10 Wood Floor Painting Ideas We Cannot Wait to Try

Did you know that painting may solve plenty of design problems? This affordable and accessible solution is designers’ favorite for an effortless and stylish makeover of a worn-by-time furniture item, walls painted years ago that lost their charm, or wooden floors that would look better under a fresh coat of paint. And yes, this article is about wood floor painting ideas.

If you look at the current flooring trends, you will notice that designers are in love with painting wood floors and encourage us to do the same if we fancy a fast and furious redecoration of our interior. A few questions may arise in this respect.

Is it worth painting wood floors?

Instead of changing the whole floor, you better opt for a cost-effective, easy, and, most important, equally efficient painting of your wood floors. Refresh your design in a single step and repaint the floor whenever you want a new color. 

What paint type to choose for wooden flooring?

Various experts have different opinions on the subject. Still, most agree that latex enamel, and note, formulated especially for floors, is the best choice. After all, flooring is a high-traffic surface and requires a long-lasting solution. As for the finish, stick to semi-gloss. It camouflages imperfections while being low-maintenance. 

What color works best for wood floors?

We wouldn’t have written an entire article on the subject if it had been this simple. Still, here is a general insight: dark-colored floors better fit large rooms, while light colors are the best fit for small rooms that you would want to look more spacious and brighter.

From theory to practice, let’s enjoy together the following list of designers’ beloved wood floor painting ideas. 

Wood Floor Painting Idea for Beginners: White

If you’ve never tried painting wood floors before, you should probably start with a neutral color, and what other better choice than white? Warning: if you paint your wood floors white, you better go with white on walls as well and choose wood or neutral colors for furnishing, say black or gray. 

Change the Perspective: Fancy Black

Black is a luxurious and overly confident color. While it’s a great paint choice for contemporary interiors, you should consider its significant effect on design. Pair it with equally timeless colors. The best pick is undoubtedly white.

One-Tone Painted Floors

Dare go bolder and choose a nature-inspired paint color for your wood floor painting project. Greens and blues hold the leading position. Choose soothing and relaxing shades. Stick to lighter options, yet don’t give up on dark wood floor paints fully. 

Boldest Wood Floor Painting Idea

Writing many articles about color trends regarding various design-related aspects, we’ve noticed an endless love for brighter and brighter colors. Designers are not afraid to experiment this season, and they suggest you do the same. Choose the most vivid paint colors for your wood floor paint. Change it every season and adapt it to your mood. 

There is no particular rule. If you cannot decide, just pick a random bright shade out of the trendiest paint colors of the year. 

Get Involved in a DIY Project

Get a bit creative and explore your imagination. Give your wood floors a neutral color base and draw interesting and colorful patterns. Take your time to search for a design online or bring to life an abstract painting project you’ve dreamt of for a long time.

Parquet Floor Paint Idea

The best way to add visual interest to a room with parquet flooring is to paint randomly chosen wooden panels vividly. Try a combination of colors to increase the creative value of your project. Designers apply this technique usually to hallways.

Checkmate: Checkered Wood Floor

We’ve discovered an exciting idea while searching for the best of the best. Apparently, interior designers are currently obsessed with faux check patterns on the floor. And that’s not black and white tiles but check painting on the wood floor. What’s more, you can choose any color combo you want. Maybe white and yellow sounds better?

Use Stencils

Recreate your favorite patterns all by yourself. In this case, limit your creativity to neutral colors only since visually appealing prints on wood floors are pretty enough to make a statement. Everything that comes as an addition may look overly done. 

Repaint the Porch Floor

We agree all natural is beautiful, and you can always return to the naturally textured wood floor on your porch. Yet, you cannot sleep on the season’s emerging trends that celebrate color. Consider a fresh coat of natural green, moody blue, or misty gray, and your porch will acquire an entirely new look.

Don’t Forget the Steps

Opt for accent steps in your house by creatively painting them in a bright color or decorating them with drawings that catch the eye. They make quite an intriguing intro to your interior design if displayed in the entryway so that guests can see them as fast as they enter the house.

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