Rug size for full bed: popular options and selection guidelines

A full (double) bed is a classic solution. Moreover, both for married couples with experience and those used to sleeping alone, but with maximum comfort. In any case, absolutely everything should be organic in a bedroom with such a bed – and it is worth starting with floor textiles, which are in direct contact with furniture.

Of course, when choosing a rug for a full bed, both the color and the model’s material are still important. But suppose you still want to achieve a harmonious interior and at the same time not sacrifice a comfortable awakening. In that case, the selection of a product by size should be one of the critical factors. So let’s find out what kind of rug works well with traditional-sized furniture for sleeping – which is 75 inches (190 cm) long and 54 inches (140 cm) wide.

Choosing a rug for a double bed: important factors

Of course, the choice of the length and width of textiles depends not only on the dimensions of the bed but also on several other aspects of the bedroom interior. Let’s voice each of them:

  • The size and layout of the room. This parameter, perhaps, can be considered the second most important when choosing a carpet of the right size for a double bed. First, the textiles must leave enough flooring visible to create a harmonious contrast in shades and textures. And, secondly, it is imperative to consider the position of the edge of the rug relative to the doorway and the opened door. You do not want the door leaf to rest against the accessory every time, or even twist it all together, leaving an ugly room?
  • The shape of the rug. At first glance, it may seem that the only possible solution for a bedroom can only be a rectangular rug, which is laid parallel to the back and headboard. However, this is not the case. If you have a similar desire, you can try both the square and round models and even combinations of them. But at the same time, the dimensions will still have to be selected as carefully as possible.
  • The placement of the rug. Placing textiles under the bed next to the nightstands is a popular option, but far from the only one. Below we will talk in more detail about how you can put a carpet under a full-size bed.
  • Bedroom furnishings. If you are a dedicated fan of minimalism, and in your bedroom, there is nothing but a bed, nightstands, and maybe a couple of shelves, then you can skip this point. However, if the situation is the opposite, a surprisingly elegant composition is assembled in the room with the participation of a chest of drawers, a pouf, a banquet, and a console or dressing and accent tables. It is essential to make sure that the carpet does not interfere with their placement directly on the floor or covers it so that part of the furniture is wholly found on textiles.

How to place the rug under the full bed

As we mentioned above, the choice of the size of the rug for a full-size bed depends, among other things, on how it will be arranged. Depending on the size of the bedroom, furnishings, and your own expectations, you can use any of the options below:

  • Both nightstands and the headboard are on the rug. In this case, the composition looks like a single harmonious whole, which cannot but rejoice – at the same time, you can lower your feet out of bed and stand immediately on a soft and warm surface, which makes awakening more pleasant. However, let’s clarify: this option is appropriate only in a spacious bedroom and with a reasonably large carpet.
  • The rug is in front of the pedestals, and the leading edge protrudes beyond the foot. In cases where the carpet is too narrow to place bedside tables on it or interfere with some kind of floor decor, you should go to plan “B” – and move it forward so that the edge of the textiles goes precisely in front of them. When doing this, make sure the leading edge extends at least 2 feet (60 cm) beyond the foot.
  • Center. It happens that you like a rug, which not only fits perfectly into the interior but at the same time, unfortunately, turns out to be relatively narrow. In this case, the carpet is placed at the same distance from the footboard and headboard, and the bed does not touch the textiles at all. However, a significant bonus is retained: you can still put your feet on the mat.
  • From the middle. In this case, the rug simply begins to unfold from the middle forward to the footboard so that most of it is outside the bed from the front edge. This option is suitable for visually combining a bed and a pouf or a long bench, and textiles visible from all sides will add a lot of visual harmony. At the same time, the designers propose balancing the headboard with massive nightstands, a high-figured headboard, and spectacular lamps or beautiful floor vases.
  • Diagonally or at the corner. This arrangement is often typical for small rugs that play the role of an accent. Such a solution looks very unusual, but it requires not only a meticulous selection of textiles but also its competent and safe placement – unless, of course, you want to stumble over it on the way to the bed constantly.
  • Layering. A carpet under the bed and two narrow runners directly on it is a good solution for a huge bedroom. A variety of textures and extra volume will add exclusivity. If you can’t find the right combination for your bedroom, seek the advice of a designer.

What size rug for a full/double bed: suitable options

Earlier in the articles on bedroom carpets, we repeatedly mentioned that its size should not only provide a beautiful arrangement of furniture but also be noticeable. So, according to the designers, the standard length of the rug for a full-size bed should be at least 7.5-8 feet (230-240 cm), and the width should also be at least 8 feet. However, today’s trends in interior design are much more flexible, so a variety of options are possible for owners of bedrooms with such beds. So, let’s take a closer look at the most popular ones.

3x5ft (90x150cm) Rug

At first glance, such a rug is relatively small to be combined with a full-size bed and absolutely cannot be used alone. However, this is not entirely true: for example, you can put it on one side of the bed in a small bedroom, place it diagonally under the corner of the bed at the foot of the bed to create a stylish and harmonious accent, or even use such textiles in pairs. This option becomes a win-win in a room covered with carpet.

4x6ft (120x180cm) Rug

A carpet of this size looks best in small to medium sized bedrooms. Of course, it will not be enough to unite a large furniture group fully, but you can already use it to install the foot of the bed, as well as a long banquet or pouf.

5x7ft (150x215cm) Rug

This size looks much more reassuring and opens up more possibilities for arrangement. So, you can already stretch it in front of the nightstands, put the entire headboard and bedside tables on it, or try to pull it out at the foot. In the first case, the designers insist on a distance of at least 18 inches (45-46 cm) from the edge of the nightstands – so the composition will look more fulfilling and harmonious.

5x8ft (150x245cm) Rug

In principle, such a carpet in its capabilities is almost no different from products of the previous size. However, designers still insist that these dimensions should be used in spacious bedrooms with full-size beds: a wider edge of the textiles protruding from the furniture will create the necessary balance and basis for a more harmonious arrangement of other furniture – for example, armchairs, a dressing table or wardrobe.

7x10ft (215x305cm) Rug

Suppose you are lucky enough to find a rug that fits perfectly in color and texture to the interior of your bedroom and at the same time has similar dimensions. In that case, we can only congratulate you – this decor is almost universal! Not only can you put it as you like concerning the plane of the bed … but generally turn it over, placing the long side parallel to the sidewall! The latter option provides for the passage of the edge of the rug at a short distance from the nightstands and, at the same time, an effective balance of the side parts and the remaining area of the textile at the foot.

8x10ft (245x305cm) and 9x12ft (275x365cm) Carpet

A large bedroom and a double bed are excellent starting conditions for a carpet of similar dimensions. In this case, the flight of your imagination is practically not limited by anything: you can place it across or along, install the bed and nightstands entirely on it, or push it forward a little – and it will be beautiful in any case.

Placement of round rugs of different sizes under a full-size bed

If the smooth lines and curves in the interior are especially nice to you, and you do not want to give up on them even when choosing textiles for the bedroom, we hasten to please you: everything is more than real! If placing a round rug in the area of a double bed haunts you, we offer you several suitable options at once – of course, depending on their diameter:

  • 4 ft (120 cm) – at the foot of the bed or sideways in a small bedroom with one nightstand;
  • 6 ft (180 cm) – half pushed under the bed at the foot of the bed or a quarter at the corner;
  • 8 ft (240 cm) – only pushed three quarters under the bed.

As you can see, a bedroom with a full-size bed opens up many opportunities for the actual placement of rugs of various sizes. Take your time with the choice and carefully estimate the dimensions of the floor textiles – only in this case, the bedroom design will conquer you with tranquility and harmony.

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