Top 11 Trendiest Red Curtain Ideas in 2024

You should be pretty daring to choose red. Or, maybe you want to try something new. Are red curtain ideas, though, a good choice for your home? Red is one of the most powerful colors in interior design. Color psychology states that red is linked to a wide range of emotions, from passion and ambition to anger and even hunger. Therefore, it is mostly used as an accent meant to awaken excitement, primarily in creative spaces, such as home offices. 

Interior designers suggest using red in living rooms or dining rooms if you want to entertain your craving for bold or impress your guests with your exceptional taste. Curtains are a great way to achieve this goal. Yet, you cannot simply go with any red shade and curtain design. Everything has to be thought out up to the tiniest detail. You don’t play with red. You adjust it. 

Get ready to discover the best red curtain ideas to help you stand out, express your emotions, and nurture your need for boldness and uniqueness.

Red Velvet Curtain Ideas

We start with the most luxurious. If you make a red statement, make it the right way. Thus, pair this energetic color with the soft textured velvet. Feel it infiltrate into the ambiance of your interior design. By the way, red velvet curtains are the best choice for a bedroom.

Red Sheer Drapes

Embrace the red-colored trend little by little. Allow the natural light to flood in by opting for airy sheer drapes, yet preserve the bright red color. Therefore, you’ll admire the outdoor landscape filtered by subtle red lenses.

Stay Eco: Red Organic Curtains

Pick red curtains that reveal sustainable texture and surround yourself with natural beauty. In this context, think of linen, cotton, and even velvet. You’ll enjoy the palpable, rich texture that enhances the design visually.

Muted Red to Match Your Vibe

Try a pastel version if you’re in the mood for a comfier and softer red tone. With a subtle earthy tinge, muted red curtains will perfectly suit any room in the house and lend them its limitless sense of coziness.

Heavy Burgundy Velvet

If you enjoy formal gatherings, you’ll probably like long and voluminous drapes, especially in burgundy, a mix of red and brown. They look incredibly splendid on white walls.

Red and White Curtain Ideas

White goes well with every color. We couldn’t miss the chance to mention the gorgeous combination of white and red for your curtains. Those can be stripes, abstract prints, or botanical motifs.

Red Floral Curtains

One of the trendiest curtain design ideas – floral prints. When light red pairs with floral, elegance knows no boundaries. Try tiny or large patterns and make your living room, bedroom, or kitchen bloom in a new way.

Red and Gold Curtain Ideas

In terms of luxe and noble style, red and gold is the best combo ever. If you plan a classic or more or less formal, say, bedroom or dining room design focusing on red, choose red and gold curtains.

Modern Red Drapery

If in doubt which red curtain idea works best, choose in favor of modern red drapery. Those are plain curtain panels that go from the ceiling to the flooring. Interestingly, that’s a great choice for both modern and traditional interior design styles.

Red Living Room Drapes

Did you know you can use red in your interior design and keep it sleek, modern, or even minimalist? Opt for a contrastive white and red palette and keep everything neutral except the bright red curtains. 

Red Shower Curtain

Is it appropriate to use red in a bathroom? Yes, as long as it suits your liking. Gather all the courage and finally make that statement. Even more, add dopamine to your bathroom with a red shower curtain. All-red or maybe red and white stripes? Who knows? Everything is possible with a bit of imagination.

We do nothing more but strive to inspire you, adding a few tips here and there. Feel free to use this list of red curtain ideas and stay on trend with Hackrea. Red is a dangerous color to work with unless you know how to use it. And now you know if you’ve got to this part.

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