Panoramic photo wallpaper for walls: choice guide & design ideas

Modern photo wallpaper is a relevant and sought-after tool for creating a bright and extraordinary interior. Many people still associate it with birch trees and waterfalls of unnatural colors made on thin paper at the mere mention of this finishing option. However, since then, printing technology has taken a massive step in its development. That is why modern designers use panoramic murals so often in the interior. The spectacular realistic images on a high-quality basis that today’s industry offers us are simply incorrect to compare with analogs from the past.

Pros and cons of photo wallpapers

Use or not to use photo wallpapers?

Some consider the photo wallpaper a real find, while others consider it a real bad taste. Some create the interiors of the future with them, and someone calls them a relic of the past. Discover the pros and cons of using photo wallpaper in the interior.

Advantages of photo wallpaper in the interior:

  • Personalization of the interior. Panoramic wallpapers are an easy way to add personality to an atmosphere, to add an original touch. If desired, you can use your photos or drawings to print on murals.
  • Visual increase in space. Properly selected murals will visually expand the boundaries of the room, help visually raise or lower the ceilings, and adjust the perception of a too elongated place.
  • Bright accent. With the help of photo wallpaper, it is easy to place accents in the room, highlight a wall, and add a color spot to the interior.
  • Help with zoning. Properly selected murals are great helpers in zoning space, which is especially true for spacious rooms and studio apartments.
  • Thematic design. Due to the photo wallpaper, you can focus on the chosen style of decor or a specific design theme.

Disadvantages of photo wallpaper in the interior:

  • High cost. High-quality murals that will look worthy in your interior and delight you with image quality for more than one year are not cheap.
  • Meticulous surface preparation. The requirements for the wall that you are going to wallpaper are high: it must be perfectly flat and smooth. Such surface preparation requires skill.
  • The difficulty of wallpapering. The larger the canvas, the more difficult the process of gluing the wall will be. Without appropriate skills, the risk is rather high to get an unsatisfactory result and spoil the wallpaper.
  • The difficulty of choice. Panoramic wallpaper – pretty robust and expressive accent. It is worth a little mistake with the choice of image – and instead of the desired result, you will get a decor element that is alien to your interior.
  • The effect of addiction. Changing photo wallpaper is a costly and not simple task. But even when choosing a relatively neutral image, there is a risk that after a while, you will be uncomfortable or tired of it.

Features of photo wallpapers


Photo wallpapers can be classified according to the material of manufacture. Images can be applied on a paper, vinyl, non-woven, and even fabric basis.

  • Vinyl. They are a finishing material with a base made of paper or non-woven and a vinyl top layer. This type is a durable, wear-resistant wallpaper, very practical in terms of care – you can wash them with a damp sponge. They perfectly hide small tubercles and chips on the surface of the walls.
  • Non-woven. The basis of the canvas is non-woven fabric – non-woven material produced by hot stamping. It combines natural and synthetic fibers, for example, cellulose and polyester. Outwardly, such wallpaper resembles paper, and to the touch – fabric. Flizelin can act as a basis for the remaining types of wallpaper or be an independent multilayer product. Non-woven wallpaper is usually made entirely of this material. The surface usually has a relief in the form of any pattern. The material is durable, it can be repainted, washed without fear to damage the appearance of the coating.
  • Fabric. The most expensive and prestigious type of all panoramic wallpapers. The canvas, viscose, natural silk, or linen materials are used as the basis for the image. This design is ideal for a bedroom or living room. Fabrics are quite challenging to stick with their own hands, so it is better to entrust this work to specialists.
  • Paper. The main advantage of paper photo wallpaper is environmental friendliness and low cost. That is why this type remains relevant for many years. Such material is perfect for decoration in a children’s room. Even if the child draws them from top to bottom, there will not be such a pity for the money invested. Paper wallpapers can often be changed, and not only depending on the degree of their deterioration but also regarding the preferences of the child. A growing child may require replacing a frankly childish image with something more in line with his interests – a photograph of his favorite group, an image from a computer game. In any case, replacing paper wallpapers will not make a noticeable gap in the family budget. Among the disadvantages of this material can be the moisture.
  • Seamless. The secret in the width of the canvas, unlike standard rolls, it can reach three meters and can be applied horizontally. This width is enough to cover an entire wall.
  • Glowing. Special paint is applied to the canvas, which is visible in a dark room. Ideal for decorating a child’s room.

Printing type & format

The quality of the image and the cost of the photo wallpaper depend on printing technology.

Types of Printing

  • UV printing – images are bright, colorful, saturated. They are highly resistant to fading. Paints do not penetrate the base so that the brightness of the shades is preserved in its original form.
  • Eco-solvent ink. The paint’s composition includes pigment and solvent, so the wallpaper has a specific persistent odor. However, such canvases are resistant to ultraviolet and moisture. They do not fade, they are easy to clean, and their cost makes them reasonably affordable.
  • Latex ink. This type contains pigment and water with a polymer – latex. Latex wallpapers have a high degree of resistance to fading and other external factors. The material is odorless and does not emit toxic fumes, so it is ideal for use in children’s and bedroom rooms.

When choosing a picture, you need to consider that for the manufacture of wallpaper, the first picture that comes across from the network will not work. The fact is that most of the images are not designed for large formats. On the canvas, which occupies several square meters, such a model will lose its clarity, and it will turn out cloudy and vague. For photo wallpaper, you must use particular vector images that can be enlarged while maintaining clarity. The resolution of pictures for interior printing should be at least 1440 dpi. Only in this case, the clarity and realism of the image will look gorgeous on panoramic wallpapers.

Web size

In the conditions of modern production, it is possible to produce material of almost any size, but the most common are the following:

  • 150х300;
  • 200×300;
  • 300х300;
  • 450х300;
  • 600х300;
  • 750х300.

Large-format images are made up of several small panels. The number of elements can vary from 2 to 8. With an individual order, the dimensions of the segments are set at the request of the client.

Vertical panels successfully correct the room, visually pushing the ceilings and making the room higher. Such canvases are ideal for delimiting zones in studio apartments.

Extensive horizontal options are best for spacious rooms. Small formats framed by a baguette will be an excellent decoration on the wall above the sofa, in the television area, above the bed.

The size of the canvas is selected depending on the dimensions of the room. In a restrained minimalist design, a widescreen image is allowed. If the room is already full of furniture and decor, give preference to panoramic shots. There is nothing better than a picture with a perspective, to increase the space of a small-sized room.

Design choice (Themes) of photo wallpapers

Flowers and nature

Flowers will fit perfectly into a variety of styles. Field, garden, or exotic, small or large, made in a variety of shades, presented in the form of individual buds or bouquets – all of them can find application in a residential interior. Most often, they are placed as the headboard of the bed or next to it.

Natural landscapes – forest, meadow, field, sea, mountains – are the favorite choices of most people. Nature at different times of the year will be able to decorate various interiors. If warm colors are used in the interior, the autumn forest will fit perfectly into it, and the cold shades can be combined with snowy trees.


Abstract images and prints will be an ideal option for a room decorated in a modern and futuristic style. Amazing three-dimensional illustrations allow you to create stunning views that seem to send in a parallel reality. These are monochrome labyrinths, elements of a cubic and spherical shape, placers of precious sparkling stones. In the extravaganza of geometric forms, the outlines of birds, animals, famous architectural structures are guessed. The variety of subjects is truly amazing. Such decor will be a spectacular addition to the hi-tech, constructivism style of interior. It is perfect for apartments of an extraordinary creative personality or a teenager’s room.

City view

Images of urban landscapes in interiors are incredibly popular. There are various methods of introducing city views into the design of an apartment or a private house:

  • by creating a virtual window with a picture of a metropolis or a small town. Murals that mimic the window’s view can visually increase the space and convey the atmosphere of a noisy metropolis or relaxing sea coast. A window view is an excellent option for small and narrow rooms, as well as rooms without a real window;
  • creating the effect of presence. Suitable summer and winter images, old and modern, black and white and color, aged and containing elements of fantasy. It can be real, recognizable megalopolises – London, Paris, New York, or abstract futuristic compositions.

For any interior, you can choose the appropriate wallpaper with city views.

Animal world

The beauty of nature’s creations cannot be surpassed by any work of art created by human hands. The validity of this statement proves the incredible popularity of animal murals. Such accents are most appropriate in ethnic interiors.

Marine theme

Sea elements can cause delight in the soul and, at the same time – peace. There is a considerable variety of photo wallpapers with the image of open sea spaces in a wide range of shades. Colors depend on the specific state of the sea – during a storm or calm, sunrise, zenith, or sunset. That is why the palette has a vast range – from pastel, gentle tones to aggressive saturated.

Such images will fill the interior with a unique atmosphere of the sea, allow you to enjoy the beauty and power of the natural elements.

World map

Geographical maps have long been used in the interior. But if earlier they could be found only in an office or a children’s room, now they are present in living rooms, bedrooms. A geographical map of the world allows you to create a non-trivial inspiring interior.

Photo wallpapers are presented in the form of physical, political, marine, abstract, vintage maps. Such a variety allows you to choose the best option for any style. Images can be black and white, aged, which will enable you to fit them into vintage styles successfully.

Space and planets, starry sky

The boundless world beyond the borders of our planet fascinates with its beauty and mystery. The decoration will look interesting not only on the walls but also on the ceiling.

Cars, motorcycles, and airplanes

Photo wallpaper with the image of technical devices will allow transforming the house of an avid motorist, a fan of the air fleet uniquely. They will add extreme sports and make the interior unique and unforgettable. If you are a fan of retro, pay attention to the images of old units. Connoisseurs of adrenaline and speed will benefit from the photo wallpapers in the form of race cars and modern aircraft. Images with technical devices will fit perfectly into men’s interiors or boyish bedrooms.


Modern, high-quality murals allow you to enjoy the perfection and grace of beautiful girls, courageous athletes, cute children. These may be images:

  • in the form of highly artistic portraits;
  • against the background of landscapes, architectural structures, cars;
  • “nude” pictures.

The room can be decorated with photo wallpapers depicting family members or a collective portrait of all household members.


Juicy fruits, delicious coffee, and a croissant will awaken the appetite and make the kitchen more comfortable.

Children’s theme

The design of the children’s room should reflect the preferences and tastes of its small owner. It is from them that you need to build on, choosing an image in extensive catalogs with cartoon characters. It is better to give the child the right to choose. And it’s better not to delay renovations – tastes may suddenly change. A new favorite hero will appear, and old pictures will become irrelevant.

Photo wallpaper for children is divided into options:

  • for kids – cute cartoon characters, trains, balloons;
  • for girls – magic castles, Disney princesses;
  • for boys – pirate ships, space rockets, cars, superheroes;
  • universal.

The photo wallpaper will make the room not only beautiful and cozy. Still, it will also contribute to the development of the imagination and creative abilities of the child.

Color spectrum

White photo wallpapers

White photo wallpapers are the best option for rooms of any size. The room will be spacious and filled with light.

Black photo wallpapers

The dark wall will attract attention and visually appear closer.

Black and white photo wallpapers

Black and white are the classic combinations for photo wallpapers, suitable for the interior in a modern style.

Green photo wallpapers

It will have a beneficial effect on vision and mental state.

Red photo wallpapers

You should carefully and moderately use red photo wallpapers for decoration. The hue is active and bright.

Pink photo wallpapers

Murals in pink are suitable for a children’s room for girls or a delicate bedroom.

Gray photo wallpapers

The stylish gray shade of wallpapers harmoniously looks in the interior of hi-tech and minimalism.

Beige and brown photo wallpapers

A warm, calm palette that is suitable for a classic interior.

Yellow and gold photo wallpapers

A sunny shade will make the interior bright and envelop in warmth. Golden colors will decorate the classic interior and add luxury to it.

Violet and Lilac photo wallpapers

Delicate and mysterious colors will look good in the interior of any room.

Blue photo wallpapers

Dark or True blue—whether of the sky or navy variety, is one of the most versatile decorating hues. The examples below will convince you.

Where to glue photo wallpaper and how

When decorating with photo wallpaper, it is essential to choose the right location for their placement. To position the image, you can use the entire wall or restrict its part. You can also place the wallpaper in the corner by gluing adjacent surfaces.

On one wall

Decorating a wall free of furniture with murals is the most logical and straightforward solution. In this case, nothing will prevent you from admiring the image, considering it, and understanding its meaning. A pair of armchairs or a sofa, set opposite, will allow you to enjoy the image of mountains, the sea or the night city from the heart. If you can’t fully use the wall, you can choose a wallpaper with a plot that does not suffer too much from the fact that part of it will be hidden by furniture.

Panoramic placement of the picture allows you to create the effect of presence at the moment, plunge into space. It will enable you to push the boundaries of small rooms as much as possible, immerse yourself in a fantastic atmosphere. The glued wall accentuates all the attention of the people around it.

Mural correctly performs the zoning of the room. If your living room is combined with the kitchen, using photo wallpapers of different subjects, you can achieve the delimitation of space. Make up the lack of windows with photo wallpaper. An indisputable plus is a fact that the view behind the window can be chosen independently.

Part of the wall

Partial wall decoration – central or any other section, helps to organize the space competently, highlight the central zone, support functional segments. Food images will indicate the kitchen area’s location in the studio apartment, a geographical map for the placement of the home office.

Two walls (corner)

A new and non-trivial solution is wallpapering two adjacent walls. The formed corner can highlight a recreation area, relaxation, study, dining room. Lovers of the draws will appreciate the murals with the image of the home library, with imitation of the door, 3D drawings.

The pasted corner can completely erase the borders of the house and create the feeling of being outside its boundaries.

Around the perimeter

Murals glued around the entire perimeter, maximize the realism of the image and the effect of presence in the plot. Thanks to this, you can get a three-dimensional space with a stylish and unusual design. The length of panoramic products can reach several tens of meters. These wallpapers are glued around the perimeter. This solution is a pretty bold decision for home decoration. It should be limited to calm shades and avoid three-dimensional images. A great choice would be a light canvas with an unobtrusive bright print.

On the ceiling

A favorite theme for decorating the ceiling is the sky. Depending on the subject of the premises and the preferences of the owner, it can be a blue sky with airy white clouds or night starry space.

In a niche

Finishing a niche with photo wallpaper will be an elegant solution; the interior will receive the necessary “zest” while preserving the space.

At the door

Murals on doors can create an association with a portal that opens the way to another place.

Application of photo wallpaper in different rooms

Proper room decoration is impossible without harmony between the selected photo wallpaper and the rest of the decor, furniture, and accessories. The picture should not be knocked out of the general ensemble.

Photo wallpaper in the living room

The living room is an ideal place in the house where it is allowed to embody the most non-standard and bizarre ideas. What is the best way to place the mural in the living room? A great option would be to decorate the living room, which has a sofa group or a coffee table. Thus, having comfortably settled down after a hard day in this cozy place, it will be delightful to look at beautiful landscapes or views of the night city.

When photo walls are highlighted behind a television, it would be correct to give preference to a calm, neutral image, which will not attract attention while watching. Excessively bright and voluminous images will distract, interfere with concentration. The result may be a deterioration in eye health or merely a decrease in vision. An excellent option for the design of this space is a wallpaper with an imitation of brickwork.

Beautiful landscapes are very appropriate in the dining area. They will allow you to relax and imagine that you enjoy a meal in the fresh air. And this helps to increase appetite and proper digestion.

It is easiest to emphasize the expressiveness of bright furniture and decorative elements with the help of black and white wallpapers. But at the same time, you need to arrange the furniture in such a way that it does not cover the image.

You can completely hide the door by beating it with photo wallpaper or vice versa – add a nonexistent door or window opening.

Photo wallpaper in the kitchen and dining room

The materials and technologies that are used to create modern photo wallpaper allow you to use this material in the design of wet rooms, in which temperature differences are possible. That is why it became possible to use photo wallpaper in the kitchen, although here they are used much less often than in other rooms. In the kitchen, you should give preference to vinyl or non-woven wallpaper options. They adhere well to the surface of the base, serving much longer, not allowing moisture and stains to penetrate deep into the material. The water-repellent top layer will enable you to wash such wallpapers at any time without any consequences for the integrity of the wallpaper. The material does not fade under the influence of ultraviolet rays and does not suffer from exposure to high temperatures. Most often, photo wallpapers fill the entire wall or only part of it. Also, murals can decorate the backsplash area above the work surface. In this case, the picture should be protected with a transparent backsplash made of tempered glass.

In the kitchen, the following image options are very appropriate:

  • exotic fruits;
  • mouth-watering pastries;
  • coffee beans;
  • still lifes with fruits or vegetables;
  • baskets with berries, mushrooms;
  • jars of jam.

In addition to traditional – edible images, you can use natural motifs, photographs of animals, city landscapes.

The restraint of the monochrome kitchen is perfectly diluted with bright prints.

The boundaries of a small room are spread apart by images made in cold shades – lilac, blue, greenish. Such colors dull the feeling of hunger, which is important for people who monitor the amount of food consumed.

Using a panoramic canvas, you can visually enlarge a small room.

Beige, orange, and yellow colors will help to create an atmosphere of warmth, coziness, and hospitality. You should best avoid acid and poisonous colors.

Photo wallpaper in the bedroom

In this room, it is important to apply widescreen, panoramic wallpapers. Sea at sunset, placers of stars, twinkling night megalopolis, etc.

You should not choose images illustrating activity, extreme, disturbing.

Think about how it will look at night without daylight.

Agree, falling asleep, and waking up in a gloomy thicket or an underwater cave is not very comfortable.

Most often, the photo wallpaper in the bedroom takes place:

  • behind the head of the bed – in this way a sleeping place is allocated;
  • on a wall opposite the eyes of a person lying on a sleeping bed.

The choice of place for placing the wallpaper depends on whether you plan to enjoy the beautiful views while lying in bed, or you are more pleasant to contemplate them, entering the room.

The main and rather common mistake is the use of volumetric images in a small room, “eating up” a space that is already in short supply.

In the cold bedroom on the north side, it is better to use warm colors, paintings with a sunny lawn, a haystack, a hot afternoon beach. In a sunny room, the views will help reduce the degree of distance, shrouded in fog, cool forest lakes, snowy plains.

Photo wallpaper in the children’s room

When choosing photo wallpaper for a children’s room, it is necessary to take into account the psychological and age characteristics of the child. In the room of a hyperactive baby, only small colored or black and white canvases are allowed. You can place them next to the desktop if the picture is not distracting and does not interfere with concentration, behind the bed, or in the play area.

The choice of the plot depends on the age of the child:

  • from birth to 3 years – choose wallpapers with figures that have distinct and understandable outlines, trees and flowers, made in basic shades;
  • if the child is from 3 to 7 years old – the favorite characters of animated films, funny characters, animals and birds are suitable;
  • in the interval from 7 to 10 years, you should take into account the individual preferences of the child. All children, without exception, are very fond of images of animals – puppies, horses, kittens. The main thing is to choose peaceful and non-aggressive pictures that do not cause fear or overexcitation;
  • after ten years – do not persuade the child to choose fabulous and toy plots. Even if the child has nothing against the Tigers and Winnie Pooh, as a teenager, he will force you to save him from such a neighborhood. He will persuade you to choose either an abstraction or a photo of your favorite rock band or idol from a science fiction series. As a neutral background plot, you can choose the image of the starry sky or sea landscapes.
  • Boy’s room. On the walls, you can see football or hockey idols, favorite cartoon characters, and fairy tales, such as Harry Potter or dragons. For older boys, it can be their favorite movies or games – Transformers, Star Wars, Minecraft, Cars.
  • Girls room. Characters of Disney cartoons, for example, Princesses from the “Frozen Heart”, fabulous 3D castles or angels soaring in the sky, can decorate the wall.

Photo wallpaper in the hallway

In the hallway, photo wallpapers perform not only a decorative function. With their help, you can visually adjust the space. For example, to push the walls of a narrow corridor, create the illusion of free space using wallpaper with a perspective, or make it more square using the emphasis on a short wall.

In the end part, you can place wallpaper with an image symbolizing visual infinity. A bridge, a street, a forest path, a staircase, open water spaces that go into an unknown distance. Such a technique will help to hide the borders of a close corridor as much as possible. You will want to open the door to the dream world.

Photo wallpapers in the office

In the office, you can find a place to relax in between work. To do this, you can place a small recreation area here, but on the contrary, place an attractive picture with an image of a forest or sea. In the area of the desktop, the image of a geographic map, shelving with folios, or abstraction will be more appropriate.

Photo wallpapers on the balcony and loggia

Photo wallpapers with a picture of your favorite country will help to create a small paradise from an ordinary balcony. A photo wall with birds of paradise and a garden will envelop you in coziness, and the balcony will be an ideal place for morning coffee.

Photo wallpapers in the bathroom and toilet

Vinyl is suitable for a room with a high level of humidity. Still, if for some reason you prefer paper wallpapers, you will have to varnish them. Yes, and it’s better to glue these not on the wall, but the door.

In the bathroom and the bath, the murals with marine content look advantageous: aquamarine waves and white foam of the surf, colorful fish, mother-of-pearl shells, beckoning sails.

Such paintings and a palette saturated with blue, turquoise, pearl tones add to the bathroom purity and freshness.

Botanical drawings – images of foliage, branches, and trunks will also be good.

For the bathroom, it is worth choosing plots that help relaxation, restoration of physical strength, and energy.

Examples of photo wallpaper in different styles


Wallpaper in a modern style can depict geometric shapes, abstraction, the landscape of a metropolis, or imitate some natural material, such as stone or wood.


For a classic interior, wallpapers with a picture of nature, imitation of oil paintings, flowers, and floral patterns are suitable.

The leading tone is white. It is traditionally combined with pastel – gently beige, pale yellow, and blue. Saturated colors are also possible – deep shades of blue and green look luxuriously on a white background.


The landscape of endless lavender fields, cozy rustic greenery, or an image of a fireplace and flowers will decorate the interior.


The loft is mainly filled with cold natural colors – gray, brown, white. Bright colors can be present only as impregnations – for example, an accent wall or its section, decorated with wallpaper with a print in the form of red brickwork. A relief concrete or wooden wall will emphasize the urban style in the interior.


Stick on a wall vertically oriented or panoramic black and white photo wallpaper with cranes, industrial pipes, macro shots of chains and gears.


Wallpaper pictures of tender green shoots, buds, bamboo leaves, and palm leaves will be appropriate.

What images expand the space?

Panoramic wallpapers have unique abilities to increase the space of a room.

  • A dull picture, such as flowers or abstraction, reduces the room due to the volumetric pattern.
  • A panoramic photo with a perspective, for example, nature with a path that goes into the distance, on the contrary, visually stretches the space, and a very compact room will look much more extensive.
  • The best option for renovations in a small area, for example, in small apartments, will be the decoration of one of the walls with light-colored wallpaper.

Photo wallpapers – Usage errors

  • The most common is a conflict of subject and situation. Very often, people buy photo wallpaper impulsively, flattered by exuberant colors and a “beautiful” plot. And then they notice that the lush flower beds of Versailles look ridiculous in a room with plastic chairs and shelves from IKEA.
  • Another mistake is a miscalculation with the amount of furniture. Large, full-wall murals decorate a room only when they do not disturb, and they do not obscure the backs of sofas and armchairs.
  • The third error concerns color. The emerald green landscape can look clumsy in combination with the colorful upholstery of armchairs and chairs, curtains, or carpet. It is better to combine photo wallpaper with plain textile objects – upholstery, drapes, flooring to avoid possible dissonances.
  • We can also name a fourth, common mistake: non-originality, “hackneyed” picture. Many photographs wander from collection to collection, from store to store.
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