

  • Choose the furniture piece to paint. Assess its size, texture, and location. Analyze the surroundings. Pay attention to the room’s design style;
  • Decide upon the paint color. Seek inspiration in the neighborhood, both in this room and in others. A piece of art may spark your interest;
  • Consider lighting conditions. Don’t overlook lighting. It is essential in how the paint color will look on your furniture. Colors tend to look warmer in rooms with southern exposure and cooler in those penetrated by cold natural light.

Now, it is time for inspiration. Try these gorgeous painted furniture ideas and discover how a simple coat of paint can be more than enough.

Enliven a Vintage Cabinet

If you find a beautiful piece worn by time at a flea market or happen to have one at your house or maybe at your grandma’s, you should give it a new coat of paint, refresh its look, and make it part of your new interior. Usually, those are larger or smaller cabinets, chests, or side tables with interestingly carved designs you can use to redecorate your entryway, kitchen, dining room, lounge area, or bedroom.

Colorful Dining Table Chairs

Scrolling through recently developed design projects, we came across an original and entertaining idea. Repaint your wooden dining table chairs, if you have such, in a bright and eye-catching color, stark blue, vivid green, bold yellow, enticing purple, engaging pink, and so on. You instantly notice how your kitchen or dining room reflects positive energy and sets the right mood for the day.

Show-Stealing Accent Tables

Inspire conversational links in the lounge area by repainting your accent table in a delightfully bright paint color. Let it become the room’s main highlight and steal the spotlight. We’re finally out of the neutral aesthetic era and can fully embrace our favorite colors, even on such tiny pieces as end tables.

Redefined Dining Table

A bright-painted dining table is a whole new story. Choose the boldest paint colors inspired by nature and spruce up the mood around the table. Juicy colors look incredibly well in traditional or rustic kitchens with wooden cabinets. Don’t be afraid of contrasts. The more it stands out, the better the effect. Just look at these inspiring photos, and you’ll agree.

Add Interest to Daily Chores

We are used to neutrally painted pieces of furniture in utility rooms, such as the laundry. Bring more fun to your daily chores and associate them with positive energy by enriching the laundry room with color. Choose bright shades for cabinets and, along with them, for textiles and walls.

Repaint the Kitchen Island

You may have a neutral-painted kitchen, and we get it. Neutrals have been popular for a long time. Still, the time has come for bold tones to lead the trends. In this context, it would be wise to reconsider the color of your kitchen. Instead of repainting all cabinets, try the kitchen island only. A single splash of bright green or deep blue is enough to give that new sparkle to a seemingly old kitchen.

Hand-Painted Ornaments

Today, interior designers seek inspiration from tradition and history. That’s why original ornaments interest those who want to be unique. You can hire a professional or even do it yourself. Use stencils to help you draw botanical prints, or get creative and freely draw them. 

Color Your Dreams

If you own a bed with a wooden or metallic frame and headboard that can be painted, don’t lose the possibility of changing its color. You can literally pick any color you like. It’s your bedroom, after all. Choose an accent paint color, and your bedroom won’t need other accessories. Your children will be thrilled if you interestingly paint the beds in their room.

Creative Mirror Frame

Another DIY. Try delicate and detailed painted accessories on mirror frames. This can be the mirror in your bedroom, bathroom, or entryway. Like wall art, your mirror will become the main accent and beautify the room.

One-Step Bathroom Makeover

Gather all your courage and finally repaint your bathroom cabinets in one of the best bathroom color trends. Nothing will look more trendy than bursts of naturally bold colors. Think bright green, watery blue, oceanic teal, alluring coral, or fruity burgundy.

Take a Colorful Bath

We are so in love with the new design idea that designers are fully embracing this season. Painting the bathtub in your favorite color makes it much more enjoyable when you take a bath. And it’s so easy to do it yourself. These are mainly freestanding clawfoot tubs. 

Ombre Painted Accents

Take a dining room cabinet or a bedroom dresser and transform it into an authentic piece of art by choosing the ombre painting. There are various DIY guides online if you are ready to get your hands dirty, or you can hire a professional. Designers work primarily with bold-colored pieces of the kind meant to become the room’s main accent.

Switch to Chalk Paint

What is chalk paint, and why opt for it? This type of paint needs no priming before being applied and works for any surface, from wood, metal, and concrete to glass, fabric, and even plaster. The unique feature of chalk paint is its left brush marks that offer furniture, in our case, a worn-out effect, looking pretty well on antique pieces.

Moody Painted Bookcases

If you have a personal study and fancy a redecoration, try the idea with a moody ambiance. All you have to do is repaint the bookcases in a moody green, blue, gray, or even black. Pair this furniture with similarly painted walls, and enjoy the thrilling mood that unfolds from under the classic cabinets, recreating an old library vibe you dream of visiting one day.

Creativity at Its Best

Get creative and show your painting skills as they are by drawing beautiful and visually appealing geometric shapes in various colors on regular wooden cabinets, dressers, and side tables with storage. Just draw in advance the borders and fill them in with paint. The result is as interesting as the process.

Gold-Polished Show

Have you heard of metallic gold paint? It may be time you gave it a try. Go little by little. Think of gold-polished handles on a vintage dresser for a start. Or, go bold with a cabinet fully painted gold in the dining room. Trends come and go. Gold stays unchanged.


What paint can you use for furniture?

You can use anything from acrylic, oil, and latex to more specific types like milk and chalk paint. It depends on the material, wanted effect, and surrounding conditions. You can always find relevant information online on what paint works for what specific furniture piece.

As for the paint color, you are welcome to read our ultimate guide on the trendiest paint colors.

What paint finish is best for furniture?

Experts mainly work with latex or oil-based paint, opting for and recommending semi-gloss and satin finishes.

Can you spray paint a piece of furniture?

If this painting type suits you, you have the green light. Note that, like with regular paint, you must prepare the surface before spraying. Start with removing handles or knobs, if there are any, and ensure a clean and prepared surface.

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