Romantic bedroom design: tips and decor ideas

The romantic mood is a state of mind that combines tenderness and gentleness, dreamy contemplation and some idealization of reality. People who always have this state of mind prefer to decorate their homes in the appropriate style, called romantic. Decorating a house or one of the rooms in a romantic style does not mean making it luscious and sweet. The main goal of interior design in a romantic style is to create conditions for maximum relaxation, allowing a person to manifest their inherent tenderness and sensitivity fully.

Most of all, a bedroom is suitable for decoration in a romantic style, regardless of whether it is a space for two or one person. The romantic bedroom has a warm and inviting atmosphere that fosters intimacy. To design a romantic room, you should be aware of the fundamental laws and design requirements.

The main features of the romantic style

Specific emotional states are inherent in the romantic design style:

  • Dreaminess and idealism, making the style ideal for decorating a young girl’s bedroom or a little princess.
  • Softness and tenderness, charming bliss with the subtlest note of seduction. This makes the romantic style the best choice for a woman’s boudoir.
  • Sensuality and sensitivity, thanks to which the romantic style is chosen for decorating the bedrooms of lovers, newlyweds, couples (especially those who want to refresh their senses).

The romantic design style has the following features:

  • the general cozy atmosphere of warmth and soft relaxation, unhurried and leisurely;
  • furniture is used with soft outlines, without sharp corners;
  • warm, soft colors are used for decoration and decoration.

Romantic bedroom color

Elegance and tenderness are inherent in romantic style in bedroom interior design, which can be achieved by the right combination of colors. Contrary to popular belief, you can create a particular mood in the bedroom, not only with warm light shades. With the proper use of dark shadows, romance can be easily created. Among the dyes used to decorate a romantic bedroom, the most popular are:

  • wine shades (burgundy, pink-purple, etc.);
  • emerald;
  • purple;
  • blue.

To create an atmosphere of gentle lightness in the bedroom, you can use white, pink, beige, and cream shades. If the bedroom is designed for newlyweds or an experienced couple who want to refresh their room, then rich red tones will help get the desired effect. A prerequisite is that shades of red should be used in the form of details or accents. Decorating the entire room in this color will create an atmosphere of aggression. The most practical options are shades of brown, cocoa and chocolate. They go well with any fabric color.

Interior designers for decorating a bedroom in a romantic style recommend choosing the correct color scheme for the room, in particular:

  • white matches any wall color and furniture style;
  • it is better to choose a bed and accessories in gray, peach, blue or yellow;
  • coffee table, chairs and sofa should be in the same color scheme.

Contrasting color combinations look original and stylish in the bedroom interior, but only on the condition that there is little contrast.

Romantic bedroom furniture

With an abundance of furniture types presented in the modern market, it is not challenging to choose elements for decorating the bedroom interior in a romantic style. With a non-standard room layout or at home owners’ request, bedroom furniture in a romantic style is best made to order.

The main elements of romantic bedroom furniture are:

  • The bed is an essential element in the bedroom. A bed for a romantic atmosphere should be large enough with a comfortable mattress. Beds of unusual shapes or types, for example, round, look original and stylish in romantic bedrooms. The vital design detail is a beautiful headboard.
  • The bedside tables match the style and color of the bed. The graceful infusion of the lamps, creating a unique atmosphere, will add charm.
  • Cupboard. The modern bedrooms have fitted wardrobes with original finishes. It must be remembered that all furniture in the room must match each other and the room’s atmosphere.
  • A dressing table with a mirror fits perfectly into a romantic girl’s bedroom or a woman’s boudoir.
  • Mirrors. Most often, there is only one mirror in a romantic bedroom. Moreover, preference is given to tall mirrors with original decor.
  • Chairs and ottomans, chairs and bedside chests, couches, chaise longues and other upholstered furniture will perfectly complement a romantic bedroom of large sizes.

Furniture in a romantic bedroom should be light, soft, comfortable and inviting to relaxation. Carvings and appliques beautifully complement the furniture. A leather bed or a bed with a leather headboard looks chic and elegant. Furniture with fabric inserts fits perfectly into the romantic style. Velvet, corduroy, suede are used for upholstery.

If you plan to use antique furniture, then it is better to give preference to one item.

Knitwear for a romantic bedroom

The romantic style in the bedroom is a graceful canopy and a beautifully draped headboard. A canopy will help create an atmosphere of privacy. Curtains should be used without bright prints and patterns. Fabrics should be translucent or transparent, soft flowing or free-flowing. Curtains can contrast with the walls, but without a hard accent. Light openwork draperies and curtains, like flying curtains, decorated with all kinds of bows, ribbons, pom-poms, flower garlands, perfectly fit into the bedroom interior in a romantic style. Accessories in the form of bows and flower garlands are used to fix curtains and draperies.

Bedside rugs, blankets, cozy bathrobes will help create an atmosphere of comfort. But it should be remembered that there should be nothing superfluous in a romantic bedroom, so if the object does not fit into the interior in any way, then it is better to remove it.

Bed linen should be comfortable and of high quality. If the accent in a romantic bedroom is created on bedding, you can choose sets of bold, catchy colors (red, scarlet). Several small decor items of the same color will help to fit bright linen into the interior.

Pillows in a romantic bedroom

Numerous pillows will complement the bedroom interior in a romantic style and help to create comfort. There should be plenty of pillows and cushions in a romantic bedroom. Moreover, both on the bed and in armchairs, on couches, etc. Sleeping pillows can be decorated with lace, but don’t use too much lace. The shape of decorative pillows can be very different: square, rectangular, oval, round. There are products in the oriental style, in the form of a heart, etc.

Decor elements for romance

Decor plays an essential role in a romantic bedroom. There are no trifles when creating an atmosphere of romance. Complement the interior and make it original:

  • scented candles;
  • flowers in vases and plants in pots;
  • candlesticks, photo frames, beautiful paintings;
  • large floor vases;
  • soft toys and dolls;

The light in a romantic bedroom should be soft and subdued. For this reason, preference should be given to lamps with diffused light. It is better to choose lighting fixtures that are small and elegant, for example, a chandelier or a floor lamp with a textile shade, lamps of an unusual shape.

Romantic bedroom for a single

A single bedroom can also be made sensual and dreamy. The romance of sea travel is a great option to create a comfortable interior for the adventure lover. When decorating, you can use maps and pictures, globes, old suitcases, chests.

When decorating a bedroom for a girl, you can use elements of the Provence (french country) style in the form of ceramics with indoor flowers, wicker rugs, textiles and wallpaper with floral ornaments, a soft, cozy armchair with many pillows.

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