Plaid / Check curtains: rules, colors and design ideas

Textile with a check pattern is a great option for decorating different interior designs. At first glance, the check is simple, but at the same time, an original pattern that allows you to create a cozy, homely atmosphere in the room. The plaid fabric has a fascinating history. It turns out that the homeland of such a fabric is Scotland. It was in this country, several centuries ago, that garments and home textiles were made from material with check patterns. Now, the plaid pattern is trendy for curtains, furniture capes, bedspreads, and other household products. Today it is fashionable to use plaid curtains in the living room, bedroom, kitchen.

Features of plaid/check curtains

The plaid is a versatile geometric pattern used in many industries and styles. Materials, colors, size change, but the check pattern remains at the peak of its popularity. Check curtains will organically fit into the interior design and will become a bright accent. However, this design decision is not simple. It is essential to enter it correctly, and only then will the created design be organic.

Perhaps not a single pattern can compare with its versatility and ambiguity with a check. But in what cases is it worth using check curtains for interior decoration? On the one hand, this pattern is classically geometric (much more than a strip). It does not go out of fashion, fits into interiors of various styles and functionality, and organizes space, placing accents and giving completeness. On the other hand, the check is a pattern with character.

Brutality and tenderness

Traditionally, the plaid is considered a man’s pattern – strict, orderly, solid, brutal, laconic. It calms, focuses, reminds of order, adjusts to the working mood. Therefore, the very place for her is in the male study or the boy’s bedroom.

Associations immediately come to mind with English lords sitting in heavy chairs by solid fireplaces near heavy plaid curtains or American cowboys sitting at country windows at rickety tables next to cow skins.

It is difficult to disagree with this. But it’s hard not to argue: the plaid pattern is not so one-sided! Take a lighter fabric for curtains, a lighter version of the plaid, adding romantic decor (ruffles, lace, bows, tie-backs in the form of flowers) for the bedroom or living room. The curtains will immediately become delicate and touching.

The plaid curtains can be bright, accentuating, bold, romantic, practical. It adds texture to the interior of the bedroom, living room, and comfort, it combines tranquility with dynamism. All these properties allow widespread use of check fabric for window textiles. The same applies to decorative wallpaper in a check pattern. Read to the end to decide if you are ready to choose plaid curtains for your interior.

Rules for using the plaid curtains in the interior

It is essential to adhere to several rules to ensure the correct combination of plaid curtains with the decor:

  • The pattern should be combined with a neutral color scheme.
  • The size of the check pattern depends on the size of the room; the larger the area, the larger the check pattern.
  • The background of the wall in the curtain zone should be monochromatic.
  • If the design is used several times, the options should be the same.
  • It is recommended with caution to combine large and small patterns in the same color scheme. Such plaid curtains are more suitable for the kitchen, other non-residential premises.
  • When choosing plaid curtains, it is essential to remember that the fabric’s pattern sets a specific strict tone for space.
  • The style of the interior should be combined with the design of the curtain fabric.
  • It is recommended to combine curtains with all elements, for example, pillows, bedspreads, bed linen
  • A large check pattern, exceptionally bright and contrasting, is in itself the dominant in the interior, so there should be no other accents. This is permissible only if the check pattern is small, pastel colors, that is, it can play the role of a background.

In which rooms are the plaid curtains used

When creating an interior with a variety of patterns, you should know which rooms the pattern will be appropriate. The check pattern is in harmony with the room made of natural materials:

  • Leather;
  • Metal;
  • Stone;
  • Brick;
  • Wood.

A regular check pattern is a useful exercise for the eyes. A person quickly gets used to the interior with squares, the brain does not need to focus on complex color solutions, it is easy to live in such a space. Plaid fabric can make a room look solid, dark with a grain of salt. With the skillful use of the plaid pattern in combination with exciting design solutions, the room will become bright and non-standard.

Plaid curtains in the kitchen

Of course, the most “native” place for the check pattern is the kitchen: there is a lot of “square” geometry. Backsplash mosaics, tiles on the floor, drawers are often in the form of squares or close to it. All kinds of ovens, coffee machines, multicooker, bread makers tend to the same square. Therefore, plaid curtains in the kitchen interior are sometimes designed only to logically complete this whole composition.

As for the choice of check curtain models, it is quite extensive. Roller blinds, Roman blinds, draped options, lambrequins, curtains on hinges, and tulle are suitable here. Combinations of large checks with small ones, with animal and plant patterns, peas, stripes are appropriate. The color scheme can be from very bright to quite calm.

Laces, frills, cords, tie-backs, bows are suitable as decoration. Of all this variety, you need to choose a stylistic and functionally appropriate option, organically ideal for walls. A blatant overkill will be perhaps asymmetric models.

It would be best if you remembered the practicality of curtains (it is better to use short ones) about the size of the kitchen (the smaller it is, the lighter the textiles will be, the smaller the pattern). And also – about a sense of proportion. Combining too many surfaces with a check pattern in the interior of the kitchen is not worth it, especially since, as we have already said, there are plenty of square elements here without that. You can complement the plaid window treatments with the same finish of the plain surface of the tablecloth, chair covers, napkins, potholders, towels. Or take a fabric that is entirely identical to the curtains, but for one element.

Plaid curtains in the living room

In the living room, curtains of green, blue, burgundy and turquoise look great. They can be supplemented with consonant cushions, armchairs and sofa covers. Curtains, hinged, eyelets, antique cornices. Monochrome style, assumes the use of a pattern of black and white and raspberry gray colors. A bright accent will bring uniqueness to the space. Suppose the living room presupposes a dining area. In that case, the curtains should be combined not only in style, but also united in color with chair covers and a tablecloth.

Plaid curtains in the bedroom

Do you think that curtains in a check pattern can only be kitchen ones?! You’re mistaken. In the interior of the bedroom, plaid textiles look more than exceptional. Moreover, the fabric of this color should be used not only for decorating window openings, but also as a bedspread, decorative pillows that decorate the bed. If the bedroom faces the sunny side, for a comfortable stay in it, window textiles should be dense. As for the colors, curtains of blue, green and snow-white colors will help to fill the sunny room with coolness. For northern rooms, it is better to purchase bright plaid curtains.

Check curtains in the children room

The ornament looks most organically in a boy’s room. To create an unusual nursery, it is recommended to combine curtains with other geometric patterns used in pillows, rugs, bedding. The design has a beneficial effect on the psychological state, calms, adjusts to the educational mood.

Shower plaid curtains in the bathroom

Check curtains can organically complement the space of any room. The bathroom will remind you of organization and order. Here, pastel colors and rather simple graphics of the picture, simple styles – curtains, Roman blinds are appropriate.

Plaid curtains in the home office

A set of curtains with a check pattern is a universal solution for a home office. Gray and beige colors in combination with furniture made of leather or natural wood will add a feeling of calmness and tune in to the working wave.

Check curtains and interior design styles

Check curtains are very versatile. Plaid window treatments are indispensable for a living room or bedroom in the English, French country, American, Russian styles and other branches of the country, or for such polar directions as classics and modern. Everything will be decided by the fabric, curtain model, decoration, color scheme, even wall decoration, and stylistic filling of the room.

  • Plaid curtains in modern interiors. It perfectly dilutes the modern monochrome interior, is often used to decorate living rooms and bedrooms;
  • Plaid curtains in country interiors. A similar design is commonly used to create a rustic style;
  • Plaid curtains in English interiors. The austere Scottish style is combined with no less severe furniture and design, especially suitable for male rooms, offices, bedrooms.

Secrets of use

Like any other textiles in an apartment, plaid curtains require periodic cleaning. If these are cotton, satin products, they are washed at a temperature of 40C in a machine, choosing a delicate mode. Suppose the curtains are from more expensive and delicate fabrics, such as wool, silk, and other similar materials. In that case, it is better to give the finished products to dry cleaning.

When stains appear on the curtains, you need to treat them in a warm, soapy solution. If the stain cannot be removed, a soft brush can be used, which needs to be easily rubbed over the stained area. To remove stubborn stains, you can use special stain removers for this type of fabric. After processing, the curtain must be washed in non-hot water and dried.

We hope that after reading this article if you have not fallen in love with plaid curtains, you have at least looked at them from a new angle. And now you know that practically any room can be decorated with a check pattern.

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