Red and black bedroom – charm and passion

The palette of shades for decorating a bedroom is incredibly diverse. Pastel and light, deep and muted, neutral and complex, each has an attractive color solution choice. However, there are colors that even designers are skeptical about – and first of all, these are black and red.

Even though both colors are classics, they are used extremely carefully and dosed to decorate houses and apartments. The depth and saturation of black and the victorious brightness of red are quite difficult to perceive, and in most cases, they are unnecessarily suppressing and dominating. Also, many people associate the combination of red and black with a funeral theme, which also does not add to the attractiveness of such a solution – and especially for the bedroom.

However, today the opposite trend can be noted: the bedroom design in red and black is increasingly common. According to the designers, today, more and more young people choose creativity, contrast, and originality and are not afraid of either excessive brightness or negative visual impact. On the contrary, today, red and black is an opportunity to create a stylish and truly unique bedroom with a special energy. If you are interested in this approach, we are ready to offer you several ideas for using these two colors in the interior and the rules for a great combination in a room intended for relaxation.

Black and red bedroom: how not to be mistaken

As mentioned earlier, black and red are complicated and overwhelming colors. However, they also have advantages relevant to the bedroom – they excite, fascinate, energize, and increase libido. In addition, they can fully express the individuality of passionate, extraordinary, and courageous natures. If you are one of those, implementing a design project in red and black colors will suit your taste. However, when using these colors, harmony and common sense are extremely important. To avoid mistakes and, as a result, visual discomfort, it is worth adhering to specific rules:

  • Choose the right shades. First of all, this applies to red: no matter how you love it, excessively bright colors in the bedroom will quickly tire you out and may even provoke frequent headaches. So, it is firmly not recommended to choose luminescent red, scarlet, cinnabar, and carmine. Instead, look for more soothing and darker shades like burgundy, marsala, coral, sangria, and tomato.
  • Add other shades. The use of exclusively red and black in the interior of the bedroom is not the best idea. In this case, the associations with the funeral give the feeling of oppression and depression. That is why designers recommend carefully introducing more neutral and light colors – mostly gray, dull-white, beige, and golden brown. Moreover, they can be both accent and background; this means that you can decorate walls and floors in such a palette or add similar shades’ furniture and accessories.
  • Moderation. If one wall in your bedroom, the headboard, carpet, and curtains are already red, this is worth stopping. If black has become predominant in the palette of furniture and accessories, that’s enough, and it’s time to move on to reds and neutrals. Don’t let either black or red dominate completely: balance in a bedroom is essential.
  • No bright lighting. Cold light that floods every corner of the bedroom can turn its interior into real torture for the eyes. Do not expose yourself to this: chandeliers with frosted glass, spots, and sconces with warm light will create a muted and mysterious atmosphere, optimal for color contrasts.

Another key point that the designers insist on is that a black and red bedroom cannot be realized in all styles. You can safely use this combination for a classic or oriental interior, as well as for rooms where minimalism reigns: red and black are equally friendly with luxurious textiles and delicate patterns, as well as with laconicism and precise geometry. Fans of loft, art deco, scandi, province, and country, for obvious reasons, will have to turn to other color solutions – more pacifying and less daring.

Black and red bedroom: interesting ideas

Both colors, which we are talking about in this article, have such unconditional magnetism that sometimes, behind their brightness, it is tough to determine where to start a design project and find the perfect balance. We bring to your attention several appropriate and harmonious options for the bedroom’s interior – perhaps you can even adopt some of them.

With a red accent wall

One vertical red surface is enough to make the overall color palette in the room incredibly rich. It is quite possible for other walls to use beige or light gray tones, and black furniture and textiles will complement the picture. Most importantly, the accent wall is best done at the headboard, so the slightest risk of visual discomfort will disappear.

Almost total black

The bedroom with black walls and flooring is the most modern chic ever. Having chosen such a deep dark background color, you need to do everything possible to avoid visual overload. Red furniture, light accessories, and blinds instead of curtains for sufficient natural light – creating an interior worthy of a Hollywood movie is not so difficult.

Black-red gloss

The interior option with furniture with glossy facades in black and red is a very non-trivial solution and, at the same time, suitable only for loyal fans of such color schemes. If the idea of furnishing your bedroom in this way is to your taste, remember two key points: the room should be very spacious, and the background should be light and monochrome.

Pure luxury

Oriental-style bedrooms have many advantages, and the ambiance of bliss and uncompromising coziness are two of the most appealing. Black and red colors dominate in such an interior, almost following traditions, and therefore you can safely use a similar palette. At the same time, the room will not seem gloomy: traditional patterns, luxurious textiles, and dim colored glass lamps will create the right mood.

Game of textures

Black and red are entirely self-sufficient; however, you can maximize their potential by experimenting with materials’ textures. Linen and velvet, satin and concrete streaks, silk and long-haired fur – depending on the style you choose, they can all provide a genuine personality.

As you can see, you should not be afraid of combining red and black in the bedroom design. By choosing the right shades and materials and correctly placing accents, you can create a stylish interior without sacrificing either coziness or visual comfort.

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