18 Trendiest Pumpkin Ideas for Halloween 2023 with Photos

Did you know the vegetable of choice at this time of the year was initially the turnip? Due to the rich harvest of pumpkins in the fall, they gradually became the season’s symbol and, subsequently, an undeniable Halloween feature. The same Jack-o’-lantern has various interpretations, from being used to frighten people, keep harmful spirits at bay, or decorate the home during Halloween. By the way, there are many other pumpkin ideas for Halloween besides pumpkin carving. Stay tuned!

1. Floral Pumpkins

Make vases out of your pumpkins and fill them with seasonal goods. All you have to do is scoop out the pulp, cut the top of the pumpkin, and fill it with flowers or fruits. You can put the topper back or not. Additionally, think of painting the pumpkin. Last but not least, consider it both indoors and outdoors. 

2. Halloween Pumpkin Carving Idea: Fall Motifs

Don’t scoop out the pulp; use a slim knife to carve delicate figures on the pumpkin surface. Think of leaves, fruits, veggies, or forest animals. It’s a perfect opportunity to show off your craft skills.

3. Pumpkin Animals

Add diversity to your Halloween decorations and opt for animals carved out of pumpkins. You’ll absolutely need additional materials. Yet, you’ll easily find them at home. Foxes, bats, cats, hedgehogs, raccoons, owls, reindeer, and so on. Maybe you have something else in mind. 

4. Painted Pumpkin Ideas for Halloween

Choose a spooky character you want and recreate its look by painting on the pumpkin. This Halloween pumpkin DIY idea lets your imagination run free.

5. No-Carve Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

Can Halloween pumpkins look aesthetic? Yes, they can. Switch from scary carving to appealing pastel paintings on pumpkins. This pumpkin idea for Halloween works especially for those who don’t want to spoil their perfect interior design.

6. Creepy Pumpkin

Try out this simplest Halloween pumpkin carving idea. Consider the most uncomplicated curved pumpkin and insert a colorful smoke bomb in. Of course, it’s a temporary effect you can use for photos or when your guests visit you. 

7. Pumpkin Lanterns

Swap traditional Jack-o’-lanterns for these modern ones. Scoop out the pulp, use a drill to make some holes, and insert candles. Voila, your new and updated lanterns for this season are ready.

8. Cozy Pumpkin Ideas for Halloween

Gravitate towards the cozy side with this cute Halloween pumpkin idea: pumpkin candles. Scoop out the pulp and insert wax for a unique DIY pumpkin candle, or remove the top and add tiny ready-made candles. 

9. Halloween Party Pumpkins

If you plan a themed party, you’ll love this Halloween pumpkin idea with carved table numbers. Moreover, you can carve the numbers only, paint them, or remove the pulp and insert a candle as well.

Visit our Halloween party decor ideas article for more trendy options if this concept sparked your interest. 

10. Fairytale Pumpkins

Make a “wow” impression with these gorgeous pumpkins decorated with gold, whether paint, glitter, or accessories. This glam Halloween idea for pumpkins is inspired by fairytales and is meant for elegant Halloween decoration if you like the vibe. 

11. Velvet Pumpkin Ideas for Halloween

If you’re more into aesthetic Halloween decor rather than creepy, you’ll absolutely love those velvet DIY pumpkins for Halloween. All you need is pieces of fabric, faux or natural pumpkin tails, hot glue, and some sort of insert. Or, buy them ready-made.

12. Pumpkin Centerpiece

Decorate your home with these amazing pumpkin pots for succulents. Add the most subtle hint of the spooky season to your home decor while keeping it practical and stylish. 

13. Autumnal Compositions for Halloween

Try out this easy Halloween pumpkin idea by decorating large and small pumpkins with preserved seasonal plants. It is effortless yet impressively original and awe-inspiring.

14. Sustainable Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

Not that a natural pumpkin is not sustainable, but keep pace in the 2023 Halloween season with faux pumpkins made of organic materials you’ll reuse again and again. By the way, they easily integrate into any design style, which is a great bonus if you crave perfection.

15. Two-Faced Pumpkin

On the scary side again. If you are willing to show your creative skills, scoop out the pulp and carve two different looks to achieve two-sided pumpkin decor. You can take inspiration from various horror characters.

16. Glowing Teeth

Imagine walking through a dark room and you notice some glowing teeth out of nowhere. Scoop out the pulp, crave scary faces, and leave space for teeth. Don’t forget to pick the glowing ones, which can be easily found at a store of this kind.

17. Skeleton Pumpkin

Once again, you have to scoop the pulp out of the pumpkin. What’s new is that you have to carve skeleton hands on it and place a candle inside. The result will speak for itself.

18. Mask-off Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Would you like to know what is inside a Halloween pumpkin? Another scary face. Scoop out the pulp and carve a two-face look on the pumpkin so that when you take off the first layer, you’ll discover another creepy face. Additionally, you can add eyeballs and even a skeleton hand that would hold the mask.

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